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Care Compassion Trust. CARE, COMPASSION, TRUST These three are the core values envisioned by our founding members around which the philosophy of our organisation.

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1 Care Compassion Trust

2 CARE, COMPASSION, TRUST These three are the core values envisioned by our founding members around which the philosophy of our organisation is built. Care towards the users of our products Compassion towards their needs & A constant endeavor to build and maintain there Trust in us

3 OUR VISION An organisation whose people & products exude care, compassion & trust towards its customers, business partners and the society at large.

4 Welcome to MECCA HEALTHCARE P. LIMITED We are a professionally managed company specializing in manufacturing of Disposable Medical Devices like: Infusion / Perfusion Sets, Catheters, Syringes & General Medical Disposables

5 History of Organisation MECCA Group of Industries (Established in the Year 1977). Founder: Mr. O.P. Sharma (D.M.E.) Co Founder: Mr. N.P. Sharma (B.Sc.) Those days availability of affordable quality medical devices was lacking in INDIA. Moreover, most medical devices were imported into INDIA. These Imported Devices were Expensive and Difficult to afford for many Indians.

6 FIRST INDIAN CO. TO MFG I.V. SETS Realizing this bottleneck, the idea of establishing an Indigenous Medical Devices mfg unit offering advanced healthcare solutions occurred to the founders of MECCA Group. Our Founders have always envisioned to utilize their technical expertise and know how in developing world class products which help in fast recovery and utmost care in the treatment of ill patients. 5 ALPHABETS in the name MECCA representing five branches of Engineering in INDIA at that time viz.; M-mechanical, E-electrical, C-civil, C- Chemical, A-agriculture. MECCA is one of the FIRST INDIAN COs to manufacture I.V. SETS in the year 1977.

7 HUMBLE BEGINNINGS Company started with selling its product (disposable infusion devices) to domestic market. In 1989 our Co-Founder Mr Nitin Sharma (BSc.) joined the organisation By 1990 subcontracting became the core business of our group and since then we command an industry reputation of a manufacturing co. who is conscious about the performance and conformity to prevalent standards of its products. In past 30 years we have mfg. I.V. SETS for almost all the I.V. FLUIDS mfg. companys from INDIA and Abroad.


9 Our Select Clientele For Past 30 Years Denis Labs Core Healthcare Fresinus Kabi Claris Lifesciences Cipla Ahlcon Parenterals Lifeline Systems Eastern Medikit Cadila Hospital & Surgical Products Torrent Pharmaceuticals Tide Pharmaceuticals Wockhardt India Ltd. Sutures India P. Ltd. Naathans Medi Devices

10 Presence in domestic as well as International markets Our products are registered in CIS countries like Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh etc. We have also exported our products to Papaya New Guinea, Syria, Sudan and other African Countries, through merchant exports. Besides, domestically we have been a major supplier to all the public and government owned hospitals Dispensaries like in the states of Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Bombay Muncipal Corp.

11 MECCA’s product range can be broadly classified under following categories: MECCA Infusion / Perfusion Devices Anesthesia Gynecology Urology Gastro-Enterology General Surgery General Medical Disposables

12 Brief about our product MECCA Infusion Sets – for parenteral fluid administration Confirms to international quality standards and specifications. Confirms ISO 8536-4 1987 (E) & IS 12655 (part – 4) 2004. Spike designed as per IS standards; 20 drops = 1.0 + 0.1 ml ( 1.0 + 0.1 grams ) Sterilised as per IS 10150 – 1981 Confirms bio-compatibility tests.

13 PRODUCT COMPONENTS Spike: Made up of ABS material which is very strong and sharp pointed, hence offering easy penetration. Chamber: Cylindrical, collapsible, transparent, clear drip chamber (offering smooth and uniform flow) and easy monitoring even from a considerable distance. The chamber is then connected to PVC tubing. Roller Controller: Efficient roller controller offers better flow control. Latex Flush Ball: Made up of Natural Rubber and offering self sealing property after administration of extra medication. Needle: Extra sharp, smooth, siliconized needle offering painless prick. Packing: Non pyrogenic, ETO sterile, Non Toxic & Easy to open.

14 FACILITIES Most of our manufacturing area complies with CLASS 1, 00,000 environments (with AHU inbuilt pre-filters: 20 micron, 5 micron and HEPA Filter: 0.3 micron respectively) At Mecca the manufacturing processes like: Injection moulding, inspection of moulded parts, assembling process and sterilization are monitored in accordance with specified in – process control parameters for each and every product. At several stages of the product development our manufacturing processes are fully automated & computerised.

15 FUTURE AHEAD …. Our Strength is Sub-Contracting. The group has recently doubled its manufacturing capacity to 3 million pcs per annum by commencement of operations at its Boranada plant in Rajasthan. Its state of the art manufacturing plant (for Infusion Devices & allied general and specialised medical devices) is compliant with all the existing good manufacturing practices norms of WHO GMP.

16 MISSION STATEMENT To be an organisation whose employees strive for growth and values the contribution made by its founding members, through always keeping in mind the health and safety of the users of its products and thus satisfying the growing needs of the healthcare industry and its customers

17 We once again take this opportunity to welcome you and are looking forward to have a long lasting relationship with you at Mecca.


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