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Resources for Social Sciences

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1 Resources for Social Sciences

2  Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research  Archive of digital social science data  Acquisition, preservation, and distribution of data  Added Value: ◦ Data-related literature with full-text links ◦ Online data analysis tools ◦ Analysis-ready data (SPSS, SAS, Stata, SDA)

3 Search for data in one resource vs. Searching multiple web sites

4 Students, faculty, researchers, policymakers who:  Write articles, papers, theses  Conduct secondary research, support previous findings  Teach methods in quantitative analysis  Seek to preserve primary research data


6  Surveys (values, behavior, health, race, religion, roles of women, youth, etc.)  Data on crime, punishment, drug use, mental health, education, etc.  Political exit and media polls  Thematic collections, e.g. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Data Archive Thematic collections

7  Studies, e.g. National Survey on Drug Use and Health  Publication-Related Archive: data needed to replicate study results Publication-Related Archive  Bibliography of Data-Related Literature Bibliography of Data-Related Literature ◦ Updated database of citations of works using data held in the ICPSR archive  Social Science Variables Database Social Science Variables Database ◦ Search for variables across datasets, compare, download

8  Descriptions of studies with citation information ◦ Citation information in the code book ◦ Citation can be exported into EndNote  RSS updates for data are available  View study usage statistics (for study dimensions and environments) **Some restricted data requires application**restricted data


10 Good for teaching research methods:  Online Learning Center: Contains lesson plans and in-text exercises  Contains exercises, activities, simplified data/datasets, teaching information  Classroom-ready modules, e.g.: ◦ Investigating Community and Social Capital ◦ Exploring Data through research literature

11  View All Studies to use multi-faceted search  To see core data: ◦ Choose Download Select Files from the study record to see core data ◦ Browse documentation files  Links to related data are provided  View sample characteristics and FAQs

12  Deposits of digital data welcomed  Deposits made through a secure Data Deposit Form  Create MyData account to create, access, and authenticate data depositMyData account

13 In Top Menu Help tab:  ICPSR User Support  Data User Help Center (Audio/Video Tutorials)  Local Support (include as much information as possible ): ◦ Email: Phone: ◦ Email: Phone: (419)  Monthly webinars on YouTube, Facebook,

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