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Flower Pot FSBO and Expired Listing Strategy

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1 Flower Pot FSBO and Expired Listing Strategy

2 What if you or your VA prepared the following in advance:
property website flipbook presentation property business cards a brochure text message numbers to allow the property website to download to a cell phone ePost card that the Seller can share with family, friends and business associates a HITS report Facebook Listing Page to get up to 40,000 eyeballs and what if this took you only 20 minutes to prepare!

3 How The Law of Reciprocity Can Make or Break Your Business
What Can You Do Today? Since you are one of the good guys, ask yourself, “What small thing can I provide today that my customers can really use?” And when you come up with an answer – give it to them. It’s the right thing to do – and because of The Law of Reciprocity, your customers will gladly return that generosity when you do have something to sell.

4 All that makes it much easier for them to choose you
Have you ever noticed that you feel compelled to do something for people who have helped you along the way – even if they haven’t asked you to? There’s something very powerful at play that causes this phenomenon. You can try and resist this law, but as a human, you will more than likely still feel that you need to respond in kind to a good deed. The Right Way One of the hardest parts of a new business relationship is building trust and rapport. And to do that, there are some things you have to establish up front with a new prospect to show them you’re one of the good guys. Things like intent, empathy, and credibility. If the material or help you’re giving away is of high quality, you’re establishing yourself as a person of credibility – someone who knows what they’re talking about. You’re demonstrating empathy by showing the recipient that you understand they’re looking for answers. You understand that they need help – and you’re someone who’s willing to give it to them. You’re showing that your intent is not just to get into their wallets – but to sincerely help. you put The Law of Reciprocity into play.  At that point they already like you, they have seen that you know your stuff, and they trust you. All that makes it much easier for them to choose you

5 The Wrong Way If the law is exploited as a tactic, they can smell it from a mile away and it won’t work. At least it won’t work long-term. Exploiting the law means using it as a front. Pretending to be sincere and helpful only to trick people into feeling a sense of obligation to a future sales pitch. That’s because your intentions weren’t sincere and they sensed it. Using the law that way may trick someone from time to time, but it likely won’t lead to repeat sales, good will, or referrals. Pressured prospects tend to disappear quietly. Sometimes not so quietly. The right way to gain maximum benefit from the Law of reciprocity is to use it sincerely and for the right reasons: to help others and to grow your relationships. Your offering and your reputation should speak for itself with follow up

6 The Flower Pot Strategy
FSBO/Expired Listings Results in Advance, HITS Flip Books, FB, Text Drip Campaigns FOLLOW UP gives you a reason to follow up, to be a resource and the opportunity to build a relationship over time, that may turn into huge paycheck, RAISE for you






12 Using PowerPoint


14 Lets go LIVE and show you how to do this yourself

15 Want MORE Let’s go The Distance



18 Follow up drip post card campaign like this

19 Remember to thank your Loan Professional
Remember to thank your Loan Professional. They really are your accountability partner in your business growth. Because of them, you get to learn from leaders that change your mind set, show you how to implement awesome ideas, and strategies that grow your business. We have to agree that has more monetary value to you, than bringing in a box of donuts to your office once a week, right?

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