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Resource Delivery Focus OCLC PICA Janifer Gatenby, 7 th Nordic NVBF- ILL Conference, Elsinore, Denmark 1-3 October 2006.

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1 Resource Delivery Focus OCLC PICA Janifer Gatenby, 7 th Nordic NVBF- ILL Conference, Elsinore, Denmark 1-3 October 2006

2 2 Changing environment Standards and interoperability OCLC PICA Services and Products The Future

3 3 Re-thinkers Policy Framework Whom We Serve What We Deliver / Offer How We Offer / Deliver Our Vision Best Practices, Policies, Manifesto Business Model User Needs Interop Group Changing environment Meeting 1 Chicago November 2005 Meeting 2 Denver February / March 2006 Meeting 3 San Antonio April 2006 ELAG WG 25-27 April 2006 Bucharest, Romania

4 4 Access and negotiate delivery of resources from libraries and related institutions such as archives Access to physical & digital resources. Hybrid collections will persist for at least 10 years (Dempsey, British Library) Follow existing easy to use internet delivery models –Amazon, eBay, Netflix User Needs Changing environment

5 5 Get it !! Changing environment Web browser plug in

6 6 LibraryWeb page OPAC Referral openURL Locations SRU Alternatives xISBN Register Get it!!  Availability & user information SRU NCIP Union cat Policies SRU / LDAP Resource delivery Changing environment Get it!! LibraryUnion cat Web UIOPAC Web UI

7 7 Move to unmediated request & delivery –Make user –Cheaper process Registration – make it easier –On a national scale –Online registration - “on the spot” –Recognize frequent users Policy challenges and recommendations Changing environment

8 8 User request Authentication, Authorisation Authorised by the library Anonymous Request mediated by the library User or program defines rota Payment By library, no payment By user via e- commerce Delivery To library, user picks up home, office, email, URL + Return Via user’s home library Direct or no return Mediated Unmediated unintrusive Levels of Mediation of User’s request Changing environment

9 9 Broaden delivery options –Indicate relative rareness “request relevance” Digitise on demand, reference lookup –Purchase if cheaper than ILL Charge instead of “no” (Make user ) –Innovative ways to reduce costs – floating stock –PayPal for return deposit Policy challenges and recommendations Changing environment

10 10 Resolution and Delivery Wanted Item Digital FreeLicensed Physical In Print Out of Print In Copyright Out of Copyright Access Restricted Link, Resolve, CopyLoan, Digitize, Index, Authenticate / Authorise, Purchase / Pay, Lookup Changing environment

11 11 Digitisation on Demand Use EROMM / Directory of Digital Masters €€€Portion of EDL (European Digital Library) funding €€€ for DOD (Digitisation on Demand) Changing environment

12 12 Liaison with archives –Collections overlap… therefore –Overlap reference, supply (and payments) services –Avoid referral, re- authentication etc., Do instead Policy challenges and recommendations Changing environment

13 13 European Best Practices Direct delivery to user’s address –Denmark, Germany Digitisation on Demand –eTen DOD (15 countries) National registration & Floating stock –Netherlands (trains, beaches) Changing environment

14 14 Interoperability Standards and Inter-operability RDS Scanning system RDS ILS Get it!! ILS ID Mgt ISO ILL, Artel + OpenURL RSM SIP2, NCIP, SRU + holdings schema Z39.50, SRULDAP, Shibboleth, Athens, A Select + GEDI Email, proprietary Screen scrape, proprietary Proprietary

15 15 Standards Needed Request Submission Message –Focus on request transfer from discovery points –Request transfer rather than synchronisation of systems Holdings Schema – ISO TC46 SC10 Standards and Inter-operability

16 16 Request Submission OpenURL schemas –Requester –Requested item (referent) –System on which request was made (referrer) –Service requested (service type) Loan, copy, lookup etc. Standards and Inter-operability

17 17 Holdings Schema Mixes Static and dynamic information Responds to –holdings availability queries (policy, conditions and physical availability) –Holdings usage queries Standards and Inter-operability

18 18 CBS systems & Union Catalogues VDX Discovery Universe OCLC PICA Focus Delivery Universe CISTI Subito BLDSC national / regional services CISTI Doc Del nuc WorldCat RS OPACs Portals +++

19 19 Open access to all WorldCat –71.5 million + bibliographic records –1,000 million + holdings Builds on Open WorldCat –Links in from Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Ask, Booksellers, Encyclopaedias etc. OCLC PICA Focus

20 20 OCLC PICA Focus

21 21 VDX – Centralised architecture One shared transaction store, union catalogue as main source One shared transaction store, multiple targets Examples: –NLNZ –Unity UK VD X End VD X CB S lib OCLC PICA Focus

22 22 VDX - Distributed architecture Multiple transaction stores & multiple targets Examples –Australia, OCLC PICA Focus VD X lib Union cat

23 23 Linking Resource Sharing Islands

24 24 CBS Architecture Central union catalogue Centralised Request mgt Most requests within the system Examples: OCLC PICA Focus

25 25 Interoperation with OCLC Requests International Library directory IFM – International Fee Mgt Integration with Combining 2 expert teams VDX strengths –Multiple architectures –External interoperability –Multiple work flows CBS strengths –Multi-lingual –End user access models –Statistics & financial management OCLC PICA Focus

26 26 – in progress Get it!! OCLC PICA Focus

27 27 Trends we’re following Request brokering –Too hard basket –Resolving international request and delivery Integrated delivery options in UI –Purchase, copy, resolution, lookup Integrated user request view –Purchase requests –Reservations –Delivery requests –Reference queries Data mining and collection knowledge –Weeding & central storage Future

28 28

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