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Greek and Latin Roots 2 14-25.

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1 Greek and Latin Roots 2 14-25

2 Amphi Greek both Amphitheater (theatron G – place for seeing) – theater with audience on both sides of the central stage area Amphibian(bios G – life) – animal, including frogs, toads, newts and salamanders, which can live and breathe both in water and on land

3 Ambi Latin on both sides, around, surround
Ambidextrous(dexter L – right) – able to use both hands with equal skill(to have two right hands) Ambivalent(valens L – strong, powerful)- to be attracted and repulsed at the same time, undecided. Ambiguous(agere L – to drive) – doubtful or uncertain, a feeling of being driven in two or more directions

4 Eu Greek well, good, pleasant
Eulogy(logos G – word) – a speech of praise for a deceased person Euphony(phone G – sound) – pleasing sounds of a voice or music Euphoria(pherein G – to bear) – a feeling of well-being or elation Evangelist(angelos G – messenger) – one who brings good news Euphemism(pheme G – speech) – substitution of a mild or indirect word for one which is thought to be offensive or blunt

5 Malus Latin bad, ugly, evil, ill
Malady(malade French – sick) – illness, any undesirable condition Dismal(dies L – day) – evil or unlucky; dreary, causing gloom Malaria(aer L – air) – bad air; a disease carried by some mosquitos Malevolent(velle L – to wish) – having evil wishes or intentions Malice – desire to cause pain, injury, or distress to another Malign – to utter injuriously misleading or false reports; to speak evil of

6 E – Ex Latin out of; beyond; from; former
Exit(ire L – to go) – to go out; the door through which you leave Exclude(claudere L – to shut) – to shut out of a group Evidence(videre L – to see) – out of what can be seen Educate(ducere L – to lead) – to lead out of ignorance Except(capere L – to take) – taken away from a general rule Erase(radere L – to scrape) – to rub out or obliterate

7 Rideo, Risum Latin laugh, make fun of
Ridiculous – laughable Ridicule – speech or action intended to make fun of someone Risible – causing or capable of causing laughter Deride – to laugh at in scorn or contempt; to mock Derision – mockery, pointing at one for others to laugh at

8 Laboro, Laboratum Latin work
Labor – work, toil, exertion of the faculties of body or mind Laboratory – place equipped to conduct scientific experiments or tests Elaborate(e, ex – out of) – worked out in great detail Collaborate(cum – with) – to work together on a project Labor union – association of workers in the same line of work

9 Archos Greek chief, principal, primative
Archaeology(logos G – study) – study of the beginnings of man Archaic – very old; from the earliest times Architect(techton G – craftsman) – one who designs new buildings Monarchy(monos G – alone) – rule by one person Oligarchy(oligos G – few) – rule by one person

10 Arcus Latin bow, arc Arc – part of a circle
Arch – curved structure built to support weight over an opening Arcade – a row of arches supported by pillars Archer – one who shoots arrows with a bow; the constellation Sagittarius Archery – the sport of shooting arrows from a bow Archway – an entrance or passage under an arch

11 Circum Latin around, about
Circle – a perfectly round plane figure Circumference(ferre L – to bear) – the line that forms a circle Circus – a round arena surrounded by seating for performance by trained animals, acrobats, clowns, etc Circa – around or about, used with dates which are not exact

12 Kyklos Greek ring, circle, wheel
Cycle – any complete round or recurring series Bicycle(bi G – two) – rider-propelled vehicle with two wheels Tricycle(tri G – three) – rider-propelled vehicle with three wheels Motorcycle – two or three-wheeled vehicle propelled by a motor Encyclopedia(paideia G – child rearing, education) – a series of books of knowledge needed for a well-rounded education

13 Peri Greek around Perimeter(metron – measure) – distance around outside of an area Periscope(skopein – to look) – device for seeing around obstacles Period(odos – way, path) – completion of a cycle; dot at the end of a sentence Peripheral(pherein – to carry) – carry around the outside; extra

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