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Harbour Area Drills.

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1 Harbour Area Drills

2 A Harbour area is a position established to provide safety during an extended halt.
Reasons for Harbour area: Avoid detection Lie up whilst recce is made in detail Form a base for operations Provide an RV for entry into enemy territory. Provide safety during administrative halt. ie eat, sleep etc

3 A Common type of Harbour Area
Triangular Pattern Ensures all round defence Sentries positioned on corners Ease of command with HQ in centre Ease of use due to simple lay out

4 Procedure for Patrol Harbour
Selection Occupation Clearance Patrols Sentries Work Routine Stand To

5 Selection Commander chooses an area that is/has: Easily defended
Dense vegetation to provide cover Away from civilian areas Near to water Reasonable entry/exit routes Good communications Avoid: Obvious positions, Roads, Wet areas, Slopes

6 Occupation Flight stops short and conducts snap ambush
Commander, Section Commanders & Runner recce area. Commander chooses corners & sets up perimeter wire. Runner returns with 1IC to get Flight. Flight enters at corner and each section is positioned by their IC.

7 Clearance Patrols Each Section sends out 2IC + 2men from nearby corner (not their LSW gunner) Walk to edge of visibility the walk across their arc. Then walk back in via their LSW gunner. Look for: Streams/rivers Obstacles Possible ERV sites Possible enemy attack routes Signs of enemy activity

8 Sentries Posted beyond limit of noise of Harbour Area
One sentry per section Sentries return to section via LSW position if enemy attacks Communication line between sentry and LSW Sentries only posted during work routine At night sentries are double staggered at LSW point.

9 Work Routine Preparation of stand-to-points, construction of shell scrapes Preparation of a path to allow silent movement at night Communications cord laid from sentry point to LSW. LSW to IC. IC to Flight HQ Positioning of shelters over shell scrapes at last light, taken down before first light.

10 Stand To Stand-to is a period of complete alertness throughout the patrol It marks the change from Day/Night routine. The external sentry is recalled for Stand To.

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