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Rain Barrel-A/C Water Conservation With Master Gardeners & N.W.F Habitat Stewards Ann Poe & Art Constantino

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1 Rain Barrel-A/C Water Conservation With Master Gardeners & N.W.F Habitat Stewards Ann Poe & Art Constantino

2 Our homemade drum style rain barrel A vessel used to store rainwater What is a Rain Barrel?

3 More Rain barrels Other types of storage vessels Web purchased Mona & Walter JohnstonM.E. DePalma Mona & Walter Johnston Web purchased

4 Advantages of Using Rain Barrels You doing your part to conserve water Helps supplement irrigation Reduces storm water runoff Directs irrigation to reduce water waste Acidic rain water aids our alkaline soil

5 How Much Water Can I Collect? Art’s half roof = 432 sq ft or 259 gallons per 1” Collects more water than he can store 4 - 55 gallon drums = 220 gallon storage 1" rain = 600 gal of water per 1000 sq feet of roof

6 Rain Barrel Considerations Check community deed restrictions Keep independent from house plumbing or sprinkler Vessels size & shape for your water needs Elevated sturdy frame minimum 15” high locate in shade - close to the gutter & usage Use suitable vessel

7 Food Grade vs. Non-food Grade Food-grade containers are preferred by many but water quality is not a concern when collecting rain water watering lawns or gardens Collected water is not for human consumption How do I know if the barrel is safe? Request a Material Data Safety Sheet from the supplier of your used barrel. It states the hazards of the material the container held

8 Our Model Rain Barrel Non-food grade - used barrel After washing – safe for use Heavy duty – stable - opaque Water filter – large overflow Lower or upper joining Move water without a pump

9 Filter Feature of Our Rain Barrel Use small pool skimmer filter Filter roof and gutter debris Keeps out bugs-mosquitoes Holds flexible downspout firm

10 Overflow Feature of Our Rain Barrel 1 ½” pipe removes water fast Easily moves water away from foundation to drainage area Pvc pipe is custom fit

11 High Joining of Our Rain Barrel High joining-easy to build Fill one barrel at a time Empty one barrel at a time Each barrel needs spigot Connect two or more rain barrels via high joining Last barrel gets overflow

12 Lower Joining of our rain barrel Two people to move Built in 2" fittings Both barrels fill and empty together Overflow on last barrel One spigot used Shown upside down More difficult to build Connect two or more rain barrels via low joining

13 You Don’t Have a Gutter A 10 foot section of gutter & downspout can be installed where needed. The cost is low Few tools used to do the job Supply the most water Medium difficulty

14 You Are Limited Only by Your Imagination You may not have seen the next ideas before. We hope you will be inspired to try a few yourself.

15 Using Rain Chains Difficult to install gutter & downspout Easy to install Available in many styles & prices Any vessel can be used to create yard art. Use a rain chain to move water

16 Decorative Smaller Vessels Yard art can be used in “deed restrictive” areas Built by Mona & Walter Johnston Use as many as you need Use rain chains to supply the water Many sizes - styles - colors - shapes available

17 A/C Discharge Water 7 - 8 dry season days = 55 gallons water Lots of water for very little effort A/C water readily available year round including dry season when needed most Saving water without rain

18 Mechanics of A/C Discharge Water A/C units discharge water by gravity or pump No pump in or near drip pan Your A/C handler in the central interior area Both systems capture & save A/C water Your A/C handler is near a outside wall You have a gravity drain A pump under or near the drip pan You have a pumped system

19 Pump water to larger vessel Using Gravity Fed A/C water? This is a type of gravity fed A/C water system Most storage vessel buried Near A/C water discharge A/C water piped into vessel Small pump installed inside Courtesy Mona & Walter Johnston A/C on…barrel is refilling Saving water without rain

20 A/C on…barrel is refilling Using Pump Fed A/C Water? Gravity fed A/C discharge means the water from your inside air handler will collect in a drip pan and gravity will send it outside. It will be coming out of your wall outside close to the ground. To use it you will have to capture it in a container below below the water outlet. Once captured you can pump it to another vessel or area. This is a type of pump fed A/C water system Storage vessel elevated Barrel can be further away Pump not needed in barrel Clear tubing easy to use Saving water without rain October Rose, Hibiscus radiatus

21 Supplying Water Features Rain barrels or vessels can supply your water By pumping or using raised barrels or vessels Here is one example of how it can be done Keep your pond, fountain or decorative urn filled Rain Barrel & A/C water can be used to…

22 Decorative Urn Water Feature Purchased / homemade urn Run rigid or soft pipe from your water storage vessel to the back of the urn Connect pipe to fill valve From fill valve pipe into urn Install hose bib on front This urn available $199.+ at Urn becomes a rain barrel

23 Fountain Water Feature Large bottom basin holding 5-6 gallons preferred Run rigid or soft pipe from your water storage to the back of the fountain Connect pipe to fill valve From fill valve pipe into basin Install hose bib on front-back Fountain is multi tasking

24 Homemade Rain Barrels Photo & barrels by Wain Barber Two lower joining 55 gallon drums Inverted for stability With a filter & hose bib Large overflow Hidden by bushes-tarp in deed restricted area

25 Purchased Rain Barrel M.E. DePalma Photo Purchased barrel online from Great American Rain Barrel Opaque - sturdy - filter overflow & hose bib 100 % recycled plastic Available in four colors Trouble free many years

26 Where to Get Parts Shown Home Depot & Lowe’s carry all the plumbing parts & fixtures used here. For barrels check your yellow pages under drums- barrels new/used. The WWW is a great source to find commercial rain barrels, urns, rain chains, pumps, etc Building Rain Barrel handouts are available. We will be glad to answer your questions.

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