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+ Senior FACS/Culinary Arts Food and Nutrition Lab Handbook Foothill Culinary Arts.

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1 + Senior FACS/Culinary Arts Food and Nutrition Lab Handbook Foothill Culinary Arts

2 + “Practically everything you need to know in order to succeed” Welcome to the LAB! Welcome to the FHS Cougar Culinary Arts Lab! If you enjoy eating good food and have the desire to learn what it takes to cook a delicious meal, then you are ready to have some fun in the kitchen with Mrs. Freshour! You will learn safety, sanitation, and basic cooking techniques that will help you gain the confidence that you need in order to follow recipes and prepare food for yourself, friends and family. Check out the class website at:

3 + Lab Objectives Demonstrate proper kitchen food safety and sanitation procedures Demonstrate practical knife skills (cutting) Demonstrate culinary math by calculating recipe measurements Identify and demonstrate the use of kitchen utensils, tools and equipment By the end of the course, students will be able to:

4 + Lab Objectives Articulate & define culinary vocabulary Identify basic to “not so basic” ingredients Demonstrate prepping & cooking techniques Demonstrate organization skills used in efficient cooking practices By the end of the course, students will be able to:

5 + Required Materials Recipe Portfolio A rubber band, hair “scrunchie”, hair clip, or sanitary hat is required by the Health Department, to restrain hair when handling food. Closed toed, rubber soled, slip resistant shoes worn when handling food.

6 + Mrs. Freshour Wants you to have an enjoyable time while learning! Has lots of patience to teach you Will treat you with respect & in professional manner Will give you honest Feedback of how you are doing in the class Will teach you practical skills that you will use for the rest of your life!

7 + Attendance and Tardy Policy You must be present and on time to earn full productivity points in lab. If you miss more then one lab it must be made up at home. Complete the Lab Make Up form by the end of the semester. Only 2 labs can be made up per semester. Cannot make up labs if you have an unexcused or truant on day of lab.

8 + EXPECTATIONS You are “actively” involved. Are you doing something to help out? You demonstrate positive Communication, Respect & Cooperation. You have the required materials: recipe portfolio, hair accessories, apron You Clean-up, do Side work, & Wash dishes You don’t have unexcused Absences or Tardiness. You follow House Rules. PARTICIPATION and TEAMWORK

9 + 5 THINGS YOU MUST KNOW Frequently washed hands. Hands washed for 20 seconds. Always wash hands after, sneezing or coughing or touching hair or face (eyes, ears, nose, mouth, earrings etc.) Dishes “grease free”. Don’t put it away if it feels greasy. The “WASH” water MUST be soapy not “murky”. Refill as needed. Make sure everybody SCRAPES their dishes before dropping them off. Knives, measuring spoons & cups “grease free” & replaced in drawers. Prep tables kept sanitized. Never sit or put feet on prep tables. Clean with disinfectant. Taste with forks & spoons. Never taste with your fingers. Each kitchen must be stocked with forks & spoons. SANITATION STANDARDS

10 + SAFETY STANDARDS 5 THINGS YOU MUST KNOW 1.Use knives with caution. Always cut away from your body and other people. Use the proper knife for the job and make sure it’s sharp. If walking with a knife, always walk slow & cautious, with the knife tip pointed down to the floor. NEVER point a knife at anyone! NEVER leave a knife in a sink. NEVER leave a knife handle over the edge of a work surface. NEVER grab the knife by the blade. Fresh’s Expectations “I expect everyone to ask their teammates to ensure that these SANITATION STANDARDS are met on a daily basis”

11 + SAFETY STANDARDS 5 THINGS YOU MUST KNOW 2).Wipe up spills & sweep up what you drop immediately. Floors shouldn’t be greasy or slippery. NEVER use a towel on the floor and then use it to wipe a food surface. 3). NEVER play around in the kitchen. Avoid distracting others. 4).Lift only what you can handle without exerting yourself. Lift with your knees bent, back straight, firm grip, object close to your body and lift with your legs. ALWAYS ask for help when object is heavy. 5).Be vocal (LOUD MOUTH!). ALWAYS say “behind you; hot stuff; coming through; watch out, move it” etc. or give some kind of warning when approaching someone from behind. Do this EVEN when you don’t have anything in your hands!

12 + Safety & Sanitation is everyone’s concern and responsibility. Report all injuries to Mrs. Freshour as soon as possible. The Cougar Culinary Arts program expects all students to follow the Safety & Sanitation standards. I will do everything necessary to make sure that these standards are enforced, including disciplinary action for noncompliance.

