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“There is no other way, War is our only hope.” - Stephen F. Austin Texas Revolutionary War (October 1835- May 1836).

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1 “There is no other way, War is our only hope.” - Stephen F. Austin Texas Revolutionary War (October 1835- May 1836).

2 The Cause of the War Due to the Fredonian Revolt, the Mexican Government enacted more strict laws against the Texans, which caused them to rebell.

3 Definitions Battle- skirmishes that can last from 5 mins to 6 months. War- a large scale conflict between different sides, that can last 10 to 20 years. Ad interim- temporary government until a permanent one can be established. Runaway Scrape- after hearing of the Massacre, Texans gathered their belongings and headed toward the Sabine River. Treaty- a document ending a war

4 The Battles

5 The Battle of Gonzales When: October 2, 1835 Who: Colonel Ugartecha (Mexican Army), Colonel John H. Moore (Texan Army) Where: The City of Gonzales Why: Colonel Ugartecha ordered the people of Gonzales to surrender their small brass cannon. The people first buried the cannon, than dug it up and draped a flag that said “Come and Take it” on it. What: 160 Texans battled 100 Mexicans, with only one Mexican soldier dead and no Texans, Texans claimed the Victory.

6 The Battle of Goliad When: October 10, 1835 (Eight days after Gonzales). Who: Captain George Collingsworth (Texans), General Martin Perfecto de Cos (Mexicans), and Juan Lopez Sandoval who protected the fort. Where: Fort Presido La Bahia, near Goliad. Why: Collingsworth moved his men toward Goliad and because the Mexican army was split, the Texans stormed the fort and the Mexican soldiers were forced to surrender. What: The battle lasted 30 mins, with a Texans victory and the Texans took $10,000 worth of provisions back as well as many cannons.

7 The Seize of Bexar When: October 12-December 11, 1835 (two days after Goliad). Where: San Antonio Bexar Who: SFA Leader (Texans), Captain Jim Bowie (Texans), Captain James W. Fannin (Texans); Cos (Mexicans). Why: With an army of only 600 soldiers SFA made his way to Bexar to siege an army of 1200 Mexicans led by Cos. Austin declared a siege on the town when Cos refused to surrender. What: Because the Mexican army’s equipment was weak, Texans was able to pull off the upset, Cos and his army escaped to the Alamo losing 150 men, while the Texans only lost 35.

8 The Battle of the Alamo When: February 23- March 6, 1836 Where: San Antonio, Texas Who: Co- Leaders William B. Travis and James Bowie as well as Davy Crockett; Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna (Mexican Ruler). Why: Following the lose to the Texans at Bexar, Santa Anna took his men to the Alamo Mission to seek revenge. He had his 2400 men storm the mission that was only protected by 260 Texans. What: The most famous battle of the Revolution, was fought bravely by the Texans but all of them at the Mission died including, Travis, Bowie, and Crockett. In the end 500 Mexican soldiers died and it was a Mexican Victory. It was the first battle for the new Republic of Texas.

9 The Massacre at Goliad When: March 27, 1836 Who: Colonel Jose Nicholas Portilla (Mexicans); Colonel Fannin (Texans). Where: Goliad, on Bexar Road Why: Portilla took 342 Texan prisoners and executed them. Once the prisoners were organized in columns, the Mexican soldiers fired upon them from point-blank range. Of the 342 soldiers, only three escaped. What: The massacre sent a message to the Texans that Santa Anna wanted to win this war at all costs. It became a battling cry for the Texans.

10 The Battle of San Jacinto When: April 21, 1836 Where: Modern day La Porte/ Deer Park, Tx. Who: Sam Houston (Commander of the Texans); Santa Anna (Commander of Mexico). Why: With the only escape route cut off the Texans brought in the “Twin Sisters” (Two Cannons) and surrounded the Mexican army. Houston and his men shouted “Remember the Alamo”, “Remember Goliad”, as they charged. Mexico surrendered and escaped, the battle last only 18 mins. What: This was the decisive battle in the Texas Revolution, the Mexican soldiers lost 603 men with 700 captured, while there were only 30 wounded for the Texans, including Houston; Texans won their freedom from Mexico!

11 Ending the War The Treaty of Valasco was signed on May 14, 1836, ending the Texas Revolutionary War. 1) Santa Anna promised to never fight against Texas again and ordered all Mexican forces out of Texas. 2) In exchange for his release he promised to recognize Texas as its own Republic.

12 The Convention of 1836

13 Texas Documents While the war was being fought, George C. Childress wrote the Texas Declaration of Independence in March 1836. The delegates voted unanimously to accept the Texas Declaration of Independence on March 2, 1836. In March1836 the delegates approved the Texas Constitution, and chose David G. Burnet as the Ad Interim President.

14 Texas Declaration vs. U.S. Declaration Texas Declaration (1836)U.S. Declaration (1776) Claimed Mexico had deprived them of: Freedom of Religion Right to Bear Arms Right to a Trial by Jury Right to Petition A system of Education March 2 nd is celebrated as Texas Independence Day. Claimed England had deprived them of: Freedom of Religion Right to Bear Arms Right to Trial by Jury

15 Tejanos and African Americans join the Fight Many Tajanos were conflicted as to which side they should join, so many joined forces with the Mexicans. African Americans hoping that the end of the war would bring their freedom, fought bravely for the Texans.

16 Pictures of the War

17 This was draped on top of the cannon in Gonzales.

18 The Battle of Goliad

19 The Siege of the Alamo Who is the man with the Musket?

20 Inside of the Alamo/ You can see how the Texans were Trapped inside.

21 Massacre at Goliad Out of the 342, only three escaped.

22 The Battle of San Jacinto- La Porte/ Deer Park

23 The End of the War The Original Picture is in the lobby at the State Capital in Austin, Tx..

24 The San Jacinto Monument is a symbol of Texas’ Independence. The San Jacinto monument is actually taller than the Washington Monument in D.C.

25 Map of the War In the end the Texans lost 806 people, while the Mexicans lost 2500.

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