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3 eFresh Portal is a private limited company incorporated on 10 th November 2009 with the objective of Empowering Agriculture, Food Processing and Food Safety by providing information and knowledge through online and onsite platforms It is the first of its kind in the market place. About eFresh

4 An initiative that supports the concept of “Farm to Plate” with the involvement of all the stake holders in the food supply chain

5  Bring innovative crop production techniques, quality inputs and Good Agricultural Practices to the door step of the farmers for increase in income.  Provision of services and sale quality and reliable inputs to the farmers through Farmers Development Centers.  Create effective and sustainable Market Linkages  Enhance production of secure, safe and quality food.  Capacity building through field exposure and training  Empowering women through skills development  Fair deal for farmers as well as consumers. Mission

6  Farmers Trainings  Farmers Development Centers  Farmers Support Services Farmers Support Services  Consultancy Services Consultancy Services ONSITE ONLINE  Market Linkages  E-Learning on Food Safety  Posting of Live Tenders  Farm Machinery Info Bank  Dairy  Solar Energy  Consumer - Food Safety  E-Commerce  Agri Dial What We Do….

7 eFresh management is assisted by an advisory council  Mr. M. Gopala Krishna IAS (Rtd), Chairman, Confederation of the Kisan Organizations.  Shri. P V A Rama Rao, Former M.D, NABARD.  Dr. K. S. Ramesh, served at United Nations and as Consultant to World Bank, was Chair Professor and Dean of Studies, Administrative Staff College of India.  Dr. P. G. Chengappa, Former Vice Chancellor, UAS, Bangalore.  Dr. T. D. Prasada Rao, Former Chief Scientific Advisor to ITC Limited,.  Prof. Dr. Kumara Swamy, Former Professor & Head TNAU.  Dr. K. J. Srivastava, Former Joint Director, National Horticultural Research & Development Foundation. Advisory Council


9 Other Important Sections for provision of information online : Crop TechnicalCommercialKnowledge HubE-learningServicesVideo Fruits Nuts Spices Vegetables Pulses Cereals Oil Seeds Fibers Flowers Sees Nurseries New Crop Varieties Hi-Tech Horticulture GM Crops Agri Tenders New Technologies Govt Support Schemes Sheep Farming Input Suppliers Service providers Cold storages Warehousing Banks in Agri Sector Farm Tools and Machinery Food Processing Units Crop Insurance Licensing Food Operators Empowerment E-Commerce Others Clean Meat Production Climate change Innovative Farmers Organic Farming Micro Irrigation Watershed Mgt NPM Plastic Mulching Green House Plant Protection Chemical Fertilizer Food Safety and Quality Crop Info bank Institutions in Agri Medical Plants Others Organic Global GAP FSKN ISO 22000 FSSC 22000 HACCP BRC-6 HALAL FSMS Manuals Dairy Farmers Training Consultancy Services Agri Films Technical Translation Services Soil Water Testing Dairy Market Prices Weather Reports Soil, Water and Leaf Testing Crop Video Good Agricultural Practices New insights into Manures and Fertilizers Farm Tools and Machineries Farmer Success Stories Micro Irrigation Farmers Health Consumer Videos Dairy Videos Others

10 Market Linkage  Suppliers data base with Food Safety Certification Status for Organic and Processed Food Products.  Visibility and connectivity between the suppliers and the buyers  Developed for India, USA, Germany, Netherlands, Vietnam, Turkey, South Africa and Thailand and in progress for other countries.  First of its kind in the market place.

11 Tenders  eFresh is No:1 Portal for One Stop Source of Information on the commercial tenders in the exclusive domain of Agriculture, Food Processing and Solar Energy.  Facilities includes search through Tender Value, Product Category, Tenders Closing Shortly etc.  Useful for all the commercial players in the domain.

12 Agri Solar One Stop Source of Information - Harnessing Solar Energy for the benefit of the farmers, Rural households and other stake holders in the food Supply chain

13 Dairy  A dedicated section for Integrated Dairy Farming and Processing.  Provides information on Dairy Farm Management and Dairy Processors, Food Safety Certification Schemes, Project Reports, Govt. Schemes, Animal Feed, Animal Health, Animal Breeding, Latest Technologies, Animal Prices etc.

14  Provides courses and related materials to the Food Safety programs for Agriculture, Food Processing. e-Learning The World’s Best Source of Knowledge on Food Safety Management Systems

15 Farm Machinery info Bank  Information on latest Farm Machineries available in the market, approved prices, comparative analysis, financial facilities, subsidies, dealer location, guidance on product selection, etc.., are available in the platform.

16 “ A One Stop Source for location of Information and services ” Seed Companies Food Safety Certification Bodies Exporters / Importers NGO’s Cold Storages Farm machinery Govt. Bodies Agri Solar Food Processing Industries Organic Certification Bodies Accreditation Agencies Agri Dial

17 Consumer Eat Safe Food and Live Healthy Healthy Living Through Kitchen Videos on Food Safety in Kitchen Good Hygienic Practices in Kitchen Healthy Living Through Food Healthy Living Through Care Food Safety Authorities Accredited Labs for Testing Consumer Rights

18 Rythu Ratham ( Mobile van) To reach and teach the farmers at their door step - eFresh introduced Rythu Ratham, a mobile van equipped with audio, video, testing facilities ( soil & water) and power backup. One Rythu Ratham proposed to cover 4 districts.

