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Unit Eight A Magician at Stretching a Dollar Designed by Shi Yuan Book Ⅰ The Third Two Periods Writing and Exercise.

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1 Unit Eight A Magician at Stretching a Dollar Designed by Shi Yuan Book Ⅰ The Third Two Periods Writing and Exercise

2 1. 寻找 2. 共用走廊 3. 低压轮胎 4. 大约,大概 5. 积攒,拼凑 6. 首付款 7. 剥夺,抢劫 8. 偶然遇见(发现) in search of community hallway balloon tires something like scrape together down payment rob sb. of sth. come upon Useful Expressions

3 9. 好像 10. 给予打击 11. 认真考虑 12. 不着边际的梦想 13. 实现,成真 14. 无言的感激 15. 恰好在这个时候 16. 咧嘴而笑 as though strike a blow think over wild dream come true speechless gratitude on cue ear-to-ear grin Useful Expressions

4 17. 双臂在胸前交叉抱身 18. 对(某人)好 19. 极度失望 20. 打响指 21. 毕竟 22. 抑制,控制 hug oneself do well by bitter disappointment snap one’s fingers after all hold back Useful Expressions

5 Directions: fill in the blanks. 1.He had scrape enough money to buy a car. 2.He went in search a doctor for his sick wife. 3.Please think what I ’ ve said. 4.He said she would be back very soon and, right cue, she walked in. 5.Jim was able to hold his anger. together of over on back

6 Directions: choose the best answer from the four choices marked A), B), C) and D). ( )1. It took us only a few hours to the paper off all four walls. A. chip B. shear C. stoke D. scrape ( ) 2. You see the lightning it happens, but you hear the thunder later. A. the instant B. for an instant C. on the instant D. in an instant ( ) 3. Having finished their morning work, the clerks stood up behind their desks, themselves. A. stretching B. extending C. prolonging D. expanding ( ) 4. Can you give me even the clue as to where her son might be? A. simplest B. slightest C. least D. utmost ( ) 5. I hate people who the end of a film that you haven’t seen before. A. reveal B. revise C. rewrite D. reverse D A A B A

7 ( ) 6. The reporters the corruption of several high officials in the government, consequently, they had been asked to resign from office. A. discovered B. displayed C. exposed D. presented ( ) 7. I hope John would give me some of what he would like for his birthday. A. clues B. hints C. implications D. inference ( ) 8. He was admittance to the concert hall for not being properly dressed. A. rejected B. denied C. withheld D. deprived ( ) 9. The black clouds rain. A. indicated B. hinted C. suggested D. meant ( ) 10. Mr. Morgan can be very sad, though in public he is extremely cheerful. A. by himself B. in person C. in private D. as individual C B B A C

8 Chinese-English Translation 1. 我很幸运,在我年轻的时候就学会了许多不同 的技能。 I am lucky to have acquired a wide range of skills when I was young. 2. 这些画价值在五千万美元左右,绝不能直接暴 露在阳光之下。 These drawings, which are worth something like 50 million dollars, must not be exposed to direct sunlight.

9 3. 我儿子写出他第一首诗的时候,我就知道他有 天赋。 I knew my son got talent when he composed his first poem. 4. 由于流感( the flu )在社区传播,她用暖和的冬 衣将自己裹起来,以防传染上这种疾病。 As the flu was spreading in the community, she wrapped herself in warm winter clothing to avoid catching the disease.

10 5. 被告否认他曾经向政府官员付钱以获得合同。 The defendant denied that he had ever made any payment to the government official to get a contract. 6. 我吃惊的看到,当他妻子泄露了一个家庭秘密 的时候,他掴了她一记耳光。 I was startled to see he slapped his wife in the face when she revealed a family secret.

11 7. 他说他撑握了一个关于战争的秘密文件,这使 每一个在座的人都大为吃惊。接着他啪的一声打 开公文包( briefcase )便开始读起来。 He astonished everyone present by saying that he possessed a secret paper about the war. He then snapped open his briefcase and began to read it. 8. 当他渐渐获得了信心的时候,他的语调变得自 然了,说起话来也就自然脱口而出了。 As he gradually acquired confidence, his tone became natural and his words came out spontaneously.

