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Xeikon Café Xeikon Café 2015: Packaging innovations Kick-Off (Dec 10, 2014)

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1 Xeikon Café Xeikon Café 2015: Packaging innovations Kick-Off (Dec 10, 2014)

2 Xeikon Café Target audience Focus on L&P printers (worldwide – min. 100 visitors/day) Journalists & analysts Brand owners Associations

3 Xeikon Café CONCEPT Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, March 10, 11, 12 Educational platform Digital production solutions Facilitated by Xeikon Supported by Aura Partners and Xeikon Software Print media Consumables and tools Equipment

4 Xeikon Café SIDE EVENTS Monday, March 9th PACE (Packaging and Converting Executive Forum) event for Brand Owners, hosted by Xeikon 10.30 – 14.30 Presentations in meeting room afternoon: visit the Café! Thursday, March 12th STIMA (Stichting Marketing – Belgian forum for marketeers) They organise their Brand café (event for Belgian brand owners) at Xeikon (starts at 4pm)

5 Xeikon Café Labels & Packaging Suite concept Xeikon 3000 Series Consumables /tools  Dedicated toner application tuned  White One-pass opaque  Food-approved toner  Lightfastness Equipment  Application based selected to match the on customer requirements Print media  No pre-coating  Conventional stocks  Certified materials Software  X-800 workflow dedicated workflow for a digital press  Options serving specific applications  Integration in existing processes

6 Xeikon Café EQUIPMENT Bograma GM ABG Meech Rietstack Schober Spartanics Tronics Zund PRINT MEDIA MetsaBoard Treofan Taghleef SOFTWARE Hybrid Software Cerm Esko LabelTraxx OneVision CONSUMABLES & TOOLS Actega Michelman Kurz Partners Confirmed

7 Xeikon Café Partners

8 Xeikon Café Xeikon Café: Packaging Innovations Event built in 3 layers : 1.Exhibition 2.Technical Conference 3.Business oriented conference

9 Xeikon Café Packaging Innovations Demonstrating 15 applications: SAL(Self Adhesive Labels) FC(Folding Carton) IML(In Mold Labeling) HTL(Heat Transfer Labels) Demonstrating- Printing - Converting (equipment) - Software - Consumables and tools - Print Media

10 Xeikon Café Packaging Innovations

11 Xeikon Café Packaging Innovations SUITEAPPLICATION PRINTING PRESSCONVERTINGSOFTWARE CONSUMABLES TOOLS PRINT MEDIA 1SALWine Labels3300ABG (?)Kurz (?) 2SALFood labels3300Actega 3HTLPresstrans3500 (train)MOSS Mondi SiliconNat 4HTLThermal Image3500 (train)TronicsActegaBomarko 5HTLPromotional3500 (train)DiamondActega 6IMLThin walled3500 (app) mini UCoat 500, RietstackActegaTreofan 7IMLThick walled3500 (app) mini UCoat 500, SchoberActegaTreofan 8Pouches3500 (app)Mini UCoatActega Avery Rapid roll 9FCLuxury packaging3500 (demo)MGI, ESKO, ZundActega 10FCWinner Creative Verp.3500 (demo)HighconIggesund 11FCSecurity application3500 (demo)BogramaAgfa / ATT (?)Kurz (?) 12Wetglue labels3500 (demo)Sappi 13Leaflets8500 (demo)MBO 14Varilane jobCheetahSpartanicsActega 15SALHealth & beauty labelCheetah

12 Xeikon Café 2. Technical Conference Program

13 Xeikon Café Concept Presentation track repeated over the 3 days 3 meeting rooms 2014: 1 presentation / 1 partner 2015: (proposal) joint presentations: demonstrating complete application Speakers :joint (partner / Xeikon) educational (no product portfolio)

14 Xeikon Café Content Content of the presentation : View, vision on the market Value of the product(s) Learned from the industry Open for ideas

15 Xeikon Café 3. Business Conference Program

16 Xeikon Café Business Conference Concept Presentation track repeated over the 3 days Duration: 30 minutes Speakers - printer/converter occupied with digital production (no vendor) - analysts Content of the presentation: Business oriented Trends Customer story - Why did they consider digital production - What did it bring - …

17 Xeikon Café Business Conference Proposals ContentSpeaker Trends at brandowners / digital printingInfotrends The value of digital printing in an IL productionCustomer Heat transfer label, decoration with a bright futureCustomer Folding carton through web2printCustomer wine /spirit labels - digital printCustomer folding carton digital printCustomer EpedigreeCustomer securityIdtech workflow integrationCustomer carton jobs via internetCustomer Color management InBound marketing KanDesign

18 Xeikon Café PR and communication

19 Xeikon Café Press Release, Xeikon initiated Distribution: Duomedia Already sent: “Xeikon Café Packaging Innovations goes global in 2015” Other press releases planned: Self-adhesive labels IML labels Heat Transfer labels Folding carton

20 Xeikon Café Press Release, Aura partner initiated We encourage Aura partners to communicate their presence @ Xeikon Café Duomedia can help create and distribute (1 press release per partner) Service offered by Xeikon as part of the package Contact:

21 Xeikon Café Media partners Placing adverts, webbanners,… Using Media partners’ database to invite people Inviting journalists / consultants Xeikon Café coverage in publications

22 Xeikon Café Website New look and feel Registration is free, but mandatory URL redirects:

23 Xeikon Café Website

24 Xeikon Café Website Banners & news on

25 Xeikon Café Registration Register on: or redirect URL:

26 Xeikon Café Registration Confirmation email Barcode for reception identification

27 Xeikon Café Email marketing Email marketing automation powered by Pardot 15 step drip program Campaign kick-off: 10 December 2014 (TODAY) Full schedule (download from the Partners Area on

28 Xeikon Café Email marketing Database: 11.329 emailable Xeikon customer/prospect contacts Aura Partner database: If you wish to include any contacts in the drip program, provide email address lists to We encourage you to include contacts in the Xeikon Café email drip to ensure all invitees receive uniform messages complying with international email marketing legislation.

29 Xeikon Café Email marketing First blast Send date: 10/12/2014

30 Xeikon Café Social media marketing Twitter campaign automation powered by Pardot Xeikon Twitter handler: @Xeikon

31 Xeikon Café Social media marketing 22 scheduled posts + live tweeting Campaign kick-off: 10 December 2014 (TODAY) Full schedule (download from the Partners Area on Stay tuned: favourite & retweet!

32 Xeikon Café Direct mail Postcard campaign Database ~10.000 Xeikon European mailable customer/prospect contacts Expected mail drop: 15 January 2015

33 Xeikon Café Practicalities

34 Xeikon Café AGENDA EVENTS DateTimeEvent 09/0314:00 – 17:00Brand Owner Event 10-12/0309:00 – 18:00Xeikon Café 12/0314:00 – 18:00Stima Event All booths staffed from Monday 14h !

35 Xeikon Café AGENDA BUILD-UP/BREAK DOWN DateTime MACHINERY ONLY 04 – 06/03 08:00 – 18:00 ALL 07 – 08/03 10:00 – 18:00 09/0308:00 – 12:00

36 Xeikon Café WHEN / WHERE Date : 10 to 12 March (Tuesday to Thursday) Time : Start: 09.00 End: 18:00 Location : Xeikon facility Antwerp, Belgium FREE upon website subscription ( Incl. drinks and lunch No fixed evening program ALL EXHIBITORS NEEDED TO REGSITER ON THE WEBSITE

37 Xeikon Café WHEN / WHERE (2) Monday evening 9 March: Meet and greet (diner) Location: @ Xeikon For who? All partners Xeikon HQ Xeikon local sales International journalist Speakers (when present)

38 Xeikon Café HOTEL Scandic Hotel, Antwerp Preferred Xeikon rate of €85,00 Shuttle busses during the 3 days from Scandic to Xeikon More details in exhibitor manual (distributed this afternoon)

39 Xeikon Café Template Invitations We will provide you with an InDesign template of the invitation. There are 3 fields you can add your own information 1.Logo + return address 2.Boilerplate max. 150 words (+/- 768 characters) 3.Contact details Save as PDF file (a guide on how to make a print ready PDF can be found on the exhibitor portal) Remark: Only the Xeikon café template can be used for your 500 free credits PARTNER INVITATION

40 Xeikon Café 1 1. Place your logo + return address here 2. In this field box you can add your company information, max 768 characters (no space), +/- 150 words 2 Don’t change anything in the address box!! PARTNER INVITATION

41 Xeikon Café 3. Place your contact details here 3 PARTNER INVITATION

42 Xeikon Café The envelop will have 2 windows on the front 1.Your logo and contact address in a window top left 2.Addressee window Template Invitations (2) 1 1 2 2 PARTNER INVITATION

43 Xeikon Café Database In order for our partner to merge your PDF invitation with the contact details your database must contain certain fixed data. We will send you this Excel template together with all other partner information beginning next week First NameLast NameCompanyAddressCityState/ProvinceZip/Postal codeCountryCountrycode MatthiasVan AerdeXeikonDuwijckstraat 17LierAntwerp2500BelgiumBE- PARTNER INVITATION

44 Xeikon Café Procedure Send your PDF file and database to (3 rd party working with Parajett mailing house) It takes 2 working days to merge your database with the PDF design, print and put in an envelop Next day = mail drop PARTNER INVITATION

45 Xeikon Café DOCUMENTS All necessary documentation from the café can be found on Partners Area Password: XC2015ANTWERP Content Presentations Exhibitor manual Health & safety form Instructions to generate correct PDF for mailing Invitation templates (for invitation mailing) Excel template for database creation (for invitation mailing)

46 Xeikon Café Xeikon contacts  Matthias Van Aerde (general marketing) T. +32 (0)3 443 19 18  Tim Van Dyck (technical, layout) T. +32 (0)3 443 16 34  Jeroen, Hans, Kurt, Filip (suites, solution,setup)

47 Xeikon Café Provide to Xeikon (Matthias) When not done yet : 1.Logo (in case new one since 2014) 2.Contacts (marketing/technical) 3.Health & Safety form 4.VAT number 5.Boiler plate in English 6.Tech detail of equipment 7.Social media accounts 8.Check classification of partner/suite

48 Xeikon Café Q&A

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