19 Through Visual Media for better adoption Rythu Ratham – Programs in the villages


21 Clients for General Trainings to the farmers and extension officials: Coca Cola India & Jain Irrigation Govt. of GHANA IKP Centre for Advancement in Agricultural Practice NABARD BAIF/ITC

22 Farmers Development Center - FDC  A center of excellence for Agriculture, Food Processing and Food Safety  First of its kind in the market place,

23 Farmers Development Center - FDC  Conceived as an adjunct of eFresh Portal to bring the best practices as well as sale of genuine Agri inputs / technologies at the door step of the stake holders in the food supply chain starting from the farmers.  Coming up in important crop production centers in India with two onsite models. FDC’s at District level Mini FDC’s at Taluq / Mandal / PACS level  Two FDC’s, at District level are operational in Guntur and Karimnagar in the states of Seemandhra and Telangana.  Four Mini FDC’s are coming up in Guntur and Karimnagar.

24 Farmers Development Center - FDC  Beneficiaries of FDC include Farmers Clubs, Primary Agricultural Cooperative Societies, NGOs, SHGs, Food Processors, Farm Machinery and Technologies Suppliers, Suppliers of Agri Inputs, Traders, Exporters, Importers and Consumers.


26 Functional Model HQ  District Level: Database Mgmt. - Central Knowledge Collection & Mgmt. - Central R & D on Innovations Liaison with Mfr. Of Farm Machinery Monitoring and Overall Functionality of FDC Capacity building and Event Mgmt. Initiatives Linkup with Innovators & Successful Farmers Experts Database - Central Direct Linkup with Suppliers of Farm Inputs & Services Liaison with Suppliers & Buyers for Mkt. Linkages eFresh HQ FDC at District Level Soil/Water Testing Organizing Training & Events Agri Inputs Sales Field Visits to Crop Production Centers Co-Ordinate with eFresh HQ on Market Linkage Knowledge Dissemination

27 FDC at District Level FDC at PACS / Village Panchayats Soil/Water Testing Organizing Training & Events Agri Inputs Sales Field Visits to Crop Production Centers Co-Ordinate with eFresh HQ’s on Market Linkage Knowledge Dissemination Agri Inputs Sales Co-Ordinate with eFresh District FDC Center on Market Linkage Soil/Water Testing On Site Capacity Building Village Demonstrable Farm with GAP FDC at Taluk / Mandal / Village / PACS Level – Model Diagram

28 Resource Management – Infrastructure PACS / Blocks/Village Panchayats FDC District Center Mini Kit (Soil/Water Testing Kit, Projector) Soil/Water Testing Lab Agri Inputs Sale Events/Training Room Information Dissemination Utilization existing building infrastructure for FDC Internet Cloud Capacity Building Co-Ordinate with eFresh HQ on Market Linkage Agri Inputs Sale

29 Sales and Services at FDC 1.Services  Knowledge dissemination and advisory services.  Acquaintance on latest inputs and farm machinery  Soil and Water testing.  Market Linkage  Linkages to Farm Machinery and Technology Suppliers  Drip maintenance  Support services for organic, global GAP, Warehouses and cold storages certification.  Farm management software for managing, monitoring of the specified good agricultural practices for market linking of the remote farms

30 Sales and Services at FDC 2. Sales  Agricultural magazines and Panchangam  Fertilizers, Pesticides & Bio-Fertilizers and Bio-Pesticides from reputed organizations  Seeds from reputed organizations  Solar of Products Eg. Like Sprayers, Lights, Solar Fencing etc.  Dairy Medicines and Feed supplements  Food Safety Equipment’s in the Kitchen, etc.  Tarpaulins  Spares Parts for Drip Systems and Farm Machinery  Tissue culture plants  Sale of Green SIM Cards  Anti-Venom kits for snake bites  Personal protective equipment  Remote controls for Agri Pump sets

31 Sales and Services through Rythu Ratham 1.Services Training programs Soil and water Testing Advisory services Booking for agri inputs, feed supplements, etc.,

32 Sales and Services through Rythu Ratham 2.Sales Solar Products Eg. Like Sprayers, Lights etc. Tarpaulins Spares Parts for Drip Systems and Farm machinery, Sale of Green SIM Cards Personal protective equipment Remote controls for Agri Pump sets

33 Recognition for eFresh from All Quarters: “ eFresh is of great interest” – Dr. Mihir Shah, Member Planning Commission, Govt of India “ I I had a glance at the website and I feel that it could be very useful. Specifically it would be appropriate to include machineries for production and post harvest operations” – Shri Pitam Chandra, Director Central Institute of Agriculture Engineering, ICAR ““At the outset let me congratulate you and your team for establishing the expert portal initiative to strengthen the agriculture development in the country”. - Shri. GV Ranga Rao, Special Project, Scientist (IPM), ICRISAT. “I looked to at this website some time back and I must Commend you all for the excellence you have accomplished in production of this website.” - Shri. R.G. Dheshpande, World bank. “We are pleased to share with you that USAID has selectedRythu Ratham Success Story to publish on their website” - USAID

34 Services offered by eFresh to the organizations At Farmers Development Centers : Use of FDC Training Center for organizing trainings, dealers meets and product launches. eFresh can mobilize the targeted farmers and resource person for the event. Sale of your products. Organization of demonstration plots in the farmers fields. Advertisement facilities for promotion of your products at FDC.

35 Services offered by eFresh to the organizations Through Rythu Ratham(Mobile Van): Training programs at the farmers door steps. Soil & Water testing services to the farmers. Promotion of your products during training programs.

36 Services offered by eFresh to the organizations eFresh Web Portal: Advertisement facilities for promotion of your products and services in eFresh Portal to reach the large number of beneficiaries.

37 Thank You for your Attention eFresh Portal (P) Ltd Plot No. 69, House No. 8-2-248/1/7/69/1, Sri Nagarjuna Co-operative Society, Punjagutta, Hyderabad 500 082, India, Tel: 91-40-23301618; 23301554; 23301582 Fax:91-40-23301583; email: info@efreshindia.cominfo@efreshindia.


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