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Teacher Introductions:  Band/Wind and Percussion teachers: Michael Baer: George Wolf and Moore Lori Scheaffer: Lehigh and Siegfried.

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2 Teacher Introductions:  Band/Wind and Percussion teachers: Michael Baer: George Wolf and Moore Lori Scheaffer: Lehigh and Siegfried

3 Explanation of the Program What is the Difference between Band and Orchestra?  Band Instruments: instruments you blow air into (or across) to make sound. Also includes instruments you hit with a stick, shake, or scrape.  Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone  Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone  Drums, Bells, Percussion Instruments  Orchestra Instruments: instruments that use strings to produce sound.  Violin, Viola, Cello, and Bass

4 Starting Grades  Orchestra Instruments  Start in 3 rd grade  If you are in 3 rd grade and in this room, go next store at this time!  Band Instruments  Start in 4 th grade, 5 th or 6 th

5 Expectations and Scheduling  Attendance is as mandatory for the instrumental music program as it is for school in general. This is NOT an extra- curricular activity; this is a class. We combine academics and team work, like any sports organization.  Commitment – all year. By joining this organization you are making a YEAR LONG commitment. If your rental contract is up after four months, we still expect you to continue with the ensemble. The rental agreement is only with the rental company; our agreement is year long. If you are joining, you are expected to play throughout the entire school year.  Scheduling- Rehearsal are at 8 am not during student school hours, so they will only be missing 30 mins of class for lessons. If you have questions or concerns contact us.

6 Lessons and Rehearsals  Each student is assigned to a lesson group. Lessons run 30 minutes in length.  All rehearsals are before the beginning of the school day for 45 minutes  It is required by the program’s curriculum that students play in the ensembles; therefore students must be at the ensemble rehearsals.

7 What is expected at lessons and rehearsals?  Be on time!  It is the students’ responsibility to remember what time lessons start.  The teacher should not need to call students’ classrooms to remind them about their lessons.  Be prepared!  Have all your required materials (instrument, music).  Practice your assignment throughout the week.  Have assignments ready!  It is only fun when your teacher is not scolding you for not having your instrument or for not practicing.  Show good effort!  Just try! Even Mozart was a beginner at one time in his life. The harder you work, the fast you learn, even if you do not “get it” right away. It takes time to develop musical skills.

8 Concert Performances  Performance participation is mandatory for completion of the course.  Concerts are the one time your children get to show you everything they have accomplished in ensemble rehearsals.  Our concerts are scheduled a year in advance. Please schedule around them.  Problems at concert time:  Sport seasons: practice schedules and games can conflict with concert night.  Family vacations  We have one concert toward which students work all year. Emergencies do occur, but students deserve the opportunity to play in the final concert.  A party is held at the end of the school year for everyone who attends and participates in the concert.

9 Practicing  Practicing your instrument is your homework for the instrumental music program.  If you do not practice, your homework is considered incomplete. We follow the classroom policies on check marks, “Stop and Thinks,” or other discipline systems.  How much must I practice? Five or more days a week for 20 minutes a day.  The online handbook explains how to practice and gives ideas to help you practice more efficiently.

10 Grading  Report Card  Criteria based on the different instruments  Rubric  All information is in the Hand Book!

11 Parent Responsibility  No student wants to do homework…. No student is going to want to practice either. Make sure they practice! It is homework like in any other class.  No one sounds good when they first start. Encourage your child to keep at it, it will improve!  Show interest and enthusiasm for their practice. Be positive.  Help your child if you can…but mostly help them remember their instrument and music on the days they need them.  Keep your accounts up to date if you are renting. If finances change, tell your teachers. We will help find your student an instrument! We have connections.

12 Web pages & Contact Info  Mike Baer    Lori Scheaffer  

13 Renting Verses Buying Renting – No repair costs – If your child decides to switch instruments from orchestra to band or trumpet to saxophone, it is done right away and you are not stuck with two instruments. Buying/School – You control the quality of your instrument – You can find a cheaper deal. – You are responsible for repair costs

14 Where can I get an instrument?  Rental  Strike a Chord is our school provider and will be handling the rental night in the fall.  Strike a Chord, Nazareth Music Center, and many others.  Borrow one from school  We have a limited supply of some instruments and an abundance of others. We are free.  Buying  Don’t buy off of ebay with out consulting your teacher!   Buster’

15 Days of rehearsals  Lehigh Beginners are B day (Thursday until the next day off)  Siegfried Beginners are D day (Monday until the next day off)  Moore Beginners are A Day (Wednesday until next day off)  George Wolf Beginners are D Day (Monday until next day off)

16 What instrument did my child pick or can they change their mind?  Be Part of the Band! Be Part of the Band!  If you have any questions or need to check what instrument your child signed up for or if there is a school instrument available see Miss Scheaffer before you finish your contract.  If you need Books, Accessories, or music stand only, see Mr. Baer  Rentals Contracts come to Meeting Sept. 8!  Safari

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