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The Professional Vs. The Amateur Leadership Principles.

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1 The Professional Vs. The Amateur Leadership Principles

2 The Professional  The Professional never stops studying their craft. They never stop training, and they never stop trying to make the distinctions that allow them to improve their performance.

3 The Amateur  The Amateur stops learning as soon as they achieve some basic level of competence. They stop training, and they don’t focus on learning more, even when it will improve their performance.

4 The Professional  The Professional is open to new ideas. They don’t criticize the way other people do things. Instead, they try to understand why someone else does it different, what that person sees, and how it might sometimes be useful.

5 The Amateur  The Amateur isn’t open to new ideas. Because they are full of fear, they criticize and belittle new ideas and people who do things differently. They never look deep enough into something new or how it might benefit them.

6 The Professional  The Professional prepares. The Professional has rituals that they have built and refined over time. This preparation allows them to deliver exceptional results.

7 The Amateur  To the Amateur, preparation looks boring and unnecessary. They refuse to invest the time and energy into preparation, and because they are unprepared, they produce shoddy and haphazard results (when they produce any results).

8 The Professional  The Professional focuses on fundamentals. They are never bored practicing something they have rehearsed and executed a thousand times before. It’s their mastery of the fundamentals that make them professional.

9 The Amateur  The Amateur seeks novelty. They are easily bored and float from one thing to the next, believing that the results they seek will be found in the next big thing.

10 The Professional  The Professional doesn’t need anything more then the fundamental tools of the trade. They know that it isn’t the tools that make the performance.

11 The Amateur  The Amateur looks the part. They have all of the latest and greatest tools, none of which improves their performance.

12 The Professional  The Professional doesn’t make excuses. He doesn’t take shortcuts. He takes his time and pours himself into his work.

13 The Amateur  The Amateur believes that their lack of results are someone else’s fault, someone else’s responsibility. He takes shortcuts. He does as little work as is necessary.

14 The Professional  Each of us makes a choice as to how we approach our work. You can choose the more difficult path of the professional and do the work that makes a difference. Or you can dabble with the Amateurs' and try to scrape by.

15 Bringing It Home: Crew Exercise  Lead a crew discussion and find out where you are acting like professionals and re-affirm the professional practices that you and your crew are incorporating into your daily shifts.  Conversely, have an open discussion with your crew to find out where you have allowed amateur concepts to creep into your routine and seek input on how to re-establish a professional attitude and performance outlook.

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