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Devnadi Valley Agricultural Producers Company Limited EXPLORING THE GRASSROOTS : DVAPCL.

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1 Devnadi Valley Agricultural Producers Company Limited EXPLORING THE GRASSROOTS : DVAPCL

2 It is a company formed by the farmers for the farmers Started in September 2011 Currently there are 10 directors and 450 members (and all of them are farmers) YuvaMitra an NGO is guiding the company What the company does – - Sells seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides - Sells Drip Irrigation machinery - Conducts Soil and Water testing - Provides consultancy to the farmers - Training and Development of the farmers - Sells tractors EXPLORING THE GRASSROOTS : DVAPCL


4 Major Issues of the farmers Replacement guarantee of the products (seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides) Getting consultancy Need for Training Help for selling the produce Rain water harvesting EXPLORING THE GRASSROOTS : DVAPCL

5 Major Issues of the company Low awareness level about the company Low reachability Management roles are not defined No proper departmentation Few active directors No frequent meetings and reviews within the management No Feedback System EXPLORING THE GRASSROOTS : DVAPCL

6 Value Profiling

7 Value Profiling : Farmer Function Farming, cattle rearing, selling the produce, food for self, irrigation planning Experience Confident, Knowledge about the use of fertilizers and pesticides Limit Finance, Labor, Water, Good quality seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides Challenges Rainfall, Adulteration of seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides, pricing transparency of produce Pressure Point : Price and quality of seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides, customer redressal, (guarantee of the products) Chock Point : Sudden increase in demand Welingkar The farmer goes to the market to buy seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides Enquires about the products and then purchases them Uses the products in the farm Approaches the dealer Faces quality related issues

8 Value Profiling : Farmer Function Effective utilization of water, Soil and water testing Experience Soil and water testing is costly, no knowledge about the subsidy given by the government for drip irrigation, and water harvesting Limit Finance, awareness about government subsidies Challenges Pressure Point : Finance required for the setup of drip irrigation and rain water harvesting Chock Point : Climate, rainfall Welingkar Soil and water testing Drip Irrigation

9 Value Profiling : Farmers-Market Pressure Point: Training and negotiating skills, lack of awareness of new technology and markets, Monopoly of trades, Inflation. Choke Point: Excess Demand, Seasonal changes. Welingkar Farmers produces the crop. Farmers call s up different traders and find the existing rate to sell the produce. Farmers loads the produce on the vehicles for selling. The traders manipulate the weight of the produce and claim it to be damaged. Farmers are paid after a period of 20- 25 days. Function : Selling of Produce, Finding the right market, collecting money of produce within minimum credit period Experience: No transparency in transaction, manipulation, less awareness about market amongst farmers. Limits: Negotiating with traders, No continuous supply of produce. Challenge: Labour, rainfall, Climate, Soil.

10 Value Profiling : Government Officials/Schemes Function : Spread Awareness, Distribute Money, Allocate Work, Maintain Records, Implement various Schemes, Conducting Gram Sabhas, Collecting Documents, Experience : Know various Schemes, Less efforts towards implementation, not punctual, no role Clarity Limit: Power, Awareness among Farmers, Finance, Challenges: Less participation by farmers, Climate, Education, Communication, Electricity Pressure Point : Low Awareness about government Grants and schemes, Traditional Value, Caste System, Lack of New technology Chock Point: Highly dependence on Government Welingkar Mr Anil facing the shortage of water for farming in Sinnar Region. From another farmer he came to know about Devnadi Company which provides consulting on efficient water usage He visited company and came to know about Drip Irrigation and also that Gov provide subsidy on Modern farming techniques He then meets the Gov official and enquires about the Scheme. Gov official briefs him about the procedure He bought the equipment and installed it in farms and submits the documents for Grant. Mr Anil gets the grant of 33% of cost after inspection by Govt officials. Thus his water consumption reduced to 50-60%.

