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for better tank gauging

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1 for better tank gauging
Tank Intelligence™ for better tank gauging

2 Agenda Introduction to Tank Intelligence Tank gauging in general
The Rosemount TankRadar Rex system Intelligent Upgrade solutions Conclusion and questions

3 Tank Intelligence is our business
Intelligent plant information management Intelligent system solutions Intelligent technology utilization = Intelligent technology for better tank farm management

4 Tank Intelligence is our business
Input stage Output stage Tank gauging Tank farm management

5 Tank Intelligence values
Accuracy Reliability Availability Efficiency User friendliness Fd Connectivity Openness Global approvals Local support Experience = Higher profitability!!!

6 Intelligent tank gauging solutions from Rosemount Tank Gauging
Tank Intelligence Intelligent tank gauging solutions from Rosemount Tank Gauging

7 Tank gauging in general

8 Who use tank gauging data?
Oil company executives Loss control managers Accounting Plant managers Operation managers Maintenance managers Instrumentation managers ... and their collaborates

9 Tank gauging is used for
Transfer control Safety control Operation control Inventory control Leakage detection Loss control/mass balance

10 Tank gauging variables
Measured Level Temperature Pressure Water interface level Calculated Volume Density Mass Flow Value

11 Huge asset values call for
High accuracy on measured values High availability on system output High safety level

12 Low-cost operations calls for
Ease of installation User-friendliness High degree of automation Low need for maintenance

13 A good tank gauging system is
Accurate Reliable Available Automatic User-friendly Easy to integrate Easy to maintain Affordable

14 Rosemount radar advantages
Non-contacting measurement No moving parts Low need for maintenance Accurate and reliable Modern technology Proven track record

15 Radar dominates the market

16 Tank gauging conclusion
High accuracy is vital Low maintenance need is vital Radar is the best method Rosemount Tank Radar is the best radar

17 The Rosemount TankRadar Rex system

18 Rosemount Tank Gauging System
Rex RTG 3920 Horn Antenna Gauge Rex RTG 3930 Parabolic Antenna Gauge Rex RTG 3950 Still-Pipe Array Antenna Gauge Rex RTG 3950 Still-Pipe Array Antenna Gauge Rex RTG 3960 LPG & LNG Gauge Pro Platinum Cone Antenna Gauge Pro Platinum Parabolic Antenna Gauge Pro Platinum Still-Pipe Antenna Gauge Rosemount 5400 Series Rosemount 3300 Series Field Communication Unit 2160/2165/2175 Communication Supported • Emulation of other vendor's field buses • Standard TRL/2 Field Bus (Modbus RTU) Profibus® DP Alternative Connections to DCS OPC/Network www Customer PC Data Acquisition Unit Remote Display Unit Water Level Sensor Temperature Sensor Pressure Transmitter TankMaster PC Workstation In network PC

19 REX INPUT's and OUTPUT's Overview
Temp sensor Temp sensor Pressure sensor Water bottom sensor

20 Rosemount TankRadar Rex
Instrument accuracy ± 0,5 mm MTBF 60+ years Open to coming standards Virtually maintenance-free Unaffected by Temperature, Pressure, Density, Gas & Smoke or Deposits Drip-off antenna design according to API Ch 3.1B ed. 1 Temperature controlled transmitter head Digital reference - no need for recalibration

21 Rosemount TankRadar Rex series
Horn antenna gauge, RTG 3920 Parabolic antenna gauge, RTG 3930 Still-pipe gauge, RTG 3950 LPG/LNG gauge, RTG 3960

22 Rosemount TankMaster® software package
Complete Inventory Functions Windows based Unique Communication capabilities Open System User Friendly Full API conformity

23 TankMaster network

24 TankMaster.Net on the WWW
Tank Data for all tanks Tank farm over view

25 Custody Transfer / Custom & Excise
Accuracy Requirements Rosemount TankRadar Rex has legal custody transfer approval in all major markets. More than any other radar supplier. continued REX was the first level gauge approved for OIML R85 OIML= International Organization of Legal Metrology

26 OIML R85 E, International SIRIM, Malaysia BEV, Austria IPQ, Portugal
BMS, Belgium CMI, China LNE, France PTB, Germany NMI, Netherlands GOSS, Russia CMI, Czech Rep. W&M, India MIGAS, Indonesia SIRIM, Malaysia IPQ, Portugal GUM, Poland BRML, Romania FBM/PM, Serbia METAS, Switzerland SP, Sweden Thai Excise, Thailand GOSS, Ukraine and more…

27 Over Gauges Installed

28 Tank Intelligence officers global network

29 Integrating into existing systems

30 Intelligent Upgrade solutions
Gauge emulation Control room emulation

31 Tank gauge replacement
Scenario 1: Tank gauge replacement

32 The Problem An existing system prevents easy upgrade tank by tank

33 Solution - Gauge Emulation
With Gauge Emulation you can quickly upgrade your system in the pace you want.

34 Available Rex interface
Proprietary fieldbus Enraf E+H Varec Whessoe L&J Sakura Standard fieldbus Foundation Fieldbus Profibus

35 Gauge Emulation Gauge Emulation with Rosemount TankRadar Rex makes upgrade to Foundation Fieldbus easy

36 Tank management system replacement
Scenario 2: Tank management system replacement

37 Old system

38 Emulation -Control Room Connectivity

39 Control room emulation

40 Multi-FCU 2165/2175 Integrates field devices from different vendors
Can service requests from a wide range of hosts Scalable solution to up to 32 ports Port configuration flexibility Supports up to 256 gauges

41 Intelligent Upgrade benefits
Step by step upgrade Use existing field cabling Use existing comunication units Use maintenance budget Easy to convert to new standards later

42 Intelligent Upgrade references
United States Germany Italy Bahrain Venezuela Thailand United States Egypt United States Philippines Singapore United Kingdom Sweden

43 The Tank Intelligence solution for your company:
A Rosemount TankRadar Rex system Specified to meet your demands Meeting current and future standards Supported by our experienced staff Designed to grow with your company

44 ? Questions

45 Thank you for listening!

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