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We Make it Work Better.. Established 1885 We Make it Work Better. Divisions in Greensboro, NC, Louisville, KY and Nashville, TN.

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1 We Make it Work Better.

2 Established 1885

3 We Make it Work Better. Divisions in Greensboro, NC, Louisville, KY and Nashville, TN

4 Related Fields  Food  Dairy  Beverage  Spirits: Liquor, Wine, and Beer  Pharmaceutical  Personal Care  Pet Food

5 Field and Shop crews experienced and trained specifically to specialize in the welding techniques required for the high purity requirements in the Pharmaceutical, Dairy, and Food & Beverage industries. Process Piping








13 Sanitary Hi-Purity Welding Orbital Welding Certified Welders Utility Piping Structural Welding


15 Customized Skid Design Custom designed Built in our shop Ready for installation Controls mounted or remote P&ID

16 Customized Skid Design

17 Customized Skid Design

18 Customized Skid Design

19 Customized Skid Design

20 Customized Skid Design


22 Customized Design

23 Notable Completed Projects Colgate – Palmolive Morristown, TN Project Scope: Installation of process, CIP lines, and equipment

24 Dean Foods - Pet Dairy Spartanburg, SC (milk, ice cream, juices) Project Scope: Design, supply, install complete 7000 GPH HTST process Notable Completed Projects

25 Arcadia Farms Arden, NC Project Scope: Design, supply, install juice HTST process increasing capacity from 4000 GPH to 9000 GPH. Includes redesigned blending room, storage tanks, tubular HTST, process controls. Notable Completed Projects

26 Lonza Walkersville, MD Project Scope: CIP system for pharmacuetical powder media Notable Completed Projects

27 Red Oak Dairy Maxton, GA Project Scope: Process design and installation of fluid dairy plant Notable Completed Projects

28 TW Garner Food Co. Winston-Salem, NC Project Scope: Mechanical installation of sauce kitchen with dumping station Notable Completed Projects

29 The C.F. Sauer Company Mauldin, SC New Century, KS Project Scope: Design, build, install new portion pack condiment process line including blending, process, process controls, and CIP system Notable Completed Projects

30 Golding Farms Foods Winston-Salem, NC Project Scope: Mechanical installation of sauce and condiment kitchen Notable Completed Projects

31 Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream Laurel, MD Project Scope: Installed ice cream systems and piping for plant expansion. Notable Completed Projects

32 Rich Products Morristown, TN Project Scope: Installed liquid egg system. Notable Completed Projects

33 Dean Foods - Dairy Fresh Winston-Salem, NC Project Scope: Design, build, install, (2) CIP systems; separate raw & pasteurized CIP circuits. Design, build, install new receiving bay with mix proof valves to provide tank unloading and CIP without disconnecting unloading hose or using manual hook-up stations. Design, build control panels. Notable Completed Projects

34 Nestle USA Mt. Sterling, KY Project Scope: Tomato paste processing Notable Completed Projects

35 Dippin’ Dots Paducah, KY Project Scope: Ice cream novelty plant (Greenfield) Notable Completed Projects

36 Purac America, Inc Various locations Project Scope: Bulk liquid handling system Notable Completed Projects

37 Stouffers Jonesboro, AR Project Scope: Process and distribution piping Notable Completed Projects

38 Chelten House Bridgeport, NJ Project Scope: Design and installation of condiment and dressing kitchen with control automation and panels. Notable Completed Projects

39 Engineering Team Process Engineers Control Engineers Field Service Technicians Panel Builders Project Managers

40 Engineering Team Engineering experience comes from working in process plants Engineers manage projects from “cradle to grave” Project size does not matter

41 Process Experience Dairy/PMO Hi-Purity Water (USP &WFI) Continuous Blending Batching and Mixing MDM CIP

42 Process Design




46 Weld Mapping

47 Control Engineering * PCL/MMI Programming * MMC & Motor Control * UL 508A Shop Certification * Instrument & Controls Engineering * Field Calibration & Troubleshooting

48 Panel Fabrication *HMI – Process Monitoring & Control (SCADA) *PLC & I/O – Networked & Stand-Along *Motor Control Centers *Batching *Relay *Pneumatic

49 Panel Fabrication

50 Calibrations of a Variety of Process Sensing Services Level Temperature Flow Analytical Pressure Documented and Traceable to NIST Standards

51 Maintenance Pumps Valves Tanks Scrape Heat Exchanger CIP Systems

52 Maintenance Programs *Troubleshooting Control Loops and PLCs *Instrument Installations *Start Ups *Plant Audits

53 Process Partners Plus Many More…

54 Process Partners We represent majority of what we install Time Factor We are the factory distributor No additional cost and handling After project service

55 Education and Training Resource 1 Day Seminars Lunch and Learns On Site Training FAT Attendance

56 With The Right Partner, Anything Is Possible

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