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Your “Tailor Made” Israel Experience Hanoar Hatzioni Proudly Presents.

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1 Your “Tailor Made” Israel Experience Hanoar Hatzioni Proudly Presents

2 “Our goal is for every jewish youth to visit Israel for a significant period” Prime Minister Ariel Sharon At UJC’s General Assembly Jerusalem, November 2003

3 The Masa Project of Hanoar Hatzioni is an extremely importante initiative between the Government of Israel and The Jewish Agency Hanoar Hationi was oficially recognized as an approved Organizar

4 Program Objectives Have a long term experience living in Israel. Learn first hand about the social, cultural, geographical and historical aspects of Eretz Israel. Strengthen Jewish identity among Jewish youth living in the Dispora. Strengthen ties between Israelis and Jews in the Diaspora. Have a once in a life time experience for personal growth through challenging and rewarding group programs.

5 Our Program was created to give participants the opportunity for: Personal growth through participating in group living. To experience a Jewish way of life in Israel. The opportunity to see and experience Israeli culture and society. The chance to understand the fulfilling and unique challenges of a Kibbutz way of life.

6 Starting DateEnding DateProgram 17/8/201122/10/2011 First Chapter: Kibbutz (including field trips and holidays) 22/10/201115/12/2011 Second Chapter: Marva, MDA, Volunteering, Professional Soccer School (including field trips) 15/12/201106/01/2012 Third Chapter: Lev Eilat Additional courses: Scuba diving, Photography, Mediterranean Cuisine, Bitajon 06/01/201218/03/2012 Forth Chapter: Social Involvement (Tel Aviv) or Kibutz Israel Challenge Program extention (optional)

7 Chapter 1 Work at one of several kibbutzim Experience the kibbutz way of life Take once a week trips to local towns Rosh Hashana Seminar, Tel Aviv (28/09  01/10) Yom Kipur Seminar, Jerusalem (7/10  8/10) Succot Learning Hebrew Kibbutz

8 Chapter 1 Kibbutz Nitzanim Ein Gev Maoz Haim Ramat Hashofet Tzeelim Ein Dor Ein Harod Yagur

9 Chapter 2 Social Involvement (one of the following options) Marva – Military Experience in the Israeli Army.Marv MDA – Ambulance voulenteering with Maguen David Adom. Professional Soccer– Train and practice with Macabi Haifa (Nahalal) Social work and Therapeutic Clowns– Volunteer work in cities and hospitals.

10 Marva offers young people a unique opportunity to feel, live and know and understand Israels past and future reality, through military discipline. Week 1: Introduction - Sde Boker Week 2: Field Training Week 3: Negev - Nitzana. Week 4: Galil and Golan, Navigation and Guidance. Week 5: Sports - Wingate Institute Week 6: Women in the military / infantry week Week 7: Jerusalem Week 8: Conclusion at Sde Boker Note: The order of weeks may vary Marva

11 Basic anatomy and physiology, CPR, trauma, injury assessment, treatment with defibrillator and emergency first aid. All participants will receive a First Aid certificate MADA. MDA Ambulance Volunteer Program of MADA - Magen David Adom MADA Central: Ramat Gan, Bat Yam, Tel Aviv and Yerushalaim One week certification course

12 Professional Soccer Academy In collaboration with Maccabi Haifa The Professional Football Academy Maccabi Haifa, the most successful in recent years, is now in an exclusive partnership with Israel Challenge: young Soccer enthusiasts will: Receive training by professional coaches Training with the professional team Participation in local Games Perform a basic course in Team Management

13 1 - Training Course 2 – Social Work in hospitals Ichilov – Tel Aviv Soroca – Beer Sheva Therapeutic Clowns "Bringing smiles to hospitals"

14 Volunteer Work in various areas: Volunteer work in Gush Dan (greater Tel Aviv) Under privileged Society Collection Centers and food distribution for families in need Volunteer work with children Community Work

15 Chapter 3 Lev Eilat in Eilat youth experience (one of the following options) Diving and sailing course Jewish and Mediterranean Cuisine Security Video and photography Rikudei Am (Israeli Dances)

16 Scuba Diving and Sailing course One Star Scuba Diving Course Theory and Practice in open water Week 1 Navigation in various vessels such as kayaks, sailing and windsurfing Theory and practice in simulators and Open Sea, by the National Sailing Club Eilat Week 2 Week 3 Visit the Underwater Observatory, training on maritime geography, snorkeling at Coral Beach, Sailing the Gulf of Eilat and out to the open sea. Additional Activities Two Star Scuba Diving Course Theory and practice in open water up to 30 m. deep Night Dive

17 Mediterranean Cuisine Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jewish cuisine in the Israeli kitchen including pasta and bread workshop Week 1 Mediterranean Cuisine Week 2 Israeli Kitchen, appetizers and main dishes Including a fish cooking workshop Week 3 International Cuisine, grilling and chocolate courses and preperation of a Gala Dinner Week 4 Potatoes, Rice, Healthy Cooking, Spices, Family table arrengment and dinner party Additional workshops

18 Professional training course in the following areas: First Aid. Personal defence. Weapon handling and shooting. Personal and community security. Anti-Semitism, xenophobia, anti-Zionism and anti-Israeli propaganda. National security. Security

19 Professional course, diploma awarded to participant. Theory and practice of art of digital photography in nature Final Project: Israeli society video documentary. Video and Photography

20 Learn Rikudei Am with choreographers who teach in the Israel Karmiel festival. Pracitice Rikudei Am choreography basics Israeli Music and its adaptation to Rikudei Am Rikudei Am

21 Volunteer Work in various areas: Volunteer work in Gush Dan (greater Tel Aviv) Under privileged Society Collection Centers and food distribution for families in need Volunteer work with children Social Involvement (Tel Aviv) Chapter 4

22 Program Extension Israel Challenge There is the possibility of extending the program for two more months At this time, participants may choose to perform one of the following: Marva MDA Kibbutz Volunteer work

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