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Municipal Water and Sewer System WATER IN WATER OUT Water Purification Plant Storage/ Pressure Tank Wastewater Treatment Plant.

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3 Municipal Water and Sewer System WATER IN WATER OUT Water Purification Plant Storage/ Pressure Tank Wastewater Treatment Plant

4 Domestic Water Use by Country 100 200 300 400 0 United StatesCanadaItalySwedenFranceIsrael 380 litres 329 litres 250 litres 200 litres 150 litres 135 litres Litres of water per person per day

5 Waste less water  shut off the water when it’s not being used What do we mean by water conservation and efficiency? Use water more efficiently  use less water to do the same job Stop misusing water  don’t use it for the wrong purpose

6 We can save water everywhere … 30% toilet flushing 35% showers and baths 10% kitchen and drinking 20% laundry 5% cleaning

7 The Three Rules of water conservation and efficiency Reduce Repair Retrofit

8 WHAT CAN YOU DO … in the kitchen? 10% Reduce Repair Retrofit

9 Reduce Automatic dishwasher?  full loads  energy-saver setting Wash dishes by hand?  fill the sink/pan only partially and rinse in another pan

10 Reduce  Keep a bottle of drinking water in the fridge  Don’t thaw food under a running tap  Steam vegetables

11 Repair Repair Leaks

12 Retrofit Install… water-efficient faucet aerators Think twice… before installing a home water treatment system  water conditioning  water filtration

13 WHAT CAN YOU DO … in the bathroom? 65% Reduce Repair Retrofit

14 Reduce  Turn the tap on only when you really need water  Don’t let the water run while you are doing things like brushing your teeth, shaving, etc.  Consider an automatic faucet

15 Reduce Take a 5-minute shower Retrofit Install a low-flow showerhead  aerated  non-aerated

16 Reduce  Half full should be enough  Careful with the hot water!

17 Reduce  Don’t use your toilet as a garbage can Repair  Toilet run-on  Leaks 6 L 18

18 Retrofit RETROFIT 18-litre6-litre Quick fix for now...  water displacement device (plastic bag or bottle)  water retention device (toilet dam) Best solution...  install a new 6-litre toilet (low-flow model)

19 WHAT CAN YOU DO … in the laundry room? 20% Reduce Repair Retrofit

20 Reduce and Retrofit Washing Machine  Wash full loads  Use the shortest cycle  Adjust the water level  Use warm water Hot Water Tank  Set the thermostat at 50°C and insulate  Install a heat trap  Consider a point-of-use water heater

21 Reduce and Repair Piping System  Use meter readings in off- hours to detect leakage  Repair leaks  Keep pipes from freezing

22 Stop ! Misusing the sink drain … for household cleaners, paint, solvents, pesticides, and other chemicals. Store and dispose of hazardous products properly… Never pour them down the drain! Buy only the environmentally hazardous products you really need and only in quantities you will completely use up.

23 WHAT CAN YOU DO … outdoors? REDUCE REPAIR RETROFIT Remember: Outdoor water use increases water consumption by 50% or more

24 Retrofit  Switch to low maintenance landscaping  Consider native vegetation  Replace grass with drought-resistant plants and ground cover  Use interlocking paving stones for walkways and patios

25 Reduce  Don’t over water (2-5 cm/week; at most every 3-5 days)  Water in the coolest part of the day (early morning)  Use a sprinkler that delivers BIG droplets (instead of spray)  Water the lawn (not walkways and roads)  Use an automatic timer on the sprinkler  Leave grass at least 6 cm long

26 Reduce DRIP DRIP DRIP  One real soaking beats several quick wettings  Deliver water slowly (3 drops/second)  Water the roots, not the leaves

27 Reduce  Use rainwater (from your rain barrel)  Use a watering can on flower and vegetable gardens  Use compost and mulch in your garden

28 Reduce  Use a bucket and sponge to wash the car  Use a trigger nozzle to rinse SAVE ABOUT 300 LITRES OF WATER … each time !

29 Reduce  Use a broom to clean your driveway or sidewalk SAVE ABOUT 200 LITRES OF WATER … each time !

30 Reduce  Use a pool cover  Check equipment for leaks  Keep the water in the pool... don’t overfill

31 WHAT CAN YOU DO … to keep track of water use? Read the meter (if you have one) Keep a water log Pinpoint areas where water savings can be achieved

32 Water Log …  using average consumption figures  no big water users (e.g., swimming pool, big garden, etc.)  Result: > 200 L/day/person with water efficiency (Household with 2 adults)

33 Every Drop Counts … Behaviour Change Retrofit 18 L6 L For example… In the bathroom Before 18 L each 20 L/min. toilet flushes showers After 6 L each 9.5 L/min.

34 Adapted from Environment Canada’s publication: Water: No Time to Waste - A Consumer’s Guide to Water Conservation. For information on this and other Environment Canada publications, contact your local Environment Canada office or: Enquiry Centre Environment Canada Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0H3 Tel.: (819) 997-2800 Toll free: 1-800-668-6767 Fax: (819) 953-2225

35 The End

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