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Types of Reading Comprehension Questions Question Answering.

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2 Types of Reading Comprehension Questions Question Answering

3 BOOK3 Unit9 1. main idea questions; 2. specific detail questions; 3. guessing unknown word /expression questions; 4. inference questions; 5. logic structure questions; 6. attitude or tone questions. I. Types of Reading Comprehension Questions

4 BOOK3 Unit9 II. Question Answering Answer some questions and decide what types they belong to.

5 BOOK3 Unit9 1.Which of the following is NOT a reason for prenuptial agreements? A.Ensuring a fair division when divorce occurs. B.Protecting one’s personal wealth. C.Protecting children from a previous marriage. D.Winning more money in a lawsuit. Inference question.

6 BOOK3 Unit9 2. If you want a prenuptial agreement to be effective, then you have to ________. A.follow proper guidelines. B.ask a lawyer to write it. it before you sign it. D.know what countries you and your future partner are living in. Logic structure question.

7 BOOK3 Unit9 3. Which of the following statements summarizes the main idea of the text? A.Prenuptial agreements are popular among wealthy people. B.Prenuptial agreements are popular among famous people. C.Discussions for prenuptial agreements save a couple from a terrible marriage. D.One needs to pay close attention both to marriage and to prenuptial agreements. Main idea question.

8 BOOK3 Unit9 4. On the whole, the attitude of the author towards prenuptial agreements is ____. A. Critical B. ironical C. positive D. negative Attitude question.

9 BOOK3 Unit9 5. In the sentence “A woman insisted on verifying who would walk the dog” the word verifying means ____. (Para.1) A. making sure B. making changes C. correcting D. declaring Guessing unknown word question.

10 BOOK3 Unit9 6. ___, prenuptial agreements have become more and more popular in the U.S. A. Since the early 1960s B. Since the 1970s C. Since the early 1980s D. Since the 1990s Specific detail question.

11 The Major Findings of the Report

12 BOOK3 Unit9 1.Marriages are dissolving with increasing frequency due to ____________, ____________, ________, __________________. 2.Parents in their prime years face ________________ caring for _________ and _________. childrenparents abandonmentseparation divorcedeath of a spouse growing burdens 3.__________________________ are increasingly common everywhere. Unmarried/single mothers I. Major Findings

13 BOOK3 Unit9 4. Children in single-parent households are much more likely to _________________________. 5. _______ are carrying increasing ________responsibility for children. 6. Women around the world tend to work ____________ than men, both _____________ or _______. be overtaken by poverty economic longer hours in the office Mothers at home

14 BOOK3 Unit9 7. ______ usually contribute a larger proportion of their income to their households. 8. It’s very difficult to ________ _____________ from father. collect child support Women

15 BOOK3 Unit9 II. Conclusions 1. Family _______________________ ___________________. 2. Divorce rate ___________________. 3. Households ___________________. 4. Women’s ___________________________ ________________________________. is no longer a stable is rising worldwide become everywhere economic contributions are becoming increasingly important and orderly unit

16 Sentence Structure Translation

17 BOOK3 Unit9 1. The idea that the family is a stable and orderly unit in which father serves as economic provider and mother serves as emotional care giver is a myth. (L4) ① the principal clause The idea is a myth. ② the appositive clause that the family is … unit. ③ the attributive clause in which father serves as provider and mother serves as giverParaphrase The thought that family is an unchangeable and well- organized unit in which father plays the role of the main earner and mother gives emotional care to children is no longer true. Translation 认为家庭是个稳定有序的单位、父亲是经济 支柱、母亲是情感给予者的观点已经不现实 了。

18 BOOK3 Unit9 2. Parents in their prime working years face growing burdens caring for children, who need to be supported through more years of education, and for their own parents, who are living longer. (L17) ① the principal clause Parents face burdens. ② the non-restrictive attributive clauses who need to …, who are living longer. Paraphrase Parents in the best of their career years have to bear increasing responsibility both for the children, who need care and support through more years of education, and for their own parents, whose life spans are longer now. Translation 父母在其黄金工作年间,面临着越来越重的双重 负担:一是抚养子女,子女需要他们的经济支持 去接受更多的教育;二是赡养父母,而父母现在 的寿命更长了。

19 BOOK3 Unit9 3. Women were found to contribute about a third of household’s cash income, but 55 percent of household support if the economic value of their activities at home, such as growing food or gathering hay to feed the family donkey, is included. (L38) Paraphrase Women were found to earn about 1/3 of their families’ cash income. But if you include the economic value of their activities at home such as growing food or raising domestic animals, you’ll see they provide 55% of family support. Translation 人们发现三分之一的家庭现金收入来自妇女, 若是将她们家务劳动,如种粮食、捡干草、喂 家里的驴等的经济价值计算在内,那她们提供 的家庭经济支持将占 55% 。

20 Matching Game Word Using

21 BOOK3 Unit9 undergo serve as dissolve dozens of by the time fulfill the purpose of when lots of yet less than 100 be absorbed in a liquid experience (unpleasantly) I. Matching Games

22 BOOK3 Unit9 care for bring about to the point go on to instead of look after / nurse pass on from … to … to a degree cause to happen / lead to as a replacement to

23 BOOK3 Unit9 (L17) 1. burden (L17) n. sth. difficult that you’re responsible for II. Word Using Translation Translation Buying a car? We may have to take on Buying a car? We may have to take on another heavy financial burden. another heavy financial burden. Key Key 买车?那会使我们再加上一项沉重的财务负担。 买车?那会使我们再加上一项沉重的财务负担。 Comparison burden 指人或动物所负的重担; loan 指车、船上的负荷; cargo ( 船上 ) 在途货物 ; freight ( 飞机上 ) 在途货物 be burdened by — have a lot of problems because of (a particular thing)

24 BOOK3 Unit9 2. contribute … to doing sth. (L38) vt. help to; be devoted to doing e.g. e.g. He contributed $135,000 to the hospital. Key Key John often contributes articles to newspapers. Translation Translation 约翰经常给报纸撰稿。 Question Question What factors contribute to your failure What factors contribute to your failure /success in your study? /success in your study?

25 BOOK3 Unit9 (L54) 3. scrape (L54) v. rub against; 勉强维持 e.g. e.g. The plates had all been scraped clean. Key Key They just managed to scrape by on Jack’s tiny salary. Translation Translation 他们仅靠杰克微薄的工资勉强维持生活。

26 Debate

27 BOOK3 Unit9 Undergraduates can get married? VS Undergraduates cannot get married? Tips

28 BOOK3 Unit9 age limit, family life, golden period, heavy burden, marriage law, specific conditions, traditional ethics; the National College Entrance Exams, the principle of the freedom to marry, mature, mentally, physically; be at loose ends in …, build promising future, fall in love Useful Expressions

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