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C OMMUNITY H EALTH I NITIATIVES From community need to community reality Central Missouri Community Action.

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1 C OMMUNITY H EALTH I NITIATIVES From community need to community reality Central Missouri Community Action


3 C HAMOIS (O SAGE C OUNTY ) H EALTH F AIR Osage County Population 13,878 Poverty Rate 10.8% Children in Poverty 13.8% Seniors in Poverty 10.4% Uninsured 15.6% Largest City – Linn Population 1,459 Chamois Population 396 (20 miles from Linn)

4 T HE P ROBLEM Half of the population in Chamois are children who have very limited or no access to quality and affordable health care. Chamois has no local doctor, clinic, or health care providers. (There is a visiting nurse for the elderly) Chamois is an isolated community with no physicians located 22 miles from the nearest largest community There is no public transpiration and many of the community residents do not have access to quality transportation

5 T HE P LAYERS CMCA and Head Start The Local School – superintendent, principals, counselors and teachers Local community members The Osage County United Way Advisory Board Fire and Ambulance members (EMT) The County Health Department

6 T HE N EED The principal of the school indicated that many of the school children due to their family's financial issues did not have access to the required sports physicals so could not play sports. School counselors stated many of the children don’t have state supported health care because of their parents inability to complete the application process. Normal childhood health screenings do not take place due to lack of parental transportation to larger communities T HE N EED

7 P LANNING The goal became to provide the health education and medical supports that are needed in Chamois directly to the students themselves, in their home town in their own school Equal access to quality and affordable health care

8 Determined what was needed Sports physicals Hair cuts Vendors Fundraising

9 T HE R ESULTS Spring 2012 200 children received screenings Children received hair cuts Education and tools were provided to maintain a healthy lifestyle to kids and their families $6,000 was raised for meals and sporting equipment 40 vendors


11 E VALUATION What would make it better? More family oriented Expansion of screenings available Additional vendors

12 T HE R ESULTS Spring 2013 250 attendees Additional education and screenings Senior living choices Blood pressure for adults Sugar level screenings Dental screenings Hair cuts


14 E VALUATION More involvement of school staff (including a pampering room) Vendors had a reminder e-mail that was helpful Screeners needed more direction as to completion of screening Well Baby checks won’t be offered due to the amount of information needed Adjust registration table and food vendors 2014 - Scheduled


16 C ALLAWAY C OUNTY D ENTAL I NITIATIVE Callaway County Population 44,332 13.8% Poverty Rate 18.9% children in poverty 5% Seniors in poverty 14.4% uninsured Largest Community - Fulton, Population 12,790

17 T HE P ROBLEM There were few local dental care options for persons with modest financial resources No formal sliding scale service rates offered in the County There was a shortage of dental care providers for Callaway residents Most local dentists have been in the community with established patients for 30 years or more The lack of dental care can result in serious health and self esteem issues and the inability to get employment.

18 T HE P LAYERS Callaway Resource Network Dental Committee Health Department YMCA United Way CMCA Serve, Inc. Our House Family Services Division of DSS Callaway Special Services RSVP (Retired and Senior Volunteer Program) Missouri School for the Deaf Area Agency on Aging Chamber of Commerce Coalition Against Rape and Domestic Violence Community volunteers

19 Columbia Family Dental Center (FQHC affiliated) Jefferson City Family Dental Center (FQHC affiliated) Private Dentist Missouri Foundation for Health Health Resources and Services Administration Missouri Primary Care Association Community Health Center of Central Missouri Donations Private Kingdom Telephone Ameren Missouri Local Churches

20 T HE N EED 2008 the county conducted a Community Health Assessment resulting in 8 areas of concern Chronic Disease Healthy Lifestyle and Prevention Family Violence Mental Health Physical Activity and Nutrition Dental Health Social Determinants of Health Safety and Injuries Alcohol, Tobacco and Substance Use T HE N EED

21 Additional assessment work (2009) Interviewing local dentists, the hospital, the state hospital Met with the dental directors of Jefferson City FQHC and Columbia FQHC Sought advice and explored options of state and federal funding sources Put together materials for a public campaign and began making presentations to local groups on the need

22 CMCA began collecting names of persons urgently needing a dentist as people came into the office for services 650 persons of low income self identified or referred 423 persons went to the Callaway County Hospital seeking help with dental issues

23 S CREENINGS Between February 2010 and July 2011 308 persons screened 261 had urgent care needs 145 served in the clinic in Columbia

24 P LANNING Missouri Foundation for Health Missouri Primary Care Association Professional Grant Writer HRSA Grant $80,000 submitted

25 I N THE M EANTIME Two additional emergency arrangements began Jefferson City Community Health Center Dr Matthew St. George in Fulton

26 October 1, 2011 – July 31, 2012 34 Referrals to Community Health Center of Central Missouri 24 Referrals to Dr. St. George’s Dental Office 10 Referrals to Columbia Family Dental Other 7 Referrals to Mid-Missouri Legal Services 6 Special Needs Cases for other services

27 T HE P LANNING G RANT 7,000 paper community surveys Survey Monkey 6 community meetings throughout Callaway County

28 T HE R ESULTS June 2012 Decision to open a satellite office of the Community Health Center of Central Missouri in Callaway County August 2012 CHCCMO is awarded $175,000 PRIMO grant from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services to go toward purchase of dental equipment for the office in Fulton


30 The Dental Initiative Committee dissolves The Callaway Advisory Committee is formed and receives training and meets with the CHCCMO administrators and Board New Dental Facility to open in 2013




34 RESOURCES Community Assessment Tool Kit – Missouri Association for Community Action d/Community_Needs_Assessment_Tool_Kit.pdf d/Community_Needs_Assessment_Tool_Kit.pdf University of Kansas Community Toolbox Health Resources and Services Administration Rural Health Health Resources and Services Administration Federally Qualified Health Centers ealthcenters/fqhc/ ealthcenters/fqhc/ Missouri Primary Care Association Missouri Foundation for Health

35 Contact Information Dianna Moore, CCAP 800 N. Providence Road, Columbia MO 65203 573-443-8706 x 1090

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