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Chelation Therapy ABA 553 – Assessing Autism Interventions

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1 Chelation Therapy ABA 553 – Assessing Autism Interventions
Danielle Cicalese Meg Lipper Claudia Pisano

2 Chelation Scientific name – etheylene diamine tetra-acetic acid (EDTA)
A chelating agent used in ophthalmic preparations to remove metals which are essential for the metabolism of bacteria and viruses, and therefore inactivate them. It enhances the bactericidal effect of preservatives and is commonly combined with benzalkonium chloride, chlorhexidine and thiomersalate. Dan

3 What is Chelation? Chelation therapy is a mainstream treatment used to treat heavy metal poisoning, the term is also used to promote alternative therapy that is supposed to treat heart disease, gangrene, thyroid, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, Alzheimer's, cancer … AUTISM Dan Chelation was and is used often times for soldiers and people (usually adults) who suffer from extreme forms of lead poisoning or other heavy metal poisoning. In

4 Approved Chelation Treatment
1989 ACAM (American College for Advancement in Medicine) approved protocol for “the safe and effective administration of EDTA chelation therapy”. This was approved for treatment due to POISONING from heavy metals not for treatment of Autistic like symptoms 1997-updated protocol to include contraindications yet does not state any criteria for: who, how much or efficacy of treatments Dan Although chelation is used (but rarely) to treat some pulmonary disease, btw over 15 studies were done that showed no evidence of change in the disease process and no decrease in plaques or that arteries opened wider.

5 1996 flyer from an osteopathic physician who openly advertises that HE should be contacted before having bypass surgery: “ There is no published scientific evidence that chelation therapy can render bypass surgery unnecessary or can help people with any of the conditions listed in the ad. The experience to which the ad refers in not a trustworthy substitute for scientific testing. People with coronary artery disease who need bypass surgery and choose chelation instead place themselves at great risk. Dan We are showing that to you so that you can see that even the attempts for using chelation prior to the vaccine/mercury movement was not based on any scientific evidence. Even “holistic” practitioners in 1996 had no evidence for safely or effectively helping patients with chelation.

6 Types of Chelation Therapy
Intravenous Oral Topical Rectal Meg

7 Intravenous The most common form
EDTA chelation infusions are administered via vein by slow drip, circulating through the blood stream treating the entire arterial system removing undesirable metals from the body. This procedure can take up to three hours and patients generally need up to 30 sessions. These sessions are administered throughout several weeks. Cost - $75 – $125 per treatment Total for treatment sessions approx. $4,000 Meg Intravenous infusion of a prescription medicine EDTA, plus vitamins and minerals at therapeutic dosages. Pro- Higher percentage of EDTA absorbed and handled by a dr. Con- More $ and requires several Dr. visits.

8 Oral Offered in pill or capsule form Pros- Cons-
Fraction of the cost vs. intravenous can be taken at home Cons- Smaller percentage of EDTA being absorbed Meg

9 Topical Transdermal DMSA creams and Gluthanione gels
Easy to administer -Applied by massaging the cream or gel into the skin on particular areas of the body. (usually arms and legs) Meg

10 Rectal Detoxamin is a patented method of EDTA chelation therapy medically equivalent to I.V. chelation therapy-the difference is that Detoxamin introduces a smaller dosage on a nightly basis. Each Detoxamin suppository is designed to release 750 mg of EDTA directly into the bloodstream through the colon wall-safely, gradually, effectively. When Detoxamin is taken prior to bedtime, there is less metabolic competition for EDTA, resulting in more passing through the system. Meg

11 History of Chelation Made in Germany in the 1930’s
Used as an anecdote for those exposed to arsenic and lead poisoning during WWI & WWII So, how did we go from treating vets with lead poisoning to making children with Autism victims? Claudia Atoms in the chelating agent bond to the molecules in heavy metals. From WWII till the late 90’s different chelating agents were used to treat heavy metal poisoning.

