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Implications for Campaigning Sharon Brown NEHTT and Regional Manager, Youth Homeless NE.

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1 Implications for Campaigning Sharon Brown NEHTT and Regional Manager, Youth Homeless NE

2 North East Homeless Think Tank NEHTT is a new regional group of academics, researchers and policy officers from Youth Homeless North East, Homeless Link, Shelter, Barnardo’s, Changing Lives, IPPR North, the NE Regional Homelessness Group, Northumbria University and independent specialists. NEHTT aims to inform and influence policies affecting homeless client groups (locally, regionally and nationally), through research, campaigning and other collaborative activities. NEHTT2

3 Context Unemployment is a long-term issue that pre-dates the recession. The Coalition Government has been trying to reduce the annual budget deficit. Deficit reduction has meant less money for everyone. Benefit reform has been a big part of deficit reduction. There is a lack of affordable housing options to meet individual needs. Despondency and hopelessness. NEHTT3

4 Home and a Job ‘Some people see it as you can wait for scraps from the JCP just to scrape by or take the risk of crime for a better quality of life.’ ‘At 18 I was living alone and in serious rent arrears, I ignored paying bills, I wouldn’t open letters as I knew it would be bad news. I knew I couldn’t afford to pay it and I couldn’t face facts.’ ‘I had a friend who had been sanctioned and had no money that went into a shop and filled his pockets with bars of chocolate as he had no other alternative to be able to eat.’ ‘People who are desperate are forced into crime.’ ‘Some people could be forced into selling their bodies just to get by.’ ‘I used Wonga, I borrowed £100 and had to pay back £600 as I was late in paying off the bill within the time and was charged. ‘I suffer from depression and I find handling money very difficult now. £226 (JSA) a month is stupid I am really going to struggle.’ ‘I understand why the Government is trying to do this, and in some circumstances I agree, but in the process they are going to hurt and destroy those who really need help the most.’ NEHTT4

5 What the research tells us: Impacts on Single Homelessness Indicates a link between WR and single homelessness and remaining homeless longer. Suggests WR has increased levels of financial hardship resulting in – poverty, deterioration of physical and mental health, relationship breakdown and survival crime. True impacts on single homelessness still to be seen. Further reforms to come – implementation of Universal Credit and possibility of cutting HB to under 25s. Need for on-going monitoring of the impacts with a focus on specific areas such as complex needs, health and crime. NEHTT5

6 What do we want to change? Group Discussion: Implications for organisations in the North East Areas for further action and campaigning NEHTT6

7 Current Campaigns The EYH alliance believes that 7 asks based on family, jobs, housing and health need to become a reality to end youth homelessness. To pledge your support go to: 80,000 young people a year experience homelessness in the UK We know that young people rely on housing benefit to keep a roof over their heads. These young people do not choose to become homeless. Sign the petition: “What’s the point we won’t get listened to, we are the targets” Make sure young people have a voice, encourage them to use their right to vote. Add in facebook and twitter links use # speakupvote NEHTT7

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