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California Space Enterprise Center Visitor’s Center Concept Charles Jager.

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1 California Space Enterprise Center Visitor’s Center Concept Charles Jager

2 Concept  A Building which is capable of supplying basic human needs in a sustainable fashion which also has capacity for urban integration.  Food  Water  Energy  Waste Management  Shelter

3 Desired Outcomes  Environmental Sustainability  Education of Occupants and Visitors  Increased Public Health  Urban Stability and Resiliency  Greater Social Equity  Built Environments Worth Caring About

4 How It Works  Food: Aquaponics  Water: Rainwater Harvesting, Fog Catching  Energy: Photovoltaic Solar, Thermal Mass Passive Solar, Wind, Liquid Metal Battery  Waste Management: Bioconversion utilizing Black Soldier Fly and Algae, Plasma Arc Gasification

5 People Solid Waste Black Soldier Fly Liquid Waste Algae Fish and Prawns Waste Water Nitrifying Bacteria Plant Ready N Plants Light Clean Water Clean Water Sun Wind Heat Thermal Mass Solar A/C Photo- Voltaics Electricity Plasma Arc Gasification BioFuels Liquid Metal Battery Rainwater/ Condensation Rainmaker





10 Views: South Looking North

11 Views: NW Looking SW

12 Views: East Looking West

13 Floor Plans: Ground Floor

14 Floor Plans: 1 st Floor

15 Floor Plan: 2 nd Floor

16 Floor Plans 3 rd Floor

17 Floor Plans: 4 th Floor

18 Floor Plans: Roof Top

19 Materials: Foundation  Recycled Concrete  Rammed Earth  Recycled Steel

20 Materials: Frame  Locally Sourced Sustainable Wood  Wood Composites- Bamboo  Recycled Aluminum

21 Materials: Windows  PV Capacity  Double Pane  Linked to Building Temp and Solar Income (Smart Windows)

22 Materials: Flooring  Wood  Endlessly Recyclable Carpet

23 Materials: Counter Surfaces  Ice Glass (Recycled Glass Composite)

24 Materials Liquid Metal Battery  Salt  Antimony  Magnesium See Donald Sadoway’s LMB A o

25 Plumbing Drinking Water Harvested and Cleaned Green House Water Bioremediation Grey Water Washing Black Water Toilets Bioconversion Black Soldier Fly & Algae Fish Food & Fuel Aquaponics & Biofuels

26 Series of Plumbing Schemata

27 Electrical Source Photovoltaic Wind Plasma Arc Gasification* Biofuels* Storage Liquid Metal Battery Usage Lights Computers Pumps Sensors *Combustion Required

28 Electrical Schemata

29 Air Conditioning Thermal Mass Passive Solar  Greatly reduces need for Central Air Conditioning Smart Windows Moderate Solar Income Permeable Elevator Shaft that facilitates upward draft Prevailing Wind Intake Tube (Adjustable- Linked to Smart Building software) Evaporative Cooling

30 Plant Species: Hydroponics  Spinach  Kale  Arugula  Asparagus  Cabbage  Broccoli  Endive  Chard  Collard  Leek  Bok Choy  Cucumber  Peas Potatoes Carrots Onion Leeks Kohlrabi Beets Rutabaga Eggplant Zucchini Squashs Okra Peppers Garlic Cilantro Parsley Sage Rosemary Thyme Coriander Mint* Lavender Dill Beans Tomatillos Romaine Green Leaf Red Leaf Fennel Tomatoes Lentils Manoa Lettuce Mesclun Mustard Greeens Water Cress Wheat Grass Amaranth Rice

31 Different Systems for Different Plants  Nutrient Flow System  Deep Water Culture (DWC)  Nutrient Flow System (NTF)  Media Based  Grow Beds  Satellite Pots  Floating Rafts

32 Fish Species: Coastal Rainbow Trout Oncorhynchus mykiss irideus  Optimal Temp Range: 15-18’C  Native Species

33 Fish Species: Prickly Sculpin Cottus asper subspecies  Native Species

34 Species: Crayfish

35 Materials: Aquaponics Array  Growbeds:  Growbed Medium:  Piping: PEX  Fittings:  Adhesives:  FishTanks:  Stabilized Insulated Rammed Earth  Pumps

36 Aquaponic Array Data  Hydroponic Square Footage  Carrying Capacity of Square Footage  Nitrate Requirement for Carrying Capacity  Amount of Nitrifying Bacteria and Fish Needed for Carrying Capacity Nitrate Req.  Volume of Tank with Dimensions Reasonable for Prerequisite # of Fish  Flow Rate For Fish Tank  Feed Requirement of Fish  Black Soldier Fly Larvae Input Requirement UC Davis Aquaculture:

37 Black Soldier Fly Hermetia illucens

38 Bioconversion Module  Design  Aspects  Separation of Solid and Liquid Waste  Larvae Harvest Ramp  Adult Fly Roost  Outflow to Algae Array


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