12 The Connection Andrew Wakefield has already begun to make waves in the medical community about links between the MMR shot and Autism. July 2000 Two mothers, Lyn Redwood & Sally Bernard made a connection They concluded that Thimerosal “should be considered a probable source of Autism” Claudia Lyn Redwood a nurse noticed her son acting differently took him to the dr. and got the diagnosis of PDD-NOS. Went back and looked at the vaccines and thought they might have thimerosal in them. Though she had no proof. Thimerosal is an agent used to preserve vaccines which contains mercury. Sally son was diagnosed with dysphasia – loss of speech due to a brain injury. Once she saw injury she did some research and came up with the same conclusion Lyn did. They found striking resemblances between heavy metal poisoning (mercury) and poisoning.

13 Symptoms Autism Delay in fine and gross motor movement
Heavy Metal Poisoning Autism Delay in fine and gross motor movement Language and Communication Impairment Unusual Behaviors Delay in fine and gross motor movement Language and Communication Impairment Unusual Behaviors Claudia Here is what we found as “similar” symptoms for children with metal poisoning and autism, these are all observable and measureable…. On the next slide you will see the proponents list…

14 Claudia Here you can see that some of the “similar symptoms” are not measurable and probably hard for a severely autistic child to describe… i.e. Paranoid thoughts, and in comparison to ‘real” metal poisoning you can see some differences in the lists….. Psychotic episodes are not the same as “psychotic talk”-what is that??? Etc.

15 1.If A is true, then B is true. 2.B is true. 3.Therefore, A is true.
If Mercury Poisoning causes AUTISTIC like symptoms than Mercury Poisoning causes AUTISM Mercury Poisoning does cause AUTISTIC like symptoms therefore Mercury Poison causes AUTISM Faulty Logic: Affirming the Consequent claudia If the streets are wet Then it rained The streets are wet, therefore it rained??? No, maybe someone washed their car, maybe there was a fire, etc Just b/c Autism and mercury poisoning share common attributes does not make one causal to the other. Whole reason for doing this was to remove the mercury. Problem is that logic is that mercury like lead, poisoning is permanent.

16 Claims Safe, effective and relatively inexpensive treatment to restore blood flow in victims of atherosclerosis without surgery and to eliminate toxins and heavy metals from your system Claudia

17 Claims Improvement claimed for people with diminished Sight Hearing
Smell Coordination Sexual Potency Claudia

18 The Evidence Mounts In 2003 Dr. Mark Greier and Dr. David Greier gave 200 Autistic children and 18 non-autistic children a chelating agent. Results – statistically significant amounts of mercury was present in the urine of the Autistic children. Dan Thought was that if mercury caused autism then the chelating agent would stick to the mercury and come out in their urine. It worked in the way that they did see higher levels of mercury being expelled through the child’s urine (it does not mention the rate of mercury expelled by the Non autistic children).

19 The Evidence Continues to Mount
J.P. Handley of Generation Rescue His son was diagnosed with autism Spent $5,000 a year to have chelating agents to rub on his child’s arms and legs everyday The “miracle” happened! He was cured! A controlled study of mercury levels in hair samples of children with autism as compared to their typically developing siblings P. Gail Williams, , Joseph H. Hersh, AnnaMary Allard, Lonnie L. Sears Weisskopf Child Evaluation Center, University of Louisville, 571 S. Floyd St., Louisville, KY 40202, United States Received 20 April Revised 7 May Accepted 16 May Available online 15 June 2007. Dan So here is the miracle that all of these pseudoscience fads wait for…. However, they had yet to (and still have not) LINKED mercury to autism in the first place. A study done by Williams, Hersh, et al found that in Hair samples were analyzed for 15 children with autism and 16 controls. There was no significant difference in age of participants and controls. The majority of participants and controls were male (100% of participants and 75% of controls). Mean mercury value for controls was μg/g (S.D. of 0.07) and for participants was 0.07 μg/g (S.D. of 0.06). T-test yielded a value of 0.62, indicating no statistically significant difference between the groups. The primary characteristics of mercury toxicity include ataxia, dysarthria, peripheral neuropathy, visual field constriction, hypertension, rash, thrombocytopenia and psychiatric manifestations such as anxiety and depression. Prenatal exposure causes microcephaly. In contrast, children with autism have none of these physical findings; in fact, up to one fourth of children are macrocephalic and their communication disorders do not typically involve dysarthria. Thus, the initial premise is flawed when put to careful examination. Dysarthria is a motor speech disorder. The muscles of the mouth, face, and respiratory system may become weak, move slowly, or not move at all after a stroke or other brain injury. The type and severity of dysarthria depend on which area of the nervous system is affected. Some causes of dysarthria include stroke, head injury, cerebral palsy, and muscular dystrophy. Both children and adults can have dysarthria.

