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Morphology of flowering plants

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1 Morphology of flowering plants
Part 2 Safe hands

2 Leaf (Phyllopodium) Types of leaves Dorsiventral Dicot Isobilateral
Monocot Types of leaves Cotyledonary – fleshy due to food Hypsophylls or Bract leaves- contain inflorescence at axil. Scaly- Non green or dry – bamboo. Prophylls –the first form leaves. Cataphylls – non green underground scaly protect but in axil. Sporophyll- reproductive. Represent flower. Foliage leaves – Photosynthetic. SAFE HANDS

3 Part of leaves Lamina Petiole Axillary bud Leaf base Apex Margin

4 Stipules Types according to their time period-
Caducous- detach before the leaf unfolds- Michelia(Champa) Deciduous- detach after unfold of leaf- cassia Persistent – attached permanently - Hibiscus. Types according to their structure and location - Free lateral – two free stipules on both side of leaf base- Hib. Adnate – two lateral attached to petiole -rose Ochreate – two form hollow tube surrounds node. Interpetiolar – Between petioles of opposite leaves- Anthocephalalus Intrapetiolar – between petiole and stem. Foliaceous – two green leaf like. Tendrilar- modified into thin tendrils – Smilax Bud and spiny SAFE HANDS

5 Petiole (Mesopodium) Winged Tendrillar Phyllode Floating Orange
Nepenthes Phyllode Acacia Floating Echornia SAFE HANDS

6 Lamina (epipodium) Venation Parallel Monocot Reticular Dicot
Unicostate/Pinnate Peepal Multicostate\Palmate Convergent Wheat Divergent Palms Convergent Ber Divergent Castor SAFE HANDS

7 Furcate SAFE HANDS

8 Vernation & ptyxis Vernation- arrangement in relation to each other in the bud condition Ptyxis – manner of folding of an individual leaf in bud condition Circinatie- rolled from apex to base- cycas. Plicate – folded lengthwise – fan palm Conduplicate – folded over midrib – gauva Crumpled- irregularly folded – cabbage Involute – margin folded on upper side- colocasia rovolute – Margins rolled on lower surface Phyllotaxy & its types Modification SAFE HANDS

9 Phyllotaxy Alternative spiral- Mango, Hibiscus. Opposite – two types-
1. Opposite superposed – Eugenia. 2. Opposite decussate.- Calotropis. Whorled- Nerium Spiral – Hibiscus Mosaic- Acalypha indica. SAFE HANDS

10 Types of Leaves (Depends of incision of lamina)
Simple Compound Pinnately compd-Incision toward midrib Palmately compd- Incision of lamina toward the base of leaf connect to the tip of petiole Unipinnate- Pari- Imparipinnate Bipinnate- Tripinnate- Decompound SAFE HANDS

11 Palmately compd- Incision of lamina toward the base of leaf connect to the tip of petiole Unifoliate- citrus Bifoliate Bignonia Quadrifoliate Paris quadrifolia Multifoliate Bambax Trifoliate Oxalis SAFE HANDS

12 Modification of leaf Functions of leaf Leaf tendrils- smilax.
Leaf spines- Zyzypus. Leaf hooks- Bignonia. Phyllodes- Acacia ariculiformis. Leaf bladders – Utricularia (bladderwort), Pitcher. Succulent – Aloe. Scale leaves- Casuarina Coloured leaf – for pollination – Euphorbia. Leaf root- for balancing – salvinia. Leaf tentacle- Drosera Functions of leaf SAFE HANDS

13 Inflorescence Peduncle (Floral axis)
Simple (Unbranched) – flowers born on rachis Compound (Branched) - flowers born on rachises Solitary single - Hibiscus Inflorescence may be – Terminal- single flower at the apex Axillary – flower in the axil of a leaf Intercalary – single flower between the floral axis SAFE HANDS

14 Axillary Racemose Indefinite Cymose Definite Mixed Special SAFE HANDS

15 Racemose (Indefinite)
Indefinite axis Flowers in a acropetal order. Opening of flower is centripetal. Peduncle Unbranched -Simple recemose. Peduncle Branched – compound recemose. SAFE HANDS

16 Raceme Spike. Spikelets. Catkin. Spadix. Corymb. Umbel Concave Convex
Types of Racemose inflorescence Main axis elongated Raceme Spike. Spikelets. Catkin. Spadix. Main axis shortened Corymb. Umbel Main axis flat Concave Convex SAFE HANDS

17 Raceme Spike Spikelets Catkin (Amentum) Compd/ Simple Rachilla Penicle
Rice Catkin (Amentum) Oak, Mulbery. SAFE HANDS

18 Spadix Banana, colocasia, Corymb Iberis, casia Umbel Centella
Spathe Spadix Banana, colocasia, Corymb Iberis, casia Umbel Centella SAFE HANDS

19 Capitulum Helianthus SAFE HANDS

20 Cymose SAFE HANDS

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