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OUR MISSION Our Mission The Missouri National Guard organizes, trains and prepares a Family and community-based force of ready Citizen- Soldiers and.

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3 Our Mission The Missouri National Guard organizes, trains and prepares a Family and community-based force of ready Citizen- Soldiers and Airmen as units to defend and serve the people of Missouri and the United States of America. MISSION STATEMENT

4 Our Mission The Missouri National Guard is a recognized community and national leader in Soldier, Airman and Family readiness, possessing agile and effective units capable of responding to changing demands. VISION

5 Our Mission Soldier, Airman and Family focused Honor in all we do Opportunities for all Willing to Learn Meet changing demands Empower and mentor VALUES

6 Our Mission The National Guard is the only armed service that has two missions. To provide FEDERAL support when called by the president and to support to STATE authorities when needed DUAL MISSION

7 Our Mission Our FEDERAL MISSION is to maintain properly trained and equipped units for prompt mobilization for war, national emergencies, or as otherwise directed by the President FEDERAL MISSION

8 Our Mission Our STATE MISSION is to provide trained and disciplined forces for domestic emergencies or as otherwise required by state law under the authority of the Governor STATE MISSION

9 Our Mission Missouri Guard leaders occupy critical national roles and influence key policy decisions. Local Force National impact Maj. Gen. Steve Danner Adjutant General of Missouri Past Chairman, NGAUS Gen. Frank Grass Chief, National Guard Bureau Member, Joint Chiefs of Staff Gov. Jay Nixon Commander-in-Chief, Missouri National Guard Member, Council of Governors

10 Our Mission The Missouri National Guard’s economic impact in Fiscal Year 2014 was more than $1 billion Economic Impact


12 Our Mission The 139 th Airlift Wing, in St. Joseph, provides the state and nation with immediately deployable, combat- ready C-130H-model aircraft AIRLIFT

13 Our Mission The 35th Combat Aviation Brigade units fly AH-64A Apaches, LUH-72 Lakotas, UH-60 Blackhawks, and C- 12 Hurons. AVIATION

14 Our Mission Army and Air Engineers undertake, plan, integrate and direct the execution of engineer missions ENGINEERS

15 Our Mission Known as the King of Battle, Missouri’s field artillery units have a long, proud history. Its Soldiers have deployed to support overseas contingency operations and stateside flooding. FIELD ARTILLERY

16 Our Mission The 157 th Air Operations Group, at Jefferson Barracks, provides trained, experienced cadre to execute joint forces air component commander’s contingency plans. AIR OPERATIONS CONTROL

17 Our Mission The backbone of the Army, Infantry returned to Missouri in 2007. With units strategically placed around the state, these foot Soldiers are among the most elite in the Missouri Guard. INFANTRY

18 Our Mission The 131 st Bomb Wing, at Whiteman Air Force Base, provides full spectrum, expeditionary B-2 Spirit global strike and combat support capabilities LONG RANGE BOMBING

19 Our Mission Missouri medical personnel provide a wide range of medical services, whether they are helping after a stateside emergency or supporting efforts overseas. MEDICAL

20 Our Mission Military Police and Security Forces are prepared to assist civil authorities during stateside emergencies and conduct a wide range of security and law and order- related overseas missions. MILITARY POLICE AND SECURITY FORCES

21 Our Mission The Missouri National Guard could not function without critical support units including maintenance, supply, signal and transportation. They are indispensible in both the fight overseas and during state emergencies. SUPPORT UNITS


23 Our Mission The 7th Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team supports civil authorities in responding to suspected weapons of mass destruction attacks by rapidly deploying to and assessing an affected area. 7 th WMD CST 7 TH WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION CIVIL SUPPORT TEAM

24 Our Mission The joint Homeland Response Force is a 566- member team augmenting existing CERFP with a brigade- level headquarters and security forces. The team offers another layer of assistance to civil authorities in chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear incidents. Homeland Response Force

25 Our Mission The 140 th Regiment hosts a variety of classes including military occupational specialty courses and officer and warrant officer candidate schools. 140 TH REGIMENT REGIONAL TRAINING INSTITUTE

26 Our Mission The 27 th Recruiting and Retention Battalion’s Recruit Sustainment Program prepares new Soldiers for the rigors of basic and advanced individual training. RECRUIT SUSTAINMENT PROGRAM

27 Our Mission The Counterdrug Task Force provides specialized equipment, facilities and personnel to aid law enforcement and supplies personnel to educate students and community organizations. COUNTERDRUG TASK FORCE

28 Our Mission The Advanced Airlift Tactics Training Center increases the warfighting effectiveness and survivability of mobility forces and has maintained a reputation as the mobility Air Force's "Tactics Center of Excellence" since its inception. In 2014, added C-130H Weapons Instructor Course (WIC). Advanced Airlift Tactics Training Center

29 Our Mission Missouri will be the first state to fully staff a National Guard computer network defense team that will respond to cyber threats or attacks, whether physical or internet-related, at both the state and possibly national level. Cyber Threat Response Team

30 Our Mission Missouri’s state partnership with Panama improves long-term international security while building a partnership across all levels of society that is mutually beneficial. STATE PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM


32 Our Mission Maj. Gen. Steve Danner launched Guard TV, a monthly, half-hour public affairs program, to keep the public informed about Missouri National Guard deployments, missions, training and other activities. It is aired on a number of stations throughout the state, or may be viewed on Guard TV

33 Our Mission SHOW ME HEROES Gov. Jay Nixon’s initiative to provide increased employment, interview and hiring opportunities to Missouri’s Veterans and National Guard and Reserve forces, and to showcase those employers who have pledged to do so.

34 Our Mission ESGR promotes a culture in which employers support and value their employees’ military service. It is crucial to our mission as Citizen-Soldiers and Airmen EMPLOYER SUPPORT OF THE GUARD AND RESERVE

35 Our Mission The Family Program Office has a twofold mission – to improve the quality of life for Guard members and their Families, and to enhance service member readiness and retention. FAMILY PROGRAMS

36 Our Mission Established in 1999, the Military Funeral Honors Program coordinates and provides military funeral honors to Missouri’s military Veterans. MILITARY FUNERAL HONORS

37 Our Mission Through the Veterans Recognition Program, Missouri has recognized thousands of Veterans who served during World War II, Korea and Vietnam. VETERANS RECOGNITION PROGRAM

38 Our Mission The Defense Department’s Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program synchronizes, plans and manages the deployment cycle support process for unit and individual mobilizations in support of the Adjutant General’s intent. YELLOW RIBBON PROGRAM

39 Our Mission The Missouri National Guard is a national leader in social networking. Visit us on Facebook, Flickr, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube or on our blog at VISIT US ONLINE!


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