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Field Note February 13 th - 17 th By Jeff Clarke 2012.

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1 Field Note February 13 th - 17 th By Jeff Clarke 2012

2 On Thursday, a mother mountain lion and her three cubs relaxed in the upper Woodchuck Drainage. We were lucky enough to watch them play on the “Buckeye Cams” for a while.

3 A mother lion will spend 18-24 months with her young. Kerr spotted them for the first time a few months ago. We hope they stick around for another year.

4 Litter sizes of 2-3 are common. Adult males will kill an entire litter to induce the female back into estrus. Females will defend their young to the death.

5 Native Americans used bitterbrush bark to make moccasins and diapers.

6 A pair of northern harriers soar and hover over sagebrush in search of rodents. This may be a female and a juvenile. Males boast whiter plumage.

7 Doug-fir seedlings tough out the winter months beneath the snow. I’m sure the extra layer protects them from ungulate browse.

8 Elk use their incisors to scrape cambium from aspen trunks. Old scrape marks remain 20 feet up in this tree.

9 Three more golden eagles were captured and released this week.

10 In Montana, spotted frogs typically hibernate in the muddy depths of lakes and ponds. In the warmer parts of their range, they don’t hibernate at all. I wonder if this skinny fellow ever buried itself for the winter. When I crossed its path it was stalking insects and spiders on the banks of a spring-fed pond.

11 Aspen sheers.

12 You never know what the flood waters will bring. This week I stumbled upon a picnic table umbrella.

13 Little Baldy

14 Last year’s turkey egg shells are scattered across the floodplain. I wonder if these little capsules produced a live chick, or a coyote or magpie meal.

15 This Week’s Field Work Harvest greenhouse study Set up greenhouse study Finished building a protective rack for work truck Continue to remodel barn Collect additional seed

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