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Vocabulary Week 6 Tin. Word 1: Pond Def: Small body of water Sent: The frog jumped into the pond.

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1 Vocabulary Week 6 Tin

2 Word 1: Pond Def: Small body of water Sent: The frog jumped into the pond.

3 Word 2: Clouds Def: Mass of water droplets in sky Sent: I cannot see the plane in the clouds.

4 Word 3: Storm Def: Strong burst of wind and with possible rain or snow. Sent: Watch out! There is a storm coming.

5 Word 4: Own / Owner Def: To have or possess. Sent: I am the owner of a small house.

6 Word 5: Relax Def: To become less tense or tight Sent: Relax and sit down.

7 Word 6: Peek Def: To secretly or quickly look Sent: Were you peeking at his answers?

8 Word 7: Grouchy Def: Complaining and not happy Sent: My teacher is always grouchy!

9 Word 8: Apologize Def: To say you are sorry Sent: I apologize for making the vocabulary words so hard.

10 Word 9:Contest Def: To compete for a prize Sent: John won the spelling contest.

11 Word 10: Envelope Def: Covering for a letter Sent: I need to put the birthday card in the envelope.

12 Word 11: Pajamas Def: Clothes for sleeping Sent: John sleeps in purple pajamas.

13 Word 12: Spend Def: To use time or money Sent: I spend a lot of time studying vocabulary.

14 Word 13: String Def: A line or cord Sent: I have a string of beads.

15 Word 14: Twin Def: Two children born at the same birth Sent: Those two brothers are twins.

16 Word 15: Hen Def: A female chicken Sent: My hen just laid an egg.

17 Word 16: Howl Def: Loud cry of a wolf, coyote or dog Sent: The wolf howled at the moon.

18 Word 17: Roof Def: Outside top covering of a building Sent: John fell off the roof and broke his arm.

19 Word 18: Pile Def: A big group of things stacked on each other Sent: That is a big pile of papers on his desk.

20 Word 19: Sled Def: Device for going through snow Sent: They use a sled to go down the hill.

21 Word 20: Hiss Def: Sound that sounds like the letter “S” usually made by cats and snakes Sent: The snake hissed at the cat.

22 Word 21: Wide Def: Taking up a lot of space Sent: The house is very wide but not very high.

23 Word 22: Feather Def: Outside covering of birds Sent: I found an eagle’s feather on the road.

24 Word 23: Flashlight (USA) Torch (Britain) Def: Device to shine light Sent: he used a flashlight (torch) when the lights went out.

25 Word 24: Slide Def: To move across the ground or surface Sent: The girl was sliding on the wet grass.

26 Word 25: Thief Def: A person who steals Sent:

27 Word 26: Scratch Def: To scrape to relieve itching or make a shallow cut into something Sent: I was scratching my arm that itched.

28 Word 27: Parade Def: Festival where people or cars go down the street and people watch Sent: There was a parade in front of my house.

29 Word 28: Poke Def: To push or jab with a finger Sent: Cindy’s mother poked her to wake her up for school.

30 Word 29: Paw Def: Foot of an animal with four legs Sent: The dog had dirty paws.

31 Word 30: Cage Def: Structure to keep an animal in Sent: The lion escaped from his cage.

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