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Riley Pittman Rohith Pottabathni Henry Ho Abhinav Vora.

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1 Riley Pittman Rohith Pottabathni Henry Ho Abhinav Vora

2 Problems we wanted to address Keeping you up to date on the latest postings Saving you the trip to a separate review website Keeping together the posts you like Showing postings within a certain distance of you

3 Pie in the Sky

4 demo

5 How it works

6 Find Review Accuracy Nikon coolpix s220 trade for att phone Nikon Coolpix S220 10 MP Digital Camera (Plum) (correct) Wii (2008) bundle Little League World Series Baseball 2008 [ Wii Game] (incorrect, possible) Newer Business Fax Machine How to get your competition fired (without saying anything bad... [Book](incorrect, not possible)

7 Find Review Accuracy Only around 40% of CraigsList posting titles have specific products in them. Simply trying the entire posting title, then dropping words off the end gets us 30% of the possible titles.

8 Problems Google Employee:While the use of Google Web Search to pursue research is a great practice that I want to encourage, creating an automated script to scrape Google search results is a violation of our Terms of Service. The potential for abuse is just too great for Google to allow individual users to scrape results even for research purposes. I hope you understand that this policy was formulated with the best interest of all our users in mind. Google’s biggest fan:This is a highly hypocritical stance for a company whose entire business model is built upon taking data from billions of websites every day WITHOUT permission to do so. Not only does Google take and index copyrighted material from billions of sites daily, they also use an incredible amount of bandwidth - more than any other single company on earth (to my knowledge).

9 Stuff we learned HTML Ajax JavaScript Php Google Products and Maps API

10 Stuff for the future Text Driving directions More accurate Review Finder Table sorting W7 gadget

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