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Firing Equipment SL 5-1-1.

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1 Firing Equipment SL 5-1-1

2 Hand Firing Devices Classified as a flammable solid Consult MSDS

3 Fusees Used to ignite fine fuels Characteristics Grass Forest litter
Light weight Portable Produces a 2-4” flame Suitable for small projects Readily available Available in 5 to 30 minute burn times Wands can be assembled Not the same as road flares; do not burn as hot or long Classified as flammable solid

4 Correct Method Back straight Eyes and head pivoting

5 Drip Torch Characteristics Capable of handling most firing operations
Used to ignite all fuel types Forest litter Grass Brush Ladder fuels Heavy fuels Easily Carried on engines and utility vehicles

6 Parts Know your torch

7 Drip Torch Liquid fuel device Fuel classified as a combustible liquid
Fill only ¾ full 2 parts diesel fuel 1 part gasoline Fuel classified as a combustible liquid

8 Drip Torch at Work SL 5-1-8

9 Application Methods Trail torch slightly behind you or...
Swing torch back and forth beside body from front to back Do not swing torch side to side in front of body and walk through lit fire Only apply amount of fire necessary to achieve desired results Extinguishment Upon completion of assignment or if standing by for extended periods, blow out wick

10 Drip Torch Safety Possible problems Defective vent/clogged
Improper mix Poor gasket seal

11 Drip Torch Safety Fuel may “spurt” out of spout when hot.
CAUTION Fuel may “spurt” out of spout when hot. Do not get unburned fuel on PPE Maintain spacing with other crew members to ensure lit fuel does not hit anyone as it is applied

12 Terra Torch The Terra Torch requires separate and specific training prior to use. SL

13 Characteristics Used when other ignition devices are ineffective
Range up to 100 feet Requires specialized training Requires crew of 2 or more SL

14 Charactersitics Trailer mount Skid mount

15 Characteristics Fuel is a mixture of alumagel/surefire and gasoline
Dispenses fuel under pressure through a hand held nozzle Classified as a flammable liquid

16 Terra Torch Hazards Radiant heat Mixing Fuel Rotate personnel
Additional PPE For thermal protection Mixing Fuel


18 Very Pistols

19 Very Pistol Best in light contiguous fuels Extended reach

20 Very Pistol Characteristics
Specialized flare launcher requiring operator to be qualified before use Burn time of approximately 8 seconds at 1,400°F 12 gauge and 25 mm Classified as an explosive 1.4 and flammable solid Range up to 375 feet

21 Very Pistol 25 mm w / Insert Adapter 12 Gauge 25 mm Insert

22 Very Pistol Hazards Firing Communicate to personnel I.D. target
Use hearing protection

23 Very Pistol Hazards (continued) Misfires Accidental Firing
Communicate to personnel Repeat firing sequence If round doesn’t fire Keep pointed down range for three seconds Remove round Store in an approved container Ship to disposal facility Accidental Firing

24 Very Pistol Beware of ricochet

25 Fire Quick Flare Launcher

26 Fire Quick Flare Launcher
Follow manufacturer’s recommendation Used by qualified personnel only

27 Fire Quick Flare Launcher
Characteristics Specialized launcher requiring operator training Uses 22 caliber blanks Launches 1 inch diameter flares Range up to 300 feet Burns approx. 6 to 8 seconds at 4000°F Aerial burst covers 10 to 20 feet Monitor wind direction and speed Classified as 1.4 explosive and flammable solid

28 Fire Quick Flare Launcher
Hazards Communicate to personnel before firing Hearing protection required Misfires Communicate to personnel when a misfire occurs Repeat firing sequence Treat faulty 22 caliber rounds the same as Very Pistol rounds

29 Fire Quick Flare Launcher
Dud Flares Identify flare location to personnel Do not approach flare until area is cooled off and flare is safe to approach Dispose of flare in accordance with disposal guidelines

30 Fire Quick Flare Launcher
Firing the Launcher Load 22 cal. cylinder

31 Fire Quick Flare Launcher
Firing the Launcher (cont.) Insert flare Directional arrow

32 Firing the Fire Quick Flare Launcher
Firing the Launcher Communicate to personnel before firing ID target Aim at 45 degree angle Pull trigger

33 Fire Quick Flare Launcher
Photo of flare aerial burst

34 Hand Thrown Flares 1.5 and 2.5 inch flares
Follow manufacturer’s recommendations for use Used in all fuel types

35 Hand Thrown Flares Characteristics Fuse burn time 30 to 40 seconds
Flare burn time 6 to 8 seconds at 4,000°F Ignited material covers 30 to 60 foot diameter Classified as a flammable solid

36 Hand Thrown Flares Preparing flare For use Expose fuse

37 Hand Thrown Flares Arrow on flare directs the direction of throw

38 Hand Thrown Flares Light fuse

39 Hand Thrown Flares Throw flare
Must be thrown a minimum distance of 100 feet from personnel, equipment, and control lines

40 Hand Thrown Flares Flare ignition


42 Helitorch Used in all fuel types
Can ignite fuels with high fuel moisture Capable of burning standing fuel and continuous surface fuel beds

43 Helitorch Produces large amounts of fire in a short period

44 Helitorch Characteristics
Used as an external sling load under rotary wing aircraft Uses aluma-gel/surefire and gasoline mix Consult MSDS Can reach areas not accessible by ground Classified as a flammable liquid

45 Plastic Sphere Dispenser / Aerial Ignition Device
internal load

46 Plastic Sphere Dispenser / Aerial Ignition Device
Requires less time to initiate than a helitorch To be effective, requires 1 hour fuel bed Requires special training to operate

47 Plastic Sphere Dispenser / Aerial Ignition Device
Ignition results from 1 cc of ethylene glycol being injected into the ball which is filled with potassium permanganate This forms an exothermic (heat producing) reaction

48 Plastic Sphere Dispenser / Aerial Ignition Device
Characteristics Normally used with rotary wing aircraft Mounted internally Classified as an oxidizer Consult MSDS

49 Plastic Sphere Dispenser / Aerial Ignition Device
Dispersal rates can be varied by Aircraft speed Altitude Machine dispersal rate

50 Firing Equipment Are you and your firing equipment ready?

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