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Health & First-Aid Introduction to Grade: 12 By: Joseph Brannigan.

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1 Health & First-Aid Introduction to Grade: 12 By: Joseph Brannigan

2 Expectations  This is NOT a free class period!  You MUST pass this class to walk on Graduation day!!!  Let’s make it a FUN experience!

3 What is Health & First Aid? What do I do if I roll or twist my ankle? What do I do If someone is unconscious? How do you treat minor injuries? What is CPR? What is a splint? When is it necessary to call 9-1-1? How do you treat a wound? Help!!! CALL 9-1-1

4 Introduction In this class you will be learning the basic procedures of Health & First Aid. Instructions and Guidelines by The American Red Cross Association How to treat and protect cuts, scrapes, tears, breaks, body injuries and etc. How to properly perform CPR to all ages. How to identify and classify injuries.

5 Grading Attendance (10%) – Allowed 3 absences. 3 Lateness's, after 3 Lateness's will result in an absence. Class work / Homework (10%) – Any work handed in late will deduct in points. Tests & Quiz's (50%) – NO Make Ups! Projects (30%) – Will be done in class and out of class

6 Words to Know.. What is First Aid? The immediate care given to someone who becomes injured or ill until regular medical care can be provided. What does Conscious mean? It is when a person is aware of his or her surroundings. What does Unconscious mean? It is when a person is unable to respond.

7 First Aid Kit Gloves Bandages Band-Aids Ointments Alcohol Pads Peroxide Wraps Scissors

8 First Aid Kit (cont.) Everyone will be given a small individual first aid kit. Bring this to class everyday! Keep it in your locker! We will use the kits in class when needed for lessons. I will demonstrate the proper procedures and as a class we will perform them.

9 Wounds Laceration A cut in the skin that is usually deep enough to require stitches Abrasion A scrape or brush burn Puncture A hole in the skin caused by a sharp object


11 Walking through your garage bare foot you stepped on a large nail.

12 You’re preparing a meal while slicing a tomato your hand slips and the knife slices your hand

13 Running to second base you slide head first and both your elbows slide and scrape the ground. Safe!!

14 What is CPR? CPR is defined as Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation You must be certified to perform this act to avoid legal actions and liability suits. The next slide will have a video on the steps and procedures of how this task is performed.

15 &v=5r7haVfZXek#t=55s CHECK! CALL! CARE!

16 Sprains, Strains, & Fractures Sprain A stretch or tear of a ligament (connects bone to bone) Strain A stretch or tear of a tendon (connects bone to muscle) Simple Fracture A broken bone that does not break through the skin Compound Fracture A broken bone that breaks through the tissue and skin

17 Treatments The RICE Method R:Rest I: Ice C: Compression E: Elevation

18 Fractures Treatment for Fractures 1.Call 911 2.Stabilize the victim until emergency care arrives 3.If you must move the victim because the situation Becomes Unsafe, immobilize the injury. *** Fractures Require Immediate Care

19 Overview Expectations What is Health and Exercise Introduction Grading Supplies Basic information to be covered

20 Questions?? If you have any questions feel free to talk to me after class or e-mail me at


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