11 Value Profiling : Devnadi Valley Agricultural Producers Company Limited Function : Retail Store for seeds, fertilizers, pesticide and other requirements, Searching New Market for produce. Soil and Water testing, Insurance, Loan Assistance Experience: New Concept, Weak Management, Need to Tie up with various agencies, No defined Management Structure, Limit : Reach, Awareness, Finance, Suppliers Challenges: Management among team, Finding a suitable CEO, Increase members, New Market, Pressure Point: Climate, Awareness, Credit period, Time based Business Chock Point: Govt. Policy and Drop in prices in the market. Welingkar Mr Shinde of Konabe Village wants to purchase seed and fertilzers for his farms this season He went to Sinnar market and find that prices are skyrocketing due to manipulation by dealer moreover he is not sure about quality Then he came to know about Devnagri Valley company from his friend and visit the Agri Mall He found the same products at normal price and came to know about other services Mall will provide him He become lifetime member by paying a small sum of Rs 1500 only and he got access to various training programs by company He also came to know about modern farming techniques and also able to sell his produce at Best price in Market

12 Solutions

13 Possible solutions 1.Monthly newsletters 2.Availability of products at nearby locations 3.To increase communication Forms should be available at schools, PDS, transport companies, Kirana stores, dairy Through sms, voice messages, using existing members to spread the awareness in temples, dairy, jatras, melas, festivals Through screenings, evening activities Advertising on milk cans, bill boards in farms Transportation Companies Single Card for all Services Pamphlets 4. Decentralisation: Kirana stores EXPLORING THE GRASSROOTS : DVAPCL

14 Solution : Single card for all services Solution Currently Devnadi is selling seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides. It is providing water and soil testing, on field support and consultancy to the farmers. It sells the machine and other material required for drip irrigation. Also sells tractors. It gives training to the farmers. It can provide facility for milk collection. Welingkar 11 Seeds, Fertilizers, and Pesticides New Methods i.e Drip irrigation Water and soil testing On field supportConsultancy Platform for the farmer and the customer Tractors for sellMilk collectionTraining & Development Value Offering : Inputs offered at low prices and better quality Efficiency Offering : Ease of transactions, database of farmers, demand forecasting

15 Prospective Scenario : Transportation Value Offering: Reduces cost of transportation and timely availability of transportation. Efficiency Offering: Increases the goodwill of the company, Increases the member retention and helps acquire new members. Welingkar Mr. Mahadev Dada Shinde is a local farmer producing Onions and Soya bean. He calls the transporter and individually sells the produce in the market. Thus incurring high transportation cost. Mr. Shinde becomes a member of the company. Mr. Shinde contacts the company regarding the transportation of the produce. The company, then uses its database of farmers and sends the produce collectively to the market. This collective transportation of the different types of produce from various famers to the market reduces the transportation cost of farmer. Solution During harvesting the prices of transportation increases. This reduces the margin of farmers. With large member base of company, the company can negotiate annual deals with transportation companies at lower prices and this will reduce hassles of the farmers during harvesting.

16 Prospective Scenario : Advertising Value Offering: Communicate to farmers the benefits the company offers Efficiency Offering: Increased awareness about company leading to increase in membership. Welingkar Mr. Mahadev Dada Shinde is a local farmer producing Onions and Soya bean. He also sells milk at Yuva Mitra Multi Agro Services Pvt. Ltd. Devnadi Valley AgriculturealProducers Company Ltd. decides to use the container for branding. Brand labels are put on all the containers. Mr. Shinde while travelling meets other farmers, the container with the advertising catches their attention and they inquire what the company is all about. They contact the Devnadi Valley Agricultural Producers Company Ltd. and get to know about the benefits the company offers to farmers. The farmer becomes member of company and reaps the benefits offered by the company Solution: It is observed that there is low awareness of company amongst farmers in far off villages. Advertising of company is needed to increase awareness. Yuva Mitra Multi Agro Services Pvt. Ltd. collects milk on daily basis from farmers. The Farmers carry milk in containers, this containers can be use to spread awareness about Devnadi Valley Agriculture producer company Ltd. by branding on the containers.

17 Solution : Communication through SMS and voice messages Solution Regular updates about the products, pricing, meetings can be given through SMSes and voice messages. Welingkar 11 The company sends updates through SMS The company sends updates through voice messages (in local language) Value Offering : Convenience in receiving information for the farmers, time and cost saving Efficiency Offering : Regular updates to the farmers, economical

