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Water Sci 5.2 + 5.3. H 2 O necessary to all life ~70% of your body.

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1 Water Sci 5.2 + 5.3

2 H 2 O necessary to all life ~70% of your body

3 Question 1 1a. Can life as we know it exist without water? Yes/No 1b. About what percentage of your body is water? 90%, 70%, 50%, 25%

4 Capillary action Result of H 2 O molecule adhesion + cohesion Helps pull H 2 O up plant stems

5 Question 2 2a. The skinnier a tube is, the higher water will climb thanks to what? Capillary action, antigravitation, water transition, microbuoancy 2b. Capillary action will move water up until the cohesive and adhesive forces equal what force? The force of acceleration, the force of evaporation, the force of gravity on the water column

6 H 2 O uses Residential & business Manufacturing

7 Question 3 3a. Where do people use the most water? Hydroelectric power, farming, homes, factories 3b. Of all the water people use, what percentage is used in generating electricity? 41%, 38%, 11%, 10%

8 Irrigation flood drip spray

9 Question 4 4a. What’s the least efficient type of irrigation? Flood, spray, drip 4b. What’s the most efficient form of irrigation? Flood, spray, drip

10 H 2 O conservation: using it carefully

11 Question 5 5a. Do people typically use more water inside or outside the home? Inside, outside, same for both 5b. Inside the home, people generally use the most water doing what? Washing clothes, taking showers, dong dishes, flushing toilets

12 Distribution ~70% of earth’s surface covered with H 2 O ~97% salt H 2 O ~2% glaciers/ice caps + rivers (Mainly ice caps)

13 Distribution

14 Question 6 6a. About what percentage of the earth is covered with water? 90%, 70%, 50%, 30% 6b. How much of the water on the earth is salt water? 97%, 70%, 50%, 2%

15 Ground H 2 O Underground in aquifers (rock and sediment)

16 Question 7 7a. Most of the world’s usable liquid fresh water is found where? lakes and rivers, oceans, underground, ice caps 7b. An area made of porous rock and or sediments that holds high quantities of fresh water is called a what? Aquifer, mine, quicksand, mud

17 Surface H 2 O Rivers, lakes, etc. = 0.01% of all water

18 Question 8 8a. Most of the world’s fresh water is found in lakes, ponds, rivers, streams. T/F 8b. About how much of the world’s water is found in lakes and rivers? 1%, 1/10%, 1/100%, 1/1000%

19 Atmospheric H 2 O Heat released from condensation drives storms

20 Question 9 9a. When water vapor condenses into liquid droplets in rising warm air heat is: released increasing air flow, heat is absorbed decreasing air flow 9b. Clouds form when water vapor condenses in: rising air, falling air

21 The H 2 O Cycle: H 2 O is recycled t ranspiration: plants losing water to air precipitation: water falling out of sky

22 Question 10 10a. Most of the rain and snow that hits the ground is not chemically combined with anything else. T/F 10b. About how long does it take for a water molecule to go through the water cycle? Up to: 10days, 1month, several years, millions of years

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