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Decentralized Wastewater Workshop Greenville, South Carolina July 30, 2009.

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1 Decentralized Wastewater Workshop Greenville, South Carolina July 30, 2009

2 Land Disposal of Treated Wastewater Treatment & Disposal Options Overview Primary Treatment / Solids Separation Conventional Drain Field Disposal Sand Line Trench Disposal Secondary Treatment LPP Disposal Sand Mound Disposal Tertiary Treatment Drip Irrigation Disposal Spray Irrigation Disposal Re-Use (Purple Pipe) 2

3 Secondary Treatment Treatment Method Options 3 Attached Growth Orenco Recirculating Packed- Bed Media Filters Aqueonics Multi-Stage Trickling Filters Aquapoint Bioclere/Lotus Modified Trickling Filters Puraflo Peat Fiber Biofilters Recirculating Sand Filters Suspended Growth Extended-Air Activated Sludge Plants ATU’s (aerobic treatment units) SBR’s (sequencing batch reactors) MBBR’s (moving bed biological reactors)

4 Tertiary Treatment Treatment Method Options 4 Effluent Polishing Disc Filters MBR’s (membrane biological reactors) Constructed Wetlands Disinfection

5 Secondary Treatment Options Orenco AdVantex Recirculating Packed-Bed Media Filter 5

6 Secondary Treatment Options Aqueonics Multi-Stage Trickling Filter 6

7 Secondary Treatment Options Aquapoint Bioclere Modified Trickling Filter 7

8 Secondary Treatment Options Puraflo Peat Fiber Biofilter 8

9 Secondary Treatment Options Recirculating Sand Filter (RSF) 9

10 Secondary Treatment Options Extended-Air Activated Sludge Plant 10

11 Secondary Treatment Options Clearstream ATU 11

12 Secondary Treatment Options SBR 12

13 Secondary Treatment Options Puraflo PuraMax MBBR 13

14 How to Select the Right System Decision Process Overview 14 Feasibility of Options Define Wastewater Flow Rate and Characteristics Identify Potential On-Site & Off-Site Options Conduct Preliminary Site Reconnaissance Perform Feasibility & Cost Evaluation of Options Identify System Ownership and O&M Provider Site Suitability Conduct Pre-Design Conference with DHEC Conduct Detailed Site Investigation Identify & Quantify Suitable Disposal Area(s) Determine Long-Term Acceptance/Loading Rate (LTAR) Obtain DHEC Concurrence with Findings System Selection Determine Feasible Disposal Method(s) Determine Required Treatment Method(s) Perform Cost Evaluation & Select System Submit Preliminary Engineering Report for DHEC Approval

15 Individual Lot Conventional Drain Field System Summary Std. Septic Tank & Stone Drain Tile Field Drain field requires cleared land w/ < 10% slope. 3,000 sq ft active drain field + 50% repair area Approx. Unit Cost = $4,000 - $5,000 per lot. 15

16 Individual Lot Drip Irrigation System Schematic 16

17 Individual Lot Drip Irrigation System Summary Std. Septic Tank + Secondary & Tertiary Treatment. Subsurface drip field requires un-cleared land w/ < 33% slope. 2,000 sq ft drip field + no repair area. Approx. Unit Cost = $25,000 - $28,000 per lot. Requires 110-volt power supply + telephone line. Requires routine maintenance @ approx. $600/yr. 17

18 Individual Lot Drip Irrigation System Cost ( City of Austin, TX) 18 Estimated drip irrigation system costs, installed, including controls and alarm, (not including pretreatment unit(s)), $15,000 Energy costs (using 0.193 KWH/day energy use),$0.47/month O&M, with a maintenance contract of $540/year (est. 18 hrs. @ $15/hour * 2.0, including taxes, overhead, and profit), $45/month Equipment repair/replacement costs, estimated at $50/year, $4.17/month 20-year NPW (not including design & permitting costs),$20,934.68

19 Individual Lot Repair Solution Camden County, NC AdVantex Pre-Treatment & Sand Mound Disposal over Sand Line Trench 19

20 Communal Drain Field System Overview 100-Lot Subdivision, Avg. 3-BR, in Upstate Primary Treatment 0.4 GPD/Sq Ft LTAR Requires 6.9 acres of Active Drain Field plus additional 3.4 acres for 50% Repair Area HOA Ownership (excluding Collection System) Permitting by DHEC-Bureau of Environmental Health (up to 50,000 GPD +/-) Approx. Unit Cost = $5,000 - $6,000 per lot 20

21 Communal Drain Field Cottageville Elem School 21

22 Communal Drip Irrigation System Overview 100-Lot Subdivision, Avg. 3-BR, in Upstate Primary & AdVantex Secondary Treatment 0.2 GPD/Sq Ft LTAR Requires 4.1 acres of Subsurface Drip Field & No Repair Area Requires Routine O&M Requires Utility Ownership Permitting by DHEC-Bureau of Water Approx. Unit Cost = $18,000 - $20,000 per lot 22

23 Ralph Chandler Middle School Surface-Drip Irrigation System Decision Process 23 Off-site Option (Public Sewer) = $2.0 million. Potential for On-site Conventional Septic System. NPDES River Discharge Not Desireable. Feasibility of Options School site full of program elements. Not enough suitable area for conventional septic. Off-site septic option not feasible. Shallow rock & steep slopes. Site Suitability Visited Operating Drip Systems in NC with DHEC. Selected surface drip irrigation of wooded, unbuildable area of site. PER Approved by DHEC. System Selection

24 School Surface-Drip Irrigation System Overview New Ralph Chandler Middle School at Fork Shoals - Orenco Recirculating Media Filter Treatment - 6-Acre GeoFlow Surface-Drip Irrigation Disposal - 0.1 – 0.2 GPD/Sq Ft LTAR - 250,000 Gal (2 weeks) Treated Effluent Storage - 15,900 GPD Design Flow - 4 Groundwater Monitoring Wells - $1.6 Million Construction Cost - Contract Operator – All Seasons Environmental Laboratories - Orenco Vendor Oversight Operations Contract - AQWA 24

25 School Surface-Drip Irrigation EQ Tank, Recirc Pumps, & Treated Effluent Storage 25

26 School Surface-Drip Irrigation AdVantex Treatment Pods 26

27 School Surface-Drip Irrigation Irrigation Pumps & Disc Filter 27

28 School Surface-Drip Irrigation Surface-Drip Irrigation Field 28

29 Wrap-Up …. What Makes a Decentralized System Successful? Suitability of Site & Sustainable Loading Rate. Proper Application of Treatment & Disposal Methods Selected. Good Design. Good Installation. Good O&M. Thanks for your attention …. 29

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