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ABC’S of the Texas Revolution

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1 ABC’S of the Texas Revolution

2 Objective Objective: To identify, explain, and illustrate the people and places involved in the Texas Revolution.

3 Construction of the Book:
Each page must be on ½ sheet of typing, construction, or blank paper. (NO NOTEBOOK PAPER ALLOWED) Cover page: Include title, your name, and class period. There will NEED to be a TOTAL of 26 events in the book. One significant event, or person per book page. Each page should have a title, picture, and description of the event.

Nov Assignment start date Nov Return signed information sheet DUE (Daily Grade) Nov Work on in class Nov completed entries DUE (Daily Grade) Nov Work on in class Dec completed entries DUE (Daily Grade) Dec completed entries DUE ( Daily Grade) Dec Work on in class Dec Completed book DUE

5 DETAILS: Illustrations MUST be colored.
NO INTERNET ILLUSTRATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Bring book and supplies to class each day to work on as time permits. Book will count as a test/project grade.

6 People to use Sam Houston Stephen F Austin George C Childress
Santa Anna Ben Milam William B Travis James Bowie James Fannin Generla Urea General Cos Davy Crockett Colonel Juan Almonte General Ugartechea Henry Smith James W Robinson George C Childress Juan Seguin Lorenzo de Zavalla Edward Burleson Suzanna Dickenson Juan Almonte John Bonam Gonzales Mounted Volunteers Frank W Johnson David G Burnet Jose Antonio Navarro

7 Places San Fernando Church Washington-on-the Brazos
San Felipe de Austin

8 Battles Gonzales Siege of Bexar Goliad Grass Fight Run-Away-Scrape
San Jacinto San Antonio Alamo Anahuac Velasco Coletto Creek Refugio

9 Miscellaneous Constitution of 1824 Turtle Bayou Resolutions DeGuello!
Centralist Federalist Law of April 6,1830 Convention of 1832 1824 flag Convention of 1833 Consultations War Party Peace Party Convention of 1836 Committees of Correspondence “Come and take It” flag Army of the People

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