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The Wildland Network Wildland Gazetteer October 2005 Mark Fisher

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1 The Wildland Network Wildland Gazetteer October 2005 Mark Fisher

2 What is a rewilding project? Evidence of transition to future natural? Potential Methods: Tree planting Carrifran, Caledonian Forest Core, Moor Trees, Springfield Changes in agricultural, silvicultural and other management practice Ennerdale, Alport Valley Removal of grazing pressure Tir Isaf Penrhos Natural woodland regeneration Blagdon Cross, Spouse’s Vale, Tweed Rivers Heritage Project Coastal re-alignment Wallasea, Cuckmere Reversal of land drainage Great Fen Project, Wicken Fen, Needingworth Fen Removal of soil fertility Marloes Coast Project Naturalistic grazing Wood pasture - Bastow Wood?

3 Springfield - Bradford 19932004

4 Tir Penrhos Isaf, Snowdonia Chris, Lyn and Sam Dixon – 1986 2000

5 Blagdon Cross -Devon A view across whole site 1997View across whole site 2005 “The pattern of regenerating is intriguing. Rather than seeing the whole site develop in the same way with the same dominant vegetation we have seen a mosaic of different habitats and plant communities emerge.” Richard Morris PFAF

6 Spouse’s Vale, Suffolk Linking two ancient woodland

7 Marloes Coast Project, Pembroke Remove fences Scrape off topsoil – add sulphur Undo drainage work Coastal forbs return first Example of earth bank Coastal heath

8 Brean Down - Somerset South cliffsNorth cliffsSpine Conservation objectives: forbs, heather, butterflies and birds Method: white Park cattle Naturalistic grazing? - Resource limited? Breeding family groups?

9 Bastow Wood, Yorkshire Wood pasture with livestock grazing currently removed. Some exclosures against rabbits

10 The Gazetteer Classification by: region, habitat(s), ownership, transition method? Information: principal partners, contact details (plus web), pictures, diagrams, access conditions? Presentation: report (PDF), indexed web pages, online database? Data Collection: networking within WN, approaches to agencies/organisations, strategically placed appeals for info.?

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