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Phylum Mollusca 1 Polyplacophora Gastropoda Bivalvia Scaphopoda Cephalopoda.

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1 Phylum Mollusca 1 Polyplacophora Gastropoda Bivalvia Scaphopoda Cephalopoda

2 Phylum Mollusca 2 Molluscs Have adapted to a wide variety of habitats – Terrestrial, marine, benthic, and accomplished swimmers.

3 Phylum Mollusca 3 The Molluscan Body Plan The body plan is similar and distinct from all other phyla The Mollusca body plan includes: – A large muscular foot – A radula – Mantle and mantle cavity – Usually a small head – Soft unsegmented body – A hard non-living calcareous shell

4 Phylum Mollusca 4 The Foot

5 Phylum Mollusca 5 The Radula Radula Some molluscs have a rod of digestive enzymes (crystalline style) in the stomach

6 Phylum Mollusca 6 The Mantle The mantle is the body wall that enclose the body cavity

7 Phylum Mollusca 7 The Mantle Cavity Houses the viscera and comb-like molluscan gills – Ctenidia are respiratory in function and can collect food particles Mantle cavity also is the site for reproductive, excretory, and digestive systems

8 Phylum Mollusca 8 Taxonomic Summary Phylum Mollusca – Class Polyplacophora – Class Gastropoda Subclass Prosobranchia Subclass Opisthobranchia – Class Bivalvia – Class Scaphopoda – Class Cephalopoda

9 Phylum Mollusca 9 Class Polyplacophora Defining characteristics – Shell forms as a series of 7 to 8 separate plates Chitons

10 Phylum Mollusca 10 Chiton Lifestyles Found close to shore mainly in the intertidal where they live on hard substrates

11 Phylum Mollusca 11 Chiton Anatomy

12 Phylum Mollusca 12 Ingestion and Digestion Radula is used to scrape algae from the rocks Mouth is anterior and anus is posterior; linear digestive tract

13 Phylum Mollusca 13 Reproduction – Sexes are separate with fertilization occurring in the water column – Trochophore larvae Free swimming which settles and metamorphoses into an adult

14 Phylum Mollusca 14 Local Representative Eastern Beaded Chiton (Chaetopleura apiculata) – Occurs subtidally on old shells

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