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Career Clusters An Overview. Objectives  Overview of Career Clusters  Benefits of Career Clusters.

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1 Career Clusters An Overview

2 Objectives  Overview of Career Clusters  Benefits of Career Clusters

3 Career Clusters A Model That...  PREPARES  PREPARES students for a broad range of career options  CONNECTS  CONNECTS what is learned in school to what is needed for success in college and careers, thus helping to motivate students





8 Sources: National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education (2004) Missouri Department of Higher Education

9 36.4%  Overall, 36.4% of Missouri students take remedial courses in college Of those % are students at two-year institutions 21.1% are students at four-year institutions Source: Missouri Department of Higher Education 2007 Missouri High School Graduates Performance Report Replaces Remediation With Rigor and Relevance Why?

10 Defining Career Cluster Framework Elements Career Path Career Cluster Career Pathway Program of Study Plan of Study

11 Tying It All Together Elementary - Career Awareness PATHS

12 Tying It All Together Intermediate & Middle School Career Exploration PATHS & CLUSTERS

13 Tying It All Together High School Career Preparation and Application 5 Pathways within Health Science: Therapeutic Services Diagnostic Services Health Informatics Support Services Biotechnology Research & Development CLUSTER & PATHWAYS

14 Career Cluster Model Knowledge & Skills This level shows the knowledge and skills needed.

15 Knowledge and Skills  Academics  Communications  Problem Solving & Critical Thinking  Information Technology  Technical Skills  Leadership & Teamwork  Safety, Health & Environment  Ethics & Legal Responsibilities  Employability & Career Development

16 Career Cluster Model Pathways There are three Pathways in this Career Cluster. (certificates and degrees)

17 Career Cluster Model Occupations The third level shows occupations of that Cluster Pathway.

18 Aligning Opportunities

19 The Big Picture

20 Personal Plans MSIP An individual planning system is in place.

21 Personal Plan of Study (sample)

22 Personal Plan of Study (page 2)

23 Strategies  Learning should be student centered  Use a variety of instructional strategies (Rigor)  Make Connections (Relevance)  Teach with Relationships in Mind  Involve community members to offer first-hand opportunities for students to see how their studies can impact their future lives  Bridge the Gap between Career and Technical Education and academic teachers

24 How Career Clusters Benefit Students?  Motivates  Motivates them to take rigorous courses. awarenes  Increases their awareness of opportunities in the career field. connection  Helps them to make a connection between school and work.  Organizesfocus  Organizes their coursework with a focus.  Personalizes  Personalizes their school environment.

25 Career Clusters Benefits  Educators  Schools  Parents  Postsecondary  Counselors  Employers and Industry Groups

26 Career Development Becomes a Lifelong Process PASTPRESENT/FUTURE VOCATIONAL EDUCATIONCAREER EDUCATION For Some StudentsFor All Students For a Few JobsFor All Careers 6 to 7 “Program Areas” 6 Career Paths 16 Clusters 79 Pathways In Lieu of Academics Aligns to and Supports Rigorous Academics High School Focused High School, College and Business & Industry Partnerships

27 For more information      

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