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Launch Marketing Results- Marketing March 19, 2014.

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1 Launch Marketing Results- Marketing March 19, 2014

2 Agenda Launch Objectives and Timeline Brand and Messaging Email Communications Announce Emails Standard Drip Techy Drip Other Analysis/Improvements PR Press releases Articles Analyst meetings Reseller: Content Announce

3 Launch Objectives 1.Drive net new business to Wowza # of net new customers $ Revenue 2.Address revenue recognition Address perpetual by adding maintenance and support Get closer to net-neutral w/perpetual & subscription pricing Raise base price of perpetual 3.Support and retain existing customers through a smooth upgrade

4 Timeline

5 Brand and Messaging New corporate and product logos New corporate and product messaging Separation of corporate and product messaging New About Us and Corporate History New Corporate Values Why Name Change messaging

6 Results: Announce emails DeliveredOpenClickrateDate Perp announce- sub and perp 15347.7%6.5%March 4 Perpetual announce 3,70938%9%Feb 27 EDU and non profit announce 78138.9%12.8%Feb 27 Standard perpetual pricing email 70181%43.8%Auto Subscriber Announce 4,01054.1%12.6%Feb 24 3.6 Active Trial Announce 5,68737.5%7.9%Feb 11 Great open rates as well as click-through rates

7 Historical: Trial Drip Campaign DeliveredOpenClickrate #1- 0 (2h): Streaming in Minutes 16,95529.8%10.2% #2-Day 1 (24h): Wowza for Live or On-Demand Video 16,61124.5%7.4% #3- Day 4: Case Studies16,42522.3%3.1% #4- Day 14: Premium AddOns 16,16718.9%2% #5- Day 20: Purchase Options 15,84717.1%1.4% #6- Day 28: 2 days left15,25416.7%1%

8 Results: Standard Drip as of 3/19 DeliveredOpenClickrate #1- 0 (2h): Thanks/ info4,52549.1%8.5% #2-Day 1 (24h): Manager focus and demo 1,44330.9%1.7% #3- Day 2 (48h): Live workflow1,28929.9%3% #4- Day 4: Case studies1,02121.3%1% #5- Day 15: Deployment Options51920.6%1% #6-Day 30: AddOns and Tips and tricks #7- Deployment/pricing detail and Buy #8-Trial ending in 1 month #9-Trial ended Open rates are high but click-throughs could be improved (less than in the past)

9 Results: Techy Drip as of 3/19 DeliveredOpenClickrate #1- 0 (2h): Thanks/ info2,85543.9%4.9% #2-Day 1 (24h): Manager focus and demo 4,30839.8%3.6% #3- Day 2 (48h): Live workflow4,17837.7%2.9% #4- Day 4: Tech specs and support and forums, case studies 4,05632.5%3.4% #5- Day 7: Deployment options/support/need help 3,59436.4%3.1% #6- Day 15: AddOns and tips and tricks #7- Deployment/pricing detail and Buy #8-Trial ending in 1 month #9-Trial ended Great open rates and click-throughs are higher than industry average

10 Results: Other Emails DeliveredOpenClickrateDate Newsletters: March Newsletter- Stay Informed 39,68019.1%1.9%March 4 March Newsletter- customers 8,46434.1%3.5%March 6 March newsletter- trial + Dev 11,37424.7%2.7%March 6 Other: March webinar followup 71254.8%23.2March 14

11 Results: Sales Drip DeliveredOpen Email #11,27545.4% Email #233043.9% Email #331437.9% 74 responses to Brian. ~5.8% Historically had ~10% response rate. Per Brian – conversations are about the same as last 2 quarters.

12 Observation/Analysis/Improvements Observation: We have not completed an entire cycle yet- so tough to judge final results (sales) Great open rates, but click-through rates could be improved Techy drip performing better than standard (expected- more involvement by definition) 77.7% of start in Standard Drip and then do something making them eligible for Techy, showing engagement with pre-sales content for 2/3 of trial signups In Standard Drip Workflow: Workflow: 4668 started Standard trial, 3644 switched into Techy Trial In Techy Drip Workflow: 5,093 started Techy workflow, 78 have joined Master Current Customers list (1.53% conversion) Improvements: Should look into increasing open rates (adding fresh content) Find new ways to encourage active use via trial drip Test against control group to gage what affects active use Opportunity for improvement with Sales Campaign – better content? Better qualification process?

13 Results: PR PR Press releases – 1, 198 live pick ups Articles – 5 (NetworkWorld, DMNews, Innovationews, FierceOnlineVideo, Streaming Media) Analyst meetings – 8 Article engagement: Network World (379,116 uvm), February 18 th : 37 LinkedIn shares, 66 Twitter links (12,102,000 uvm), February 14 th : 252 member views, 5 Twitter links StreamingMedia (25,000 circ., uvm n/a), February 13 th : 12 Facebook likes, 11 Twitter links, 5 LinkedIn Shares FierceOnlineVideo (1,256 uvm), February 12 th Innovationews (uvm n/a), February 12th: 2 direct Twitter links StreamingMedia (25,000 circ., uvm n/a), February 11 th : 49 Facebook likes, 30 Twitter links, 37 LinkedIn shares, 12 Google+

14 Results: Resellers JB&A and Digibox Wowza brochure (5 Steps) Reseller communications Jan 14: 121 resellers, 48.8% open, 1.7% click-through Jan 30: 140 resellers, 64.7% open, 12.1% click-through Feb 11: 139 resellers, 49.6% open, 15.1% click-through Successful launch communications and brochure was very well received.

15 Results: Webinar Live Attendance Stats: 726 registered | 315 attended | 43% attendance rate Average attendance rates are in the 30-40% range so this is a very positive result. Follow-up Email Stats (as of 03/17/14): 718 sent | 381 opened | 158 clicked | 21% conversion rate Questions: 95 questions were asked by attendees during the presentation. Chris answered ~12 questions live. All the remaining questions were replied to individually by email after the webinar. Follow-up Survey: 13 responders 84% (11) said webinar was helpful Areas for improvement: 2 moderators on call VOD asset & follow-up available quicker Survey more prominent

16 Questions?

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