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Hydroponics Objective: Introduce students to growing plants in nutrient solutions.

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1 Hydroponics Objective: Introduce students to growing plants in nutrient solutions

2 What is hydroponics? Practice of growing plants in _______ solutions with or without the use of _______ medium to provide mechanical support Types Liquid systems – no support medium for roots Aggregate systems – have a solid medium of support: _________, sand, gravel, vermiculite Open - nutrient solution not reused after delivery to plant roots Closed – surplus solution is recovered, replenished, and recycled

3 Hydroponics – pros and cons
Eliminates soil borne ________ Allows control of water and nutrients Higher quality plants with ______ and higher yields Able to grow vegetables in areas where otherwise is impossible Cons Management is _______ High costs if heating & artificial lights are needed _______ kcal for 1 kg tomatoes in greenhouse versus 1,865 kcal to ship 5000 km Equipment expense

4 The Hanging Gardens of Babylon
The floating Gardens of the Aztecs of Mexico

5 History of hydroponics
Controlled environment agriculture (CEA) first used for growing ________ under mica in 1st century Greenhouses & experimental hydroponics appeared in _______ and England during 17th century

6 History of hydroponics
US New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station improved sand culture method California Agricultural Experiment Station used _______ and sand culture methods for large scale production __________& Arnon develop complete nutrient solution

7 History of hydroponics
Some use of hydroponics on _________ Islands during World War II ______ popularized nutriculture (hydroponics) in the post-war period

8 History of hydroponics
High energy costs in early 1970’s caused widespread ___________ Late 1960’s: nutrient _______ technique developed

9 Types of hydroponic systems
Ebb and flow systems Continuous drip systems __________ systems Nutrient film systems ______ systems Water culture

10 Ebb and flow systems Floods growth tray with nutrient solution
Drains solution into reservoir Pump and timer failures can dry out ______ Uses medium such as _________ or rock wool to retain water

11 Continuous drip systems
Most popular Nutrient solution dripped out to based of plant

12 Aeroponic systems Nutrient solution sprayed onto roots in ______ chambers where roots are suspended in _____ Used at Epcot Center at Disney World

13 Nutrient film systems Constant flow of nutrient solution through growing tray Solution ________ Roots are inside bag and hang in air when no solution recycled

14 Wick systems Simplest design
Nutrient solution drawn into growing area through _____ Large plants use nutrient solution faster than wick can provide

15 Water culture systems Plants grow on platform with roots suspended into solution _______ bubbled into nutrient solution to provide oxygen for roots Does not work well with _____ plants or long-term growing

16 Growing vegetables and herbs
Common – lettuce, _______, cucumber Rapid growing, good taste, high yield Tomato sometimes lack _______ Why? Herbs Common – basil, sage, ________, mint Lack smell and taste

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