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The Global Food Crisis By: Charity Lee pW1g.

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2 The Global Food Crisis By: Charity Lee

3 pW1g

4 Adding To Our Doom 1: Northern Canada and Alaska 2: Greenland 3: Siberian tundra 4: Eastern Canadian forests 5: Bahamas 6: East Indian highlands 7: Southern Polynesia 8: Lesser Antilles 9: Andaman and Nicobar Islands 10: Borneo, Sulawesi, Moluccas 11: New Guinea 12: Patagonian coast 13: Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra and West Java 14: Nusa Tengarra 15: Tasmania and the Bass Strait 16: Melanesia 17: Indian Ocean islands

5  Increased Susceptibility to Disease  Riots/ Violence/ Possible Anarchy  Change in Economic Standings/ World Order

6 Farming Fish/Sea Food Fast Food Hatcheries Population Regulations Energy Reduction

7  O Obesity JJob Losses RRiots/Protests IIncreased Poverty

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