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Slide 1 Oakdale Irrigation District Water Resources Plan.

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1 Slide 1 Oakdale Irrigation District Water Resources Plan

2 Slide 2 Month 1 Month 3 Month 5 Month 7 Month 9 Month 11 Month 13 TASKS PHASE I Public Involvement Assessment Data Collection and System Assessment Public Input and Involvement Resource Inventory On Farm Systems Evaluations Historic Land Use Trends and Forecasting Water Balance Infrastructure Plan Water Rights Portfolio Development of CEQA Strategy Draft Organizational Plan Financial Plan Draft Water Resources Plan Draft Water Resources Plan Public Involvement and Initiation of CEQA Process Issue Draft Water Resources Plan PHASE II Programmatic CEQA Document Final Water Resources Plan Notice to Proceed The Plan Will be Completed in November 2005

3 Slide 3 Activities in the Assessment Phase w Activities Data collection Initial field evaluation Draft public outreach plan w Public Outreach: Assessment (interviews, town hall meetings, media briefing) Communication tools Communication plan w Assess available information and needs w Evaluate/Assess Water Balance to determine info gaps

4 Slide 4 Reasons for a Water Resources Plan The Math is Simple- External Issues + Internal Issues = Water Resources Plan The complexity of water issues, both locally and at the state level, necessitates a rethinking of OID’s current practices and priorities in order to guarantee full protection of the District’s and the region’s water supplies into the future.

5 Slide 5 Understanding the Issues Facing OID is the First Step

6 Slide 6 Review of External Issues w Water Quantity w Water Quality w Economics w Environmental w Legislative

7 Slide 7 Review of External Issues Water Quantity ♦ All around us, agencies are planning for their water futures … using irrigation district water! - CCSF - City of Stockton - SEWD - USBR ♦ SJ River Restoration ♦ Bay Delta

8 Slide 8 Review of External Issues Water Quality w Ag Waiver w Aquatic Herbicides w TMDL’s Implemented in the Basin DO, Salt, Boron, Turbidity, Diazinon, OPs, chlorpyrifos, nutrients, sediment (TSS), pH, Temperature w 1995 Water Quality Control Plan

9 Slide 9 Review of External Issues Economics w Agricultural economy and water changes: – Less Ag  changing regional economic foundation – Less Ag  generates surplus water – Less Ag  may generate less OID income w How will Tri Dam Authority/Project power revenues to be spent?

10 Slide 10 Review of External Issues Environmental Conditions w Air Quality w Regional/Local Groundwater Management Needs w Surface Water Supply for Community/Region? w ESA – Salmon – Steelhead – Delta Smelt

11 Slide 11 Review of External Issues Legislative w Fees for DOD, Calfed, SWRCB and ???s w AB 3030, AB 3616 w Appropriate water measurement initiatives w State Water Plan w State/Regional/Local land use planning initiatives

12 Slide 12 Review of Internal Issues w Water usage w Changing land use and cropping w Changing customer needs w Condition of OID facilities w Financial stability w Requests for annexation w Organizational needs w Community support

13 Slide 13 Review of Internal Issues w Water Usage – OID’s water use is high for the crops grown – Substantial amount of water leaves OID’s service area without benefit to OID – Limited flexibility of current rotation delivery system - customer service constraints

14 Slide 14 Review of Internal Issues w Changing land use and cropping – Average parcel size is 15 acres – Pasture conversion to trees – Surface to Drip irrigation in trees w Changing Customer needs – Weekend irrigators – More flexibility – Filtration needs for drip

15 Slide 15 Review of Internal Issues w Condition of OID facilities – Years of deferred maintenance due to lack of funds – Lifecycle demand for replacement is $6 million/year w Financial Stability – Whatever OID does it must be justifiable, defensible and affordable – Affordability of needed improvements

16 Slide 16 Review of Internal Issues w Organizational needs – Staffing needs to meet the challenges? w Community Support – OID needs to be an asset to the community – One stop water agency for the future?

17 Slide 17 The Water Resources Plan is a Roadmap External Issues Starting Point Public Outreach Internal Issues Full Protection of Constituent’s Needs Options Alternatives

18 Slide 18 Public Outreach Program w Conduct stakeholder interviews (grower representatives, staff, agencies, all Board members, and community members) w Media Briefings w Town Hall Workshop w Communication Plan

19 Slide 19 Answers require integration of public outreach, technical, and institutional activities Successful Implementation Technical Analyses Institutional Activities Public Involvement

20 Slide 20 Requires broad-based public support Identifies implementable programs Protects OID water rights Provides excellent irrigation and domestic water service to OID customers Benefits regional economy Positions OID as a community asset Achieves excellence in O+M The Water Resources Plan Responds to the Issues and Benefits OID

21 Slide 21 Oakdale Irrigation District Water Resources Plan

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