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Words for Production 1.childhood [ `tSaIld&h5d ] n. [U] the time of being a child 童年時期 I was born in Taitung and spent my childhood there with my brother.

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2 Words for Production 1.childhood [ `tSaIld&h5d ] n. [U] the time of being a child 童年時期 I was born in Taitung and spent my childhood there with my brother and sister.

3 Words for Production 2.lean [ lin ] vi. to bend one’s body in a certain position 彎腰,屈身 Mr. White leaned forward to give his wife a kiss and then left.

4 Words for Production 3.annoy [ 1`nOI ] vt. to make (someone) a little angry and impatient 惹惱,使生氣 It annoyed me to think how much time we had wasted.

5 Words for Production 4.rough [ r^f ] adj. not smooth 粗糙的 His hands were rough from years of hard work.

6 Words for Production 5.reply [ rI`plaI ] n. [U][C] something said, written or done as a way of answering 答覆 He wrote many letters to her but has never received a reply. 詞類變化

7 reply [ rI`plaI ] vi. 答覆 She replied with a letter, saying that she couldn’t accept his offer.

8 Words for Production 6.haunt [hOnt ] vt. to be always in the thoughts of ( 思想 ) 縈繞 The fear of earthquakes seems to haunt everyone who has ever suffered from one.

9 Words for Production 7.incident [`Ins1d1nt ] n. [C] an event or occurrence 事件 After they moved into the old house, strange incidents happened from time to time.

10 Words for Production 8.cabinet [ `k8b1nIt ] n. [C] a cupboard used for storing things such as medicine, etc. 櫥,櫃 She put her collection of tea sets in the glass cabinet. a tea set 一套茶具

11 Words for Production 9.remedy [ `rEm1dI ] n. [C][U] something used to cure one when he/she is ill or in pain 藥物;治療法 Hot tea with honey is a good remedy for colds.

12 Words for Production 10. calm [ kAm ] vt. to reduce or get rid of a pain; to make (someone) quiet ( 藥物 ) 緩和/消除 ( 疼 痛等 ) ;使平靜 My grandmother knows some traditional ways of soothing the skin and calming an itch. He was very angry, but she tried to calm him down. 詞類變化

13 calm [ kAm ] adj. 平靜的 She told herself to keep calm in the face of danger. in the face of = confronted with 面對著

14 Words for Production 11. soothe [ suD ] vt. to make pain or discomfort less severe; to make someone feel calmer ( 以藥物 ) 緩和 ( 搔癢等 ) ;撫慰 This syrup stops your cough and soothes your throat. The mother tried to soothe her crying baby by giving him some milk.

15 Words for Production 12. scrape [ skrep ] vt. to hurt something by rubbing it against something rough 擦傷 The boy fell and scraped his knee.

16 Words for Production 13. stain [ sten ] n. [C] a mark that is not easy to remove 污 跡,污點 I washed the tablecloth several times but couldn’t get the stains out.

17 Words for Production 14. countless [ `ka5ntlIs ] adj. very many 無數的,數不清的 She was so sorry for her mistake that she apologized countless times for it. 詞類變化

18 count [ ka5nt ] vi.; vt. 計算 The teacher counted the number of students present. the number of... 的數目 a number of 一些

19 Words for Production 15. automatic [ &Ot1`m8tIk ] adj. (especially of a machine) able to work or move by itself without being operated by a person 自動的 Automatic machines make people’s lives easier. by itself = automatically

20 Words for Production 16. hesitantly [ `hEz1t1ntlI ] adv. in an uncertain, embarrassed, worried manner 猶豫地 He hesitantly asked Teresa if she would like to have a date with him. 詞類變化

21 hesitate [ `hEz1&tet ] vi. 猶豫 Don’t hesitate to bring up any questions you might have. hesitation [ &hEz1`teS1n ] n. [U] 猶豫 Without a moment’s hesitation, the young man jumped into the river to save the drowning boy. bring up 提出

22 Words for Production 17. brush [ br^S ] vt. to remove (something) with hands 用 手拂開 The mother brushed the mosquito away from her baby’s face. 詞類變化

23 brush [ br^S ] n. [C] 刷子 She used a brush to remove the dust from her coat.

24 Words for Production 18. recall [ rI`kOl ] vt. to remember 回憶起,回想起 I have met the man before, but I cannot recall his name. recall = remember = recollect

25 Words for Production 19. involuntarily [ In`vAl1n&tEr1lI ] adv. without conscious control 無心地,非 出於本意地,不由自主地 He was so angry that his body shook involuntarily.

26 Words for Production 20. forgive [ f2`GIv ] vt. to say or feel that one is no longer angry about and/or wishing to give punishment to (someone) for (something) 原諒,寬恕 I will never forgive him for what he said to me last night. 詞類變化

27 forgiveness [ f2`GIvnIs ] n. [U] 原諒,寬恕 He knew how the mistake must have hurt, and he asked for forgiveness.

28 Words for Production 21. appreciation [ 1&priSI`eS1n ] n. [U] understanding and enjoyment of the good qualities or worth of something; gratitude 體會;感激 He showed a quick appreciation of the problems he faced. I could hardly find words to express my appreciation for her help. 詞類變化

29 appreciate [ 1`priSI&et ] vt. 體會;感激 I appreciate your difficulty, but you still should give it a try. Peter stood by me when I most needed it. I’ll always appreciate that.

30 Words for Production 22. caring [ `kErI9 ] adj. expressing kindness and concern 關愛 的 Robert is so lucky to have a loving and caring wife. She always supports and cares for him. care for = take care of

31 Words for Production 23. guilt [ GIlt ] n. [U] the knowledge or belief that one has done wrong; shame 內疚,羞愧 His face showed guilt, though he said he had done nothing wrong. 詞類變化

32 guilty [ `GIltI ] adj. 歉疚的;有罪的 The boy felt guilty about lying to his parents.

33 Words for Production 24. nowhere [ `no&hwEr ] adv. not anywhere; in no place 哪裡都沒有 I lost my wallet on my way back home. It is nowhere to be found. nowhere = in no place

34 Words for Recognition 1.lash [ l8S ] vi. to attack with violent speech 痛斥

35 Words for Recognition 2.Thanksgiving Eve [ &T89ks`GIvI9 iv ] n. the night before the fourth Thursday of November 感恩節前夕

36 Idioms and Phrases 1.night after night regularly every night 每晚,一夜又一 夜地 Night after night, she practiced playing the piano, hoping that some day she could give a concert. practice + V-ing

37 Idioms and Phrases reply in answer 作為 … 的答覆 I asked him if he needed any help and he shook his head in reply. in reply = in answer

38 Idioms and Phrases 3.time after time again and again 一再地,再三地 He told the same joke time after time. It was very annoying. time after time = again and again = over and over again = repeatedly

39 Idioms and Phrases out to serve out to several people 分食物 Mother dished out some soup for each of us.

40 Idioms and Phrases any hour at all hours; during the whole day and night 隨時;在任何時候 I can’t go out because he might call me at any hour of the day or night.

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