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Super-aligned carbon nanotube film and its application in touch panels

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1 Super-aligned carbon nanotube film and its application in touch panels
Shoushan Fan Department of Physics Tsinghua-Foxconn Nanotechnology Research Center Tsinghua University Beijing, China

2 GOAL To make carbon nanotubes useful!
Tsinghua-Foxconn Nanotechnology Research Center Tsinghua University, Beijing, China GOAL To make carbon nanotubes useful! 2

3 Reality and Dreams of Carbon Nanotubes
The Reality The Dreams Field emission Nanoelectronics Sensors Photonics SPM probes Composites Laser Ar C-H Arc discharge Laser ablation CVD To Make Carbon Nanotubes in Order

4 Breakthrough in Making Orderly CNTs
Science 283 (1999) 512 Radom Aligned Super-Aligned Nature 419 (2002) 801 CNT Films

5 Anisotropic Conductivity,
CNT Films and Unique Properties 1cm 8-inch wafer Transparent, Anisotropic Conductivity, Flexible, Polarized Free of catalyst 8” wafer m long film

6 Carbon Nanotube Film Touch Panel
CmHn Advantages Replacing indium with carbon Truly flexible and durable, Suitable for 3-D molding No photolithography, due to anisotropic conductivity High transparency, due to polarization of the CNT film Advanced Functional Materials, 20 (2010) 885; 21 (2011) 2721   

7 Features of CNT Touch Panels
Radius of flexture: 5mm CNT Film Fixing Frame Sliding Path: 120mm Bending Test Truly Flexible

8 Features of CNT Touch Panels
CNT touch panels are durable Pen Pitting Durability Test Scrape Durability Test Weight: 500g Pen size: 0.8mm (diameter) Frequency: 3 knocks/sec. Total: > 2 KK knocks (Pass) Knocked side: Film-side Scrape side: Film-side Function Test : PASS GLASS+FILM PMMA+FILM Pen Pitting Test Scrape Test CNT-Sensor CNT-Sensor PMMA PMMA

9 Features of CNT Touch Panels
Optimized transparency for polarized light CNT Film Nature light e CNT Film LCD Polarization of light e CNT Film Parallel Perpendicular Polarization of light Parallel 45 degree Perpendicular

10 Features of CNT Touch Panels Low reflectivity (3% less)
ITO Low reflectivity (3% less) Water proof Anti-inteference Touch force sensing

11 ITO CNT Processing Comparison: CNT & ITO CmHn CVD Raw materials
Forming films Patterning Vacuum Evaporation Sputtering Indium & Tin Mining Smelting Target preparation Lithograph Etching Expensive facilities Pollution ITO Dry pulling CmHn CVD 6000C 30min NO Patterning CNT For making 100 million TP, CNT processing saves 9 million kwh of electricity and 1 million tons of water

12 8”- CNT Wafer: Mass Production

13 CNT Touch Panel: Mass Production
2,000 m2 cleanroom 2 million 4-7” CNT touch panels per month

14 CNT Touch Panel: Commercialization
2002 2005 2008 2012 25 million CNT touch panels have been sold

15 Markets ? SACNT Wafer: Potential Applications
4-inch wafer 8-inch wafer 12-inch Quartz wafer Super aligned carbon nanotubes Carbon nanotubes with clean wall surface No catalyst in CNT arrays Easy to be patterned and transferred Markets ?

16 CNT Wires: Ultrathin and Strong
Cu coated CNT wires Ultra-thin diameter, High tensile strength, High flexibility Low weight, bio-compatible

17 CNT Papers: Mass Production High permeability Bio-compatible
Parallel laying Cross laying Conducting Flexible Anti-corrosion High permeability Bio-compatible

18 CNT films for Lithium Ion Batteries
Conductive network Structural scaffold Lightweight and flexible CNT film current collectors Flexible and high strength Better rate performance and excellent cycling Lightweight and higher energy density Adv. Mater. 2012, 24, 2294 ; Adv. Funct. Mater., 2013, 23, 846 ; Nano Lett., 2013, 13, 818

19 CNT-film/Polymer Composite Actuators Anisotropic conductivity

20 Carbon Nanotube Film Heating Devices
Polarized light Micro-heater array Flexible heater Uniform heating Flexibility Fast temperature response Addressable micro-heater arrays Looking for Real Applications Advanced Materials, 21( 2009) 3563

21 Thermo-Acoustic Effect: CNT Film Speaker
Transparent, Flexible, Stretchable Speaker Nano Letters,8 (2008) 4539

22 CNT thermoacoustic chips
Prototype Samples of CNT Speaker Nano Lett. 13 (2013) 4795

23 Acknowledgment National Basic Research Program of China
National Science Foundation of China Foxconn Technology Group

24 Thank You 谢 谢

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