20 Rescue Angels In 2000 a hand full of kids were being treated with chelation therapy By 2005 over 10,000 children a year were being treated with chelation therapy. dan

21 dan the “angels” are going along spreading there message to desperate parents and gaining speed and then the bottom falls out…

22 8.23.2005 Meg Pg 6
Tariq died b/c of low amounts of calcium in the body, see what the great doctors with the “cure” fail to mention is that; while chelation does bind with heavy metals and rid the body of them, it also binds to calcium molecules and rids the body of those vital molecules, which it needs to survive.

23 2008: Charges against Dr. Kerry were dropped
Only the Civil Suit remained…. meg Usually in medical cases, criminal charges are not involved. So while the doctors, labs, etc in question did have to pay fines and such, they were not held accountable in a criminal sense (the charge originally was involuntary manslaughter)

24 Another child dies: meg But last year Anna died at the age of six. The autopsy stated her death was due to seizure disorder -- and was natural. "The danger with chelation therapy is when it can't remove heavy metals, it's removing other things from the body," explained Dr. McGrew.

25 Deaths, even before the Autism push
In the 1950s doctors were seeing deaths due to kidney toxicity after EDTA treatment Holistic doctors state that renal functions tests “should” be performed prior to administering chelation: however, nothing that we found states that a child would undergo renal testing meg

26 Warnings “These products are dangerously misleading because they are targeted to patients with serious conditions and limited treatment options,” said Deborah Autor, director of the Office of Compliance in the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research. “The FDA must take a firm stand against companies who prey on the vulnerability of patients seeking hope and relief.” claudia

27 Cont. "FDA will seek enforcement action against companies that promote therapeutic benefits of products not yet evaluated by the agency for safety and effectiveness.” said Dara A. Corrigan, associate commissioner for Regulatory Affairs. claudia

28 dan Here is an example of what these decisions can do to the family, not just the child involved. This family was ripped apart due to the fact that the family’s desperate search for a “cure”.

29 Conclusion The use of chelation therapy as a treatment for autism has been linked to at least one death in 2005 of a 5-year-old boy who was treated with an agent that is not widely used in children. Chelation therapy is dangerous and not proven effective in any form other then seriously high levels of lead or other heavy metal poisoning dan

30 What does help children with ASD?
Applied Behavior Analysis remains the only scientifically proven intervention for those on the Autism Spectrum and the only intervention approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) other then psychopharmacological intervention. It is an effective tool for educational and behavioral intervention. meg

31 Thank you! claudia

32 References Jacobson, J., & Foxx, R. M. (2005). Controversial Therapies for Developmental Disabilities. New York: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc. Offit, P. M. (2008). Autism's False Prophets. Chichester: Columbia University Press. P. Gail Williams, , Joseph H. Hersh, AnnaMary Allard, Lonnie L. Sears Weisskopf Child Evaluation Center, University of Louisville, 571 S. Floyd St., Louisville, KY 40202, United States Received 20 April Revised 7 May Accepted 16 May Available online 15 June A controlled study of mercury levels in hair samples of children with autism as compared to their typically developing siblings NewsChannel5. (2009, March 13). Girl's Death Raises Questions About Alternative Therapies. chelation Therpay. Safety Concerns, Kidney Toxicity, Excessive Removal... (2012, June 13).

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