18 Solution : Newsletter Value Offering: Information about products, services and new technology. Efficiency Offering: Awareness about company, Increasing the reach of company, Additional source of income through advertisements. Welingkar Mr. Mahadev Dada Shinde is a local farmer producing Onions and Soya bean. He purchases Farming Inputs from Local retailer at high price. A Director from the company distributes newsletters to farmers in village. Mr Shinde receives this newsletter, he is informed about the products and their prices which are lower than the available market prices. This motivates him to become member of organization and the newsletter also provides information about the joining formalities. Mr. Shinde becomes Member of company. He receives good quality inputs required for farming at lower prices which increase the profit margin. Mr. Shinde also promotes the company within his locality spreading the benefits of becoming member of company. Solution The awareness about Devnadi Valley Agriculture Producers Company Ltd. Was limited to close friends and family members of the Directors of company. In order to increase the awareness we propose to introduce monthly Newsletter which incorporates latest trends in technology, different ranges of products and their prices, success stories of farmers, procedure to become member of Devnadi. It can also include advertisements about various products which will attract sponsors and invariably become additional source of income.

19 Solution : Forms Distribution system for Demand Forecasting Solution : The people in the village usually visit various places for various purpose like PDS (Public Ration store), Private Kriyana Store, Milk Dairy collection centers,Temples, Schools. These are locations where large no of people gather. We will keep forms at all of these locations in order to make it easily available to farmer s so that he can fill it and submit it to Agri Mall. This will help the management to do the demand forecasting for a specific Season. Welingkar Value Offering : Easy Availability of forms to the member farmer at places nearby to their houses thus it will save his time that he would have spent on travelling from his home to Agri mall for same. (Easy availability, Time Saving) Efficiency Offering : Demand Forecasting, Increase the Reach, Networking Mr Kotkar is a member of Agri mall, he lives in wadgaon which is 7-8 kms away from Agri Mall. If he wants to buy any product, he has to visit the Agri Mall. If product is available he gets it but if not, he has to wait because at present the company doesn’t know how much demand will be there for which product. Agri Mall needs to tie up with local kirana stores and other small shops in the villages where they could make the forms available that will help predict the demand. Before every season, Mr Kotkar will go to the kirana shop and will fill up the form stating his requirements for that season. Agri Mall will collect the forms from the kirana stores and will assess the future demand from the forms. Agri Mall will purchase only those products after assessing the demand. It will save the farmer’s time as he wont have to physically visit the Agri Mall and it will help Agri Mall in managing their inventory. Devanadi Valley Agricultural Producers Co. Ltd. To know the future demand of products, Agri Mall needs to ask its members their specific requirements for that season.

20 Solution : Free Movie Screening Once a Month for Spreading Awareness Solution : There is as such no source of evening entertainment in the villages in the Sinnar Region. As major source of income is farming so people are usually free in the evening and only source of entertainment is TV. There is no cinema hall in these villages, if they have to go then they go to Nashik. A movie can be screened once a month through the use of Projector in athe Village. People will gather there. Hence we can address a bunch of people to showcase our projects and products. Moreover membership forms, Pamphlets and other forms can be distributed on the spot. It will not only spread the awareness about the organization but it will also act as a source of other communications to farmers. Welingkar Value Offering : Cinema in Village, Low Price (or Free), Entertainment with friends, Get together, Connection with others Efficiency Offering : More Target Audience at one place, Opportunity to increase awareness and sales, Tie up with various Agencies can be source of other Income Mr Shinde lives in Aundhewadi village with a small family of 5 people. He is married and has 3 children who are studying. Only source of entertainment for family is TV. Due to uncertainty in crop output he don’t have money to let his Family for any kind of Outing. As no local Cinema in nearby location he also cant take is Family to enjoy a Movie Devnadi under Yuva Mitra organize a Open Cinema in Aundhewadi on a Open space available. They send invitation to 4 villages nearby to Aundhewadi. The news was circulated so fast that everyone is excited about the event. By analyzing the Magnitude of event a Leading Manufacturer Sponsor the cost of Screening. A local store agree to put some stall nearby. Event become a huge success. Everyone welcomed the concept and asked for next month schedule. Yuva Mitra displayed its program and products. Farmers are happy that someone comes forward for them. Finally he can enjoy with family and friends. Sponsors are happy as they were able to tap a large audience. So win -win for all.

21 For Directors Visiting cards Pamphlets and Forms Badges Diaries EXPLORING THE GRASSROOTS : DVAPCL

22 Devnadi Valley Agricultural Producers Company Limited Rural Project by Pratik Changede Gaurang Chotalia Varoon Damodaran Sumit Gakhar Vishal Patil Malay Srivastava EXPLORING THE GRASSROOTS : DVAPCL 06 07 09 14 40 55

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