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By: Melissa Molina and William Havers-Strong

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1 By: Melissa Molina and William Havers-Strong
Scabies (Bedbugs) By: Melissa Molina and William Havers-Strong

2 Description… Scabies is a rash that is caused by tiny parasites called Sarcoptes scabiei, also known as bed bugs that will burrow and lay eggs in the top layers of your skin. It can be transferred by skin to skin contact and spreads easily among those who live together.

3 Pictures…

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5 Cause Scabies is caused by parasites that burrow into the skin causing allergic reactions that result in a rash of scaly swellings.

6 How it can be diagnosed…
First thing you can do is take a good look at it, however, if you go to a doctor, they will most likely scrape your skin for a sample to look for any sign of mites, eggs, or mite fecal matter..

7 Symptoms Severe itching that can keep people awake at night. It is caused by female mite burrows in the skin where they lay eggs. The burrowing produces toxins that cause allergic reactions. The skin is covered in small red bumps that look like pimples. Occurs in warm areas of the body, like folds in the skin, where clothes is tight, near the belt line, buttocks, on the penis, and around the nipples. Scratching can lead to bacterial infections.

8 Treatment A lotion is applied overnight (8 hours) and then is washed off. Clothing, bedding, and towels used in the next 24 hours must be washed in hot water and dried hot. 7-10 days after the first treatment a second treatment may be necessary. Medication will be prescribed to relieve itching. Itching continues 2-3 weeks after treatment, but the infestation is no longer active.

9 Worst Case Scenario if untreated.
If gone untreated, your infestation of scabies mites can grow to a point where you can be the cause of a local epidemic. Average cases of scabies will consist of perhaps mites, whereas more advanced cases can involve up to 2 million mites in a single host, leaving their skin destroyed and unrecognizable. Everyone around you will need treatment.

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