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How to Make a Grass – haired Hedgehog

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1 How to Make a Grass – haired Hedgehog

2 You will need: Old tights A mug and a tablespoon Grass seed
Potting compost An elastic band Water A saucer Buttons and glue

3 What to do 1.Wet the old tights and put it into the mug. 2.Turn down the top of the sock over the rim of the mug.

4 3.Spread lots of grass seed all over the bottom of the tights.
4.Use the spoon to fill the sock with potting compost- press down gently

5 5.Wrap the elastic band around the top of the tights to tie the tights shut.
6.Cut off the tights above the elastic band. 7.Pour water on top of the tights, lift it up and let it drip into the mug.

6 8.Turn it upside down, place it on a saucer and pour water around it.
9.Squeeze the tights into a pointy shape to make a hedgehog. 10. Glue the buttons on for eyes and nose.

7 11. Finally, place your hedgehog in a warm, well-lit spot and keep it well watered
12. Remember to give it a trim now and again.

8 Results Growth of Grass after 1 week

9 Growth of Grass after 2 weeks

10 2 weeks Growth

11 Keep your hedgehog trimmed

12 Completed Hedgehogs

13 We recorded the growth of the grass each week and we found out that grass grows approximately 1cm every day. It needs the correct amount of moisture, light and temperature to grow.

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