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大学英语 ( 全新版 ) 综合教程 Unit Seven Kids on the Track Language Study 1. struggle with: have difficulty handling or coping with Examples: She struggled with.

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2 大学英语 ( 全新版 ) 综合教程 Unit Seven Kids on the Track

3 Language Study 1. struggle with: have difficulty handling or coping with Examples: She struggled with the math problem but eventually worked it out. We found the Smiths struggling with their car stuck in the mud. 2. nearby: ad. in the area close by Examples: Jack found a part-time job in the company nearby. All the towns nearby were crowded with tourists during the holiday. The man spoke softly to an old lady standing nearby. adj. not far away Examples: This drug can be bought at your nearby pharmacy. We stopped at some nearby shops to pick up some food.

4 3. a thumbs-up gesture: This is a sign that you make by making a fist and raising your thumb to show that you agree with someone, that you are happy with an idea or situation, or that everything is all right. 4. draw one's attention to: make sb. aware of and be concerned about sth. Examples: The article was intended to draw the public's attention to environmental protection. My teacher drew my attention to an error in the term paper. 5. signal: send (sth. such as a warning or a message) by a light or an act Examples: The student raised his hand, signaling to the teacher that he had finished his paper. She signaled a passing taxi and asked him to take her to the railway station.

5 6. out of the way: at a distance from the usual route; in a state or condition so as not to hinder (used after a verb) Examples: Step out of the way and let me handle the stone. The house is well out of the way on the back road. 7. resume: begin (sth. or doing sth.) again after a pause Examples: The search for the missing pilot is expected to resume early today. We'll stop now and resume (working) at two o'clock. They stopped talking for a moment to see where the noise was coming from and then resumed their conversation. 8. mess around / about: (infml) spend time playing or doing things with no particular purpose Examples: He spends his weekends messing around in his boat on the Thames. The kids spent all day Sunday just messing around.

6 9.... you'd better cool down.:... you'd better stop spending so much time messing around. cool down: (cause to ) become calmer Examples: 1) She is so angry now. Just leave her to cool down and then talk to her. 2) The trial was postponed to allow the tension in the city to cool down. 10. spot: see or recognize Examples: Thank you for pointing out the error; I hadn't spotted it. He left the house seconds before smoke was spotted coming up the stairs. 11. instant: moment, a very brief period of time Examples: The alarm bells started ringing and at the same instant all the lights went off. The magician came to the stage with a bunch of flowers. And then, in an instant, the flowers turned into a bird. (the instant / minute / moment: as soon as Example: I tried phoning her the instant I got home.)

7 12. pull on: take hold of (sth.) and pull (it) with strength Examples: The child pulled on his mother's coat wanting to leave. Sophia pulled on the rope, shouting "help." 13. with all one's strength: with all one's power Examples: With all his strength he removed the piano to the next room. She opened the door with all her strength and ran out of the house. 14. explode: burst with a loud noise Examples: The clap of thunder exploded overhead, which frightened the child into crying. A bomb exploded at one of London's busiest railway stations this morning.

8 15. sway: (cause to) move or swing slowly from side to side Examples: Trees swayed gently in the breeze. The coastal highway is lined with tall, swaying palm trees. She swayed her body in time with the music. 16. flash: move very fast; produce a sudden bright light Examples: It was a busy road; cars flashed by every few minutes. A figure flashed past the window. 17. calculate: work (sth.) out using mathematics Examples: Carrie has calculated that it would take five workers eight months to complete the job. The cost of the damage caused by the recent flood has been calculated at / as over $5 million.

9 18. Scott looked up and froze.: Scott looked up and became completely still with fear. 19. leap: jump Examples: The thief leaped from a window and escaped. The instant he heard the baby crying Jordan leaped up from his chair and rushed into the room. 20. grab: seize suddenly; take roughly and quickly Examples: A mugger grabbed my handbag as I was walking across the park. The man grabbed the boy's arm to stop him from running into the road. 21. loose: not firmly fixed in place Example: His tie was pulled loose and his collar hung open. It seemed that he was drunk.

10 22. They were gone!: They had disappeared! 23. crash: fall or strike suddenly, violently, and noisily Examples: I heard the dinner tray crash to the floor. Standing on the beach, I could hear the waves crashing against the rocks. 24. reach out: stretch one's arm, usu. in order to get or touch (sth.) (often followed by infinitive to) Examples: The mother reached out to grab her little boy but it was too late. When he saw his former teacher, he reached out a hand in greeting. 25. clear of: free from, not in contact with Examples: The plane climbed until it was clear of the clouds. The man kept clear of his wife after the argument.

11 26. scrape: push or drag (sth.) along a hard or rough surface Example: George drove too close to the wall and scraped the car's wing. 27. punch: hit hard Examples: The young couple quarreled with each other. The wife punched her husband on the nose. He punched me hard in the stomach. 28. horror: great fear or shock Examples: The crowd breathed in horror as the spacecraft exploded. To her horror, she saw the boy fall from the ladder. 29. up and down: higher and lower Example: My little daughter was jumping up and down on the sofa when I returned home from work.

12 30. injure: harm, hurt; damage Examples: A bomb exploded in a quiet street, injuring three people and killing one. The soccer game was very fierce. One of the players injured his knee and had to be carried off. (Collocation: be badly/seriously/critically injured Example: Two people were badly injured in a road accident.) injury n. 31. visible: that can be seen (often followed by to/from) Examples: These cells are not visible to the human eye. The TV tower is just visible from my bedroom window. invisible adj.

13 32. twist: 1) turn round; revolve Examples: Matt twisted around to see who it was. I twisted round in my seat to speak to her. 2) bend sth. so as to spoil its natural shape Examples: His face was twisted with pain. The bus was so crowded that my body was twisted. 33. via: by means of; by way of Examples: It's easy and quick to communicate with friends via email. Mr. Brake will return home via Britain and France. 34. internal: of or in the inside Example: The X-rays showed that the victim of the car accident had no internal injuries. Cf: external

14 35. incident: sth. that happens Examples: Some incidents in her childhood had a lasting impression on her. A 23-year-old man was seriously injured in a shooting incident which happened on Saturday night. 36. shelter: protect; cover (often used in the pattern shelter sb./sth. from) Example: The female eagle sheltered her chicks with her wings. (The word can also be used as a noun meaning something that gives protection. Examples: The city's bomb shelters were being prepared for possible air raids. We took shelter from the storm in a barn. 我们在一个谷仓里躲避暴风雨。 give shelter to 庇护 take shelter (=find shelter) 避难, 躲避 under the shelter of 在... 的庇护下

15 Translation The instant the professor entered the classroom, the words on the blackboard "Welcome Back Professor" drew his attention. He had been injured in a car accident, and had had several operations in a nearby hospital. The doctor calculated his chances of survival to be no more than 10%. Now, not only had he recovered from his injury, but he was also able to resume teaching. Every student felt excited at the sight of him, and minutes passed before the class cooled down.

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