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Arthritis Program Internal Partners Examples from Alaska and Missouri.

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1 Arthritis Program Internal Partners Examples from Alaska and Missouri

2 Better Choices, Better Health A CDSMP Partnership with AK Tobacco Quitline Kathy Allely MPH Barbara Stillwater PhD Alaska Section of Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

3 Better Choices, Better Health Living Well Alaska

4 Problems Limited access to the general community Limited mechanisms for advertising CDSMP Limited mechanisms for providing printed information about CDSMP

5 Who Can Help?

6 Why Partner with AK Tobacco Quitline? Have access to >3600 Alaskans per year who call the AK Quitline 34% of callers self-report a chronic condition Have trained Quitline coaches who provide disease-specific health education Provide educational materials to all callers Are invested in Section integration Have funding to support integrated projects


8 Questions? Contact: or

9 Missouri Arthritis Program Chronic Disease Program Partners CD Evidence-Based Programs

10 Partners that Make Sense CHRONIC DISEASE CONTROL BUREAU Heart Disease and Stroke Program Diabetes Prevention Program WISEWOMAN Program HEALTH PROMOTION Tobacco Quitline

11 Common Goals Reaching Missourians 45 + with chronic conditions; Targeting underserved counties; Providing chronic disease evidence-based programs; Connecting individuals with chronic conditions to resources; Increase CD self-management skills and knowledge.

12 How Do We Partner? Determine what each program has to offer Discuss existing contract and agreement opportunities Inclusion in existing questionnaires/surveys Referral Promotion Education with existing staff

13 Missouri Arthritis & Osteoporosis Program Beth Richards 573-884-1220

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