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Drip irrigation for beginners Clifton A. Slade, Slade Farms.

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1 Drip irrigation for beginners Clifton A. Slade, Slade Farms

2 Effective and Efficient Irrigation: Selecting the Right System Clifton A. Slade, Slade Farms Michael Pippen Friday, Jan. 25, 2013

3 Pop Slade says “There’s enough ways for everybody to have a way”

4 Objectives  Using drip irrigation and plastic mulch to manage soils and fertilizers  Designing, installing, and running a drip irrigation system for fertilizing with minimum investment  Tips about soils, fertilizers, and drip irrigation

5 Feet of Row Per Acre (1Acre = 43,560 sqft) 36 Inch Row – 14,520 = 1 Acre

6 Irrigation Planning + Fertility Management = Dependable Yields

7 Surry County, Virginia and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Surry, VA Oklahoma City, OK

8 Southeast Virginia Water Deficit Chart

9 WHY PLASTICULTURE  Early Production  Quality  Increased Yields

10 Plastic Mulch-laying Equipment

11 $500 per Acre


13 Rye Cover Crop (Dec. 13)



16 Pounds Mulched Per Acre

17 Irrigation

18 Irrigation and Fertilizer Equipment

19 Irrigation Central

20 Irrigation Factors Factors to consider before applying drip-irrigation systems:  Surface Water  Well Water  Nutrient Content in Water  Soil Quality

21 Irrigation Tip  Water should be tested by a lab for ph and nutrient content.

22 Commercial Vegetable Production Recommendations for 2012

23 Critical Periods of Water Need by Crops Crop Critical Period Asparagus Beans: Lima Snap SnapBroccoliCabbageCarrotsCauliflowerCornCucumbersEggplantsLettuceMelons Onions: Dry PeasPeppers Potatoes: white sweet sweetRadishesStrawberries Squash: Summer TomatoesTurnipsBrush Pollination and pod development Pod enlargement Head development Root development Head development Silking and tasseling, ear development Flowering and fruit development Head development Flowering and fruit development Bulb enlargement Seed enlargement and flowering Flowering and fruit development Tuber set and tuber enlargement Root enlargement Establishment, runner development, fruit enlargement Bud development Early flowering, fruit set, and enlargement Root Enlargement

24 Advantages  Uses less water and fertilizer than with sprinkle or surface irrigation systems  Lower energy and equipment cost than overhead equipment  Once in place, it requires very little labor to manage and operate  Disease and insect damage on the crop is reduced because the leaves do not get wet

25 Disadvantages  *****Need to water on rainy days*****  Drip tubing can be damaged by insects, rodents, and laborers  Cost of pressure regulators and filtration equipment  Can not use the system for frost control

26 Trickle Tube Flow RateMulched Width (ft) Hours Required to Apply 1 Inch of Water to Mulched Area

27 Pole Butterbeans

28 Organic Compost

29 Greens

30 Greens – Marketing Day

31 Contact Information Clifton A Slade 1111 Mt Ray Dr. Surry, VA

32 Questions or Comments? Thank You

33 Come to see us! “The farm gate hangs on welcome hinges” - Pop Slade - Pop Slade

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