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Week 6. Day 1 – Meet the Word Part “Divide and Conquer” Day 1.

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1 Week 6

2 Day 1 – Meet the Word Part “Divide and Conquer” Day 1

3 What parts do you notice in this word? How might you use the word part to define capsule? Word Bust Remember: “cap” to take or receive Capsule :a tiny case for holding medication, a pill that you take

4 BookletParticle IcicleDroplet MoleculeCubicle Discussion Question Ideas: What do you know about the words? Where have you seen the words used in your daily life? What do these words seem to have in common? What other words could be added to this list? Why?

5 PrefixRootSuffix anti - againstdic, dict – to say (l)et (i)cle (ic)ule com, con – with, togethergraph, scrib - write de – away, down, oppositetact – to touch ex - outver, vent – to turn dis - apartten, tain – to hold mis – wrong, badlypar - equal poly - manyUs e previous root words! Using our word part for the week, build and define new word. Some word parts are provided for you in the above table. Use at least one of the word parts below to create a new word with the word part (l)et, (i)cle, or (ic)ule. Provide a definition and sentence for your new word.

6 Directions: Use your context clues to figure out which “et, cle, ule” word makes sense in the blank. I love ketchup so much that on my first trip to Europe, I checked a bottle into my luggage so I could have my Heinz available to accompany the many fish-n-chips meals I planned to devour in England, Scotland and Ireland. As a Chicagoan who has sustained a lifetime of _________ for eating hotdogs plain — except for a taboo ribbon of ketchup — I've clung to my faith in ketchup to make fries, and anything on a bun, heavenly. Never mind trendy foodie treasures such as those insufferably fussy cupcakes you see everywhere these days, I'm passionate about my ketchup. ridicule

7 Option 1: Visual  SlowMoGuys - start 40 seconds in SlowMoGuys  Wimp Wimp After viewing one of the video clips above, write a description of the clip using as many (l)et, (i)cle, (ic)ule as you can. Share with a partner.

8 Option 2: Poetry The Icicle -Adeline Foster An icicle hung on a red brick wall, And it said to the sun, 'I don’t like you at all! ‘ Drip! Drip! Drip! The sun said, 'My, you’ve a saucy tongue, You should remember I’m old and you’re young.‘ Drip! Drip! Drip! But the icicle only cried the more, Though the sun still shone on it, Just as before! Drip! Drip! Drip! Until at the end of the winter’s day, It had cried it’s poor little self away. Drip! Drip! Drip! What literary devices do you notice in this poem? Choose a root word from this week and write a poem about it. Use some of the techniques that this author utilized in her poem.

9 Charades! 1. Divide the class into Teams A and B. Team A sits in a group on one side of the classroom, Team B sits on the other side. 2. One member from each team goes to the board. The teacher flashes them a word (list attached) written on a piece of paper. 3. The students have one minute to get their respective team to say the item only by acting out clues. Written words or verbal clues, are forbidden. 4. The first team to say the word scores a point.

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