13 + UNIFORM STANDARDS 1. Rubber soled closed toed shoes (toes are covered); Heels no more than 1” high. 2. Hair pulled back (shoulder length); Supply your own hair accessories and or hat. Or use classroom supplied hats. 3. Jewelry removed from fingers. 4. Apron worn appropriately (tied on) 5. Freshly washed hands. Hands washed for 20 seconds. Always wash hands after touching hair or face (eyes, ears, nose, mouth, earrings etc.) If you use the pass to go out of the classroom you must wash your hands again after returning to the classroom! “I expect you to be in full uniform once the tardy bell rings or you will be marked tardy.” “If I have to remind you about any part of the Uniform Standards, points will be deducted from your lab productivity grade! 5 THINGS YOU MUST KNOW Fresh’s Expectation:

14 + CLASSROOM STANDARDS 7 Things you need to know! 1). Everything has its place. This means the wire whip always resides in the utensil crock and the bowls are always in the correct drawer. This rule will always expedite cleanup after you cook. It means when you need equipment you will always find it where it belongs because the last person who used it put it away in the right place. 2). Speaking of dish towels. Bacteria can live very happily in kitchen towels, dishcloths, sponges, and dirty potholders. Put them in the washing machine. They will then be washed. Use a clean towel and wash cloth each lab! 3). Cross Contamination. Don’t use a knife to cut up chicken or meat then use it to cut up other food without washing and disinfecting first in hot soapy water. And don’t reuse the same bowls for food preparation and serving until you scrub them out first. 4). Washing dishes. Clear the space on both sides of the sink. On one side place the things to be washed. Fill the plastic tub with hot soapy water. Leave the sink empty. Before you place the dirty dishes, pots, and so on near the sink, scrape all the scraps into a plastic lined garbage can. Dump all the silverware and cooking utensils, except sharp knives, into the tub first so they can soak. Start with the largest plates. Rinse with hot water as you go and dry the dishes immediately. Move on to the smaller plates and bowls. Tackle the glasses next. Next wash the silverware. Leave the dirty pots and pans for the last so that your dish water will stay as clean as possible.

15 + CLASSROOM STANDARDS 6). Two work areas. There will be two main work areas. The first will be the kitchen. If you are going to be the “Cook” or “Assistant Cook” you will be working in the kitchen area. The second work area will be the stainless steel worktables. If you will be the “Prep Cook” you will be working at the worktables. You will be chopping vegetables and fruits, weighing and measuring ingredients, etc. Your group will be responsible for both areas. Both areas must be cleaned before you will be excused from class. 5). Before you leave all dishes must be washed, dried, and put away! When you are done with the dishes, empty the sink, clean the food trap covering the drain, scrub the sink with cleanser and rinse it out. Wipe down the counter tops and worktables with disinfectant and put the dirty towels and wash cloths in the washer to be cleaned. 7). Kitchens and worktables must be cleaned before you leave class! All dishes washed, dried, and put away. Counters cleaned, worktables sanitized, and floors swept. You must check out with the teacher before you leave class ! If you leave before getting checked out by the teacher you will get an automatic F on the lab!

16 + HOUSE RULES OF FHS Cougar Culinary Arts Be APPROPRIATE. Use appropriate language & actions. THINK before you say it or do it!!!! Know the 5 Uniform Standards Know the 5 Safety Standards Know the 5 Sanitation Standards Know the 7 Classroom Standards Be quiet & LOOK at Mrs. Freshour when she is teaching/demonstrating. DO’S: 

17 + HOUSE RULES OF FHS Cougar Culinary Arts  Make any Racial, Ethnic, Homophobic, Sexist or Hateful remarks. THIS is Harassment & it’s AGAINST Shasta Union High School District Policy.  Horseplay (bodily & throwing objects). It’s Unsafe & a CRIME in a kitchen!  Take anything that doesn’t belong to you, no matter how small. It’s STEALING.  Eat anything that you are not authorized to eat. It’s STEALING.  SERIOUS consequences will follow, if you attempt any of the above DON’TS  DON’TS: 

18 + HOUSE RULES OF FHS Cougar Culinary Arts  Chew gum, eat food (that’s not ours) or use cell phones in class. it’s unsanitary & against the food safety policy.  Put your backpacks, purses, and jackets etc. on the floor. They belong on the classroom counters  SIT ON COUNTERS! It is unsanitary and against the food safety policy! And Mrs. Freshour’s pet peeve!!!! DON’TS: 

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