12 English-Chinese Translation 1. However, many people feel that the religious meaning of Christmas is diminished by the commercialization of it. 然而,很多人觉得圣诞节的宗教意义已经因它的 商业化削弱了。 2. On Christmas Eve, when the children are asleep, he comes silently down the chimney and leaves the presents near their beds. 圣诞前夜,当孩子们都睡着了,他悄悄地沿着烟 囱下来,把礼物放在孩子们的床边。

13 3. In the evening, after a huge tea, often including a big Christmas cake covered with a frosting as sweet as candy and as smooth as pudding, the family will probably sit round the fire eating nuts, sweats and fruit, talking or watching television, or playing party games. 晚上,人们经常享用一顿盛大的茶点,通常有一只圣诞大 蛋糕,蛋糕上布满了像糖一样甜,像布丁一样爽滑的糖霜。 茶点过后,全家人可能会围坐在壁炉旁吃干果,糖果和水 果,聊天或是看电视,或是玩集体游戏。

14 4. The great writer Charles Dickens loved Christmas, and described its merriness and warmheartness in books like A Christmas Carol, with drawing-room scenes of blazing log fires, while the December snow outside made all the country white. 伟大的作家查尔斯. 狄更斯很喜欢圣诞节,在《圣 诞颂歌》等书中描述了圣诞节的欢乐与温馨:客 厅内干柴燃起熊熊炉火,而屋外 12 月的白雪给整 个大地上披上了一层素装。

15 Writing skills Contraction: Expressing It More Briefly Originally contraction means the shortening of a word, or of two words, by the omission of a letter or letters, or by reducing two or more vowels or syllables to one. Here, to contract is to replace several words with a single direct word. In this way, contraction can help avoid redundancy and express more briefly.

16 Direction: Rewrite the following sentences, replacing the italicized part with one proper word from the list below: grow miss personally eatable boring import 1.Most plants increase in size more quickly in warmer areas. 2.I doubt whether these fish are really fit to be eaten. 3.Exports ( 出口商品 ) provide the funds to pay for goods coming into the country. Most plants grow more quickly in warmer areas. I doubt whether these fish are eatable. Exports provide the funds to pay for imports. Exercises

17 4. Speaking for myself, I don’t approve of ( 赞成 ) the idea. 5. The lecture was so uninteresting and tiresome that we couldn’t help yawning. 6. The house is at the next corner; you can’t fail to find it. Personally, I don ’ t approve of the idea. The lecture was so boring that we couldn ’ t help yawning. The house is at the next corner; you can ’ t miss it.

18 ______ ________ 1. Now suddenly she began to cry with short, quick breaths. 2. She bent her body forward and downward to pick up the coin. 3. The house is at the next corner, you can’t fail to find it. 4. Most plants increase in size more quickly in warmer areas. 5. Henry became a person who had a million pounds overnight after coming into possession of the one-million-pound bank note. ______ Directions: Please choose an appropriate word in the right column to replace the italicized part in each sentence on the left. Pay attention: there are more words than sentences. approach slap exposesobstretchmillionaire breedstoopcomposemissgrow Exercises

19 5. The traveler entertained his hosts with stories, some of which were really eatable burn imports unbelievable hired / employed Personally boring 3. We tried our best with a magnifying glass but the dry grass simply would not Directions: Look at the following sentences. Please try to express the italicized part more briefly with a proper word. 1. Jim was job for being absent-minded while working. 2. I doubt whether these fish are really 4. Exports provide the funds to pay for goods 6. She was not the position because she wasn’t qualified. 7. Speaking for I don’t approve of the idea. 8. The lecture was so that we couldn’t help yawning. fired dismissed from his fit to be eaten. catch fire. coming into the country. more than could be believed. given myself, uninteresting and tiresome ______ __________ ______ _____________ ________ Exercises

20 Practical writing For this part, you are allowed thirty minutes to write a letter. Suppose you are Wang Yan, a college student. You are writing a letter to your Umi, one of your foreign friend, to invite her to join a coming special Christmas party. You should write at least 120 words according to the suggestions given bellow in Chinese. 1. 表示邀请 2. 介绍这个独特的圣诞节晚会 3. 期望 Umi 参加

21 范文 17th Dec., 2006 Dear Umi, I am very pleased to write to you. You know the Christmas Day is coming, so it’s my honor to invite you to take part in the great Christmas party held by our Department Student’s Union. We are going to hold this excellent party in our Youth Activity Centre. And we will decorate the party with Christmas trees which are hung with delicate gifts for all of comer. And what’s more, our department head will appear on the party as Santa Claus. At the beginning of the party we will dance, and then we sing carols such as Jingel Bells. Everybody knows that the Christmas Day is derived from west countries. And now we plan to make dumplings to enjoy the great moment and welcome the coming Spring Festival. Moreover, we will have interesting games which will help to know more about the different culture between China and America, We are eager to see you on the party next week! Merry Christmas in advance! Yours, Wang Yan

22 Oral practice 1)On what occasion did you receive the present? 2)What was the present? Did you ever expect such a present? Why or why not? 3)What did the present mean to you? What did you do with it?

23 Assignments 1.Review this unit. 2.Writing a letter of invitation. 3.Preview new words and the text in Unit 9.

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