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Poetry Final Assessment By: M.Mahdi Jalili Grade: 8B.

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1 Poetry Final Assessment By: M.Mahdi Jalili Grade: 8B

2 My Land of Dreams by: M.Mahdi Jalili

3 When sun colors the mist-trapped mountain, I look at the beauty of her, a lover that holds my heart. I ascend the magnificent mountain, so high, so proud, casting a shadow upon the village. As I climb, wind flows around, and ripples my hair.

4 Early dawn in the mountain, the mists are, swirling, twirling, damp, gray, surrounding me, taking me into their vast and enormous arms, and whispering softly, that I have nothing to fear, so I follow, listening to the soothing voice of the nature.

5 Far up in the mountain, is the land of rock and snow, a country so gorgeous with streams of water feeding the blood red roses. Far up in the mountain, is a landscape full of dreams, a land of legends, legends of the fearless heroes, like the king of Olympians, Zeus.

6 Every where I gaze upon, the trees, the hills, so green, so glorious. Hawks fly around, so detached, so free. Eagles soar up with crows, as light emphasizes the wilderness of those mighty hunters. Deers run free and wild on her generous and vast land. A land full of beautiful roses, and greenest of grass.

7 I face the long horned deers going back to their homes, sun decends and gives his place to a lonely night. As the wind blows, I smell the pure odor of pine trees, so calming, so delightful, Sun goes away, and with it, arrives a night that awakes the shy fox, taking its off springs to a tour in darkness.

8 I open my arms, like an eagle open her wings. I am a lion in my home, in a land I belong, with her, my land of dreams.

9 The Heaven in my Dreams by: M.Mahdi Jalili

10 When sun surrounds the rough and mountainous shores of the ocean, she is so calm and tranquil, all day long in fog and wind. As I swim, I feel the waves touch my sole, with their joyful and gay movements. I smell the waves, sense the aroma rising from the origin of life, water, so salty, so full of life.

11 I swim across the vastness of ocean, I see dolphins, whales, jumping up and down, racing against each other. I swim across ocean, a land so unpredictable, so endless, but I don’t care, because I am where I belong, in my favorite place.

12 I live in ocean, a proud and honest place, a land so noble and true. It is the place my heart belongs, It is the land of my dreams. She is the place I love the most, she is the heaven in my dreams.

13 Water Droplet (concrete poem) by: M.Mahdi Jalili

14 Water is the origin of life, the main resource of living, but we humans waste it, Drip… Drip.. Drip. Drip A Doo- m upo- n hum- anity

15 Bibliography Photo Gallery by